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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

25 October 2011. Video. Some of My Favourite Things… Valery Leontiev… He’s SO ‘80s… But He’s So Much FUN!

Valery Leontiev (1949- ), Russian mega pop star… he’s a ton o’ fun… and a People’s Artist of Russia. Imagine that!


Here’s a fun nonsense song, Hafanana… just sit back and smile.


Here’s a fun song, Kazanova, with English sub-captions. Enable the English-language captions by clicking on the “cc” button on the right-hand bottom side of the vid screen. The lyrics are also translated in the notes under the vid.


This song’s serious… it’s called Confession. You can get sub-captions in the same way that you did on the previous vid. As above, the lyrics are also translated in the notes under the vid.


Remember, happiness is the best revenge. Don’t EVER go about with a face like “a misery guts three feet long”… then, they WIN. Flip ‘em the bird and SMILE. Pass me the jug… the world’s still the same crank ol’ crazy place. Don’t let ‘em get to ya… live life to the fullest! Anyway… the Good Lord is with ya… NEVER forget THAT.


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