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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

26 October 2011. If Not Me and You… Then, Who? Why the Sobor has to ACT Against Paffhausen, Velencia, and Lyonyo…

If Not Me and You… Then, Who?

Lyudmila Tarasova



The threat I received on Monday from Velencia’s lawyer should be a cause for reflection for all of us. For many years, the SVS crowd hasn’t been averse to using threats, character assassination, and deprivation of the mysteries against its enemies. Bishop Job Osacky said so, and he put it in writing. Do ask John and Monica Iliff how SVS blackened their son’s reputation. Do ask Cappy Larson and Melanie Sakoda about the number of threatening letters that they’ve received from lawyers for posting the truth (do note that none of the threats materialised). That is, Howard Needle’s letter was nothing new for the SVS/Syosset cabal. Let’s remember what Archbishop Job wrote:

The first person says, “You do not agree with me. That means you are not with me. That means you don’t like me. That means you are against me. That means you’re out to get me. That means you are attacking me. That means I have to destroy you”.

The second person should reply, “No, it means I don’t agree with you. That’s all. Let’s have a cup of coffee and discuss it, and maybe you’ll convince me, or, at least, we might be able to reach some compromise”.

But, my friends, our reality has shown that the exchange would not take place. The second person would never have been given the opportunity to respond, and the attack by the first person, with the motive of character assassination would begin. And, my sisters and brothers, there would be no opportunity for discussion, for dialogue, or for compromise. This scenario was repeated again and again, and continues today, and has become the basis for promoting personal agendas and lusting after power and authority. Is this noble; is it righteous; is it Christian? Can it ever be justifiable as being “for the good of the Church?” God forbid! And may He help us all, because this is how we’ve been operating in the Holy Synod and Central Church Administration for years, and we are slow to adopt an alternative.

Archbishop Job Osacky of Chicago and the Midwest (OCA)




Vladyki Job ht the nail on the head when he said, “Is this noble; is it righteous; is it Christian? Can it ever be justifiable as being ‘for the good of the Church?’ God forbid! And may He help us all, because this is how we’ve been operating in the Holy Synod and Central Church Administration for years, and we are slow to adopt an alternative”. That describes Velencia’s actions to a tee. I’d ask myself, “Has he threatened other people?” The Sobor should question this loathsome SOB… and they should defrock him for threatening the faithful… I, for one, would be willing to give evidence against him (both in Church and judicial venues). Trust me, I’d not be the only one to come forward… I’m willing to bet on it (taking this creepo supremo’s past actions into account). This shit has to stop and the Church can do it. Defrock Velencia… depose Paffhausen… fire Lyonyo and Jillions… that’d be a good start. We have to honour Vladyki’s memory by heeding his words. “Can it ever be justifiable as being ‘for the good of the Church’?” It isn’t… it’s time to clean house. It’s not going to be easy or painless, but we must do it. Velencia threw down a gauntlet in front of the Sobor… “I have the right to threaten people as I please”. It’s time to pick up Bishop Job’s mantle. Bishop Mel, you should say, “NO… you shall NOT threaten anyone, Mr Velencia… and you’re toast as a priest because of it”. If you do that, sir… it would lance a good deal of the infection that’s there.

Shall you do it? If not me and you… then, who?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Albany NY


26 October 2011. As of 21.45 EDT, Monomakhos and OrthoWiki Back Up… For Now, At Least

Now, you see them; now, you don’t… Monomakhos and OrthoWiki are back up… for now. I’d love to know their excuse… it’s probably a good one. Smile and pass the jug… the world’s not stopped being crank. Just what Orthodox Web Services needed, an obvious failure right before the Sobor.


26 October 2011. Some Kind Words to a Friend…

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Don’t be scared… take my hand. Fear is normal… we all have it. I’m fearful… but I know that fear’s a normal part of any situation. You must make friends with your fears, just as you must make friends with your inevitable death. Let people like me do the fighting. They’re desperate… their little kingdom is falling to pieces about their eyes. Well… there was Orthodoxy before the OCA began; there’ll be Orthodoxy after the OCA croaks. Sit down, have a warm, and let me pour you some hot tea with a slug o’ something good in it… that’s good for what ails ya. Let Tyotya Vara go git ’em… 

There’s been a lot of Sturm und Drang from the True Believers. It’s loud… it’s flashy… it’s pompous… and it’s all bullshit, in the end. Remember, if they threaten you, you DO have recourse. If they threaten you with a law suit, you say, “Fine, I’ll get a lawyer and I’ll see you in court… I won’t speak to you ‘in private’”. They might even threaten you with withholding the chalice. Renovationists do such shit… Schmemann did it… Gabriel de Vylder did it. Stand tall and firm like Lydia Plas! God will stand by you. When Mme Plas passed on, His Holiness sent his PERSONAL condolences to her family… SVS did NOT… they supported (and support) the filthy habit of using the Mysteries as a “weapon”. These jamokes have a gnarly history… just ask the people on Russian Hill in Mayfield. They’ve been nuisances (at best) their whole existence, so, does the fact that their death throes are messy surprise you? I’d tell most folks, “Let the warriors like me fight…  as for you, stay out of it. Don’t aid them… but don’t put yourself in jeopardy either. It’ll be nasty and bitter, but it won’t be prolonged”.

Things are coming to a head… yes, it did happen in our time, and it’s our responsibility to stand and do what we can, no matter how little. That’s the way it is…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Albany NY

26 October 2011. “Orthodox Web Solutions” is on the Fritz… Can’t Log into OrthoWiki

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First, there was a problem with Monomakhos… now, there’s a problem with OrthoWiki. I use it mainly for dates and whatnot… that’s what it’s good for… most of the rest is rubbishy jumped-up convert nonsense. I tried logging on… it won’t load. I then tried going via Google… that didn’t work either. It looks like “Orthodox Web Solutions” is having beaucoup troubles. Again… no indication of “why”. Yet… it’s interesting, nicht wahr?


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