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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Investigation Failed to Find Documents Proving that the Imperial Family was Shot on Direct Kremlin Orders

The Holy New Martyr Grand Princess Yelizaveta Fyodorovna

Vera Glazunova



Investigation has established that no documents exist that confirm that Lenin and other senior Soviet leaders gave the order to shoot the imperial family. On Thursday, at our main Interfax offices, Vladimir Solovyov, a senior investigator and criminologist at the Forensic Directorate of the SKP RF, said, “If there were verbal arrangements, they never wrote them down; hence, we don’t have any relevant documentation. A decision of the Presidium of the Ural Regional Soviet authorised the execution”.

In turn, Aleksandr Zakatov, the Director of the House of Romanov’s Chancellery, emphasised that the imperial house has no information about the direct involvement of Lenin in the death of the imperial family either, but has indirect evidence that it was possible that the Soviet leadership was aware about what happened in Yekaterinburg. “We’ve never advanced the thesis that Lenin gave the order [to kill the imperial family]. There’s no official documentation stating such, but this doesn’t rule out that the Soviet leadership may have given such an order, for there’s indirect evidence for that”, he noted. Zakatov added that the House of Romanov unequivocally condemned the actions of the Bolshevik Yurovsky; they believe that he played a direct role in the murder of the imperial family. He said, “For us, there’s no question about whether Yurovsky was the perpetrator or whether he was just following orders. For us, it’s clear that Yurovsky’s a criminal, who carried out a criminal act”.


On Thursday, at our main Interfax offices, Vladimir Solovyov, a senior investigator and criminologist at the Forensic Directorate of the SKP RF, who dealt with the case concerning the murder of the imperial family, called for the establishment of a government committee with representatives from the Church to settle the question of the authenticity of the remains of Tsar Nikolai II and his family. He said, “The correct solution would be to create a government commission, including members from the Church, or professionals appointed by the Church. There’s been a civilised debate and discussion about such a commission”. In turn, Aleksandr Zakatov, the Director of the House of Romanov’s Chancellery, noted that the MP hasn’t found sufficient grounds for the recognition of Yekaterinburg remains as genuine, and “for many Orthodox”, the position of the Church “remains normative”.

This January, the Investigative Committee of the SKP RF concluded the criminal investigation into the death of the family of Nikolai II and their companions and closed the criminal case. On the night of 17 July 1918, the imperial family and those close to them, 11 people, were shot by a decision of the Presidium of the Ural Soviet. On 1 October 2008, the Presidium of the RF Supreme Court announced the rehabilitation of Nikolai II and his family. In July 1991, near Old Koptyakovskoy Road near Yekaterinburg, a grave was discovered with the remains of nine people. It was assumed that they were the bodies of imperial family, Nikolai II, his wife Aleksandra (46), their daughters Olga (22), Tatiana (21), Anastasia (17), along with their companions, Yevgeni Botkin (53), Anna Demidova (40), Aleksei Trupp (62), and Ivan Kharitonov (48). They were buried in the crypt of the Cathedral of Ss Peter and Paul in St Petersburg. On 29 July 2007, archaeologists digging 70 kilometres (44 miles) to the south of the first burial site found the remains of two more people. Numerous reports indicate that the remains belong to Tsarevich Aleksei and his sister Maria. These remains remain unburied at present. Meanwhile, the MP hasn’t recognised the authenticity of the remains found because it believes that sufficient evidence hasn’t surfaced yet.


On Thursday, at our main Interfax offices, Vladimir Solovyov, a senior investigator and criminologist at the Forensic Directorate of the SKP RF, thought that we had to intensify our search for the remains of the New Martyrs of Alapaevsk. He said, “I think that it’s necessary to intensify our search so that we can bury the martyrs, which is all the more reason to search in their last known location… we know that the martyrs were buried in China”. Aleksandr Zakatov, the Director of the House of Romanov’s Chancellery, said that the martyrs’ graves were at an Orthodox church in China. “During the Cultural Revolution in China, the church was destroyed. That gives us a hint to the location of the graves”, he added. The New Martyrs of Alapaevsk (or the New Martyrs of the Alapaevsk Mine) were Romanov family members and their companions, the Bolsheviks executed them on the night of 18 July 1918, the day after the massacre of the imperial family, 18 kilometres (11 miles) from the town of Alapaevsk at the Nizhnaya Selimskaya mine, by throwing them down an abandoned mineshaft. On 8 June 2009, the RF General Procurator posthumously rehabilitated all those killed at the Alapaevsk mine.

27 October 2011






Why Does Paffhausen Keep Velencia in Limbo?

I’ve been discussing this matter with friends. I’ve decided NOT to quote them (for that would offer clues to their identity), but I think that the themes we touched upon are of general interest to you.

It’s completely baffling why JP keeps Velencia in a state of limbo. Frankly, the only conceivable explanation is that he “knows too much”… and JP doesn’t have the stones to drop him off a bridge to “swim with the fishies” (figuratively, of course). The present impasse is unfair to Velencia’s family and it’s harmful to the Church; it violates Christ’s command to His Church to be the salt of the earth (it’s not supposed to be the arsenic). This non-solution only prolongs the agony; this continued limbo serves no one. It’s better to can him and pension him off than it is to see him back in any position of pastoral responsibility (no matter what archdiocese). If it were up to me, that’s what I’d do. Good riddance to bad rubbish… it’d be money well-spent.

Velencia’s only a SYMPTOM. He’s a problem because Paffhausen REFUSES to do anything about the situation. My guess is that Velencia knows something about JP’s Platina connection with Podmoshensky (GP). Don’t forget… JP maintained a guru-disciple relationship with GP even after GP’s deposition by the ROCOR Holy Synod (JP knew full well about GP’s tastes and ROCOR’s deposition of GP). It’s something that JP keeps well under wraps… it’s one of the possibilities out there. Note the uncaring and self-centred cruelty in JP’s position… he frankly doesn’t care about his allies’ interests (or actual needs… they’re nothing but a means to an end for JP). THAT may bring him down in the end…

If we remove Paffhausen… Velencia falls. Velencia will fight for JP until the end. Watch for Ray & Co to be part of Fathausen’s Last Stand Old Guard (“Merde! The Guard dies! It does NOT surrender!”). It’s NEVER boring in Orthodoxy in the American diaspora.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 27 October 2011

Albany NY

27 October 2011. Love BT Posts Oddball Post on Monomakhos… What Does It Mean? Your Guess is as Good as Mine is…

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Friends and neighbours, our adorable Love BT has surfaced yet again. Here’s the latest from The Philosopher of Michelorena Street:

While “sodomy” covers a wide variety of homosexual and heterosexual activity, “sodomise” almost invariably refers to anal penetration. Presumably, only males can sodomise, and they may also sin thus with animals of either gender. A recent semi-comical book by Tariq Ali, The Protocols of the Elders of Sodom, opines that the whole story was invented by Jews to justify their genocide of the natives of Sodom, who equal the Palestinians of our time, just as the fabulously bogus Protocols of the Elders of Zion was used to justify the attempt to exterminate Jews, so, too, the O.T. narrative was used to justify exterminating the Sodomians. I lost my Internet again, for a whole week, and am now recovering. I’m not going to the Halloween Council of Orthodox Reform.

Bishop Tikhon Fitzgerald


I’ve no idea what any of this means. BT uses the pose of a madman… therefore, one can’t tell the wheat from the chaff. Is he or is he not going to come to the Sobor? He says NO, but that’s as of today, and he’s got the whole weekend to “reconsider”. It does prove that there’s pressure being exerted by someone to orchestrate the meeting… Lyonyo, certainly… other parties, maybe. After all, BT would be a liability to Bobby’s cause. It’s proof that the upcoming affair isn’t going to be as placid as oca.org hints… but, then again, Lil’ Mizz Ginny’s paid to give that impression. You thought that her job was to inform you? Silly wabbit, Paffhausen’s TWICE as secretive as Herman ever was… but Fathausen has a claque of drooling konvertsy to cheer his every move that Herman lacked. They actually believe that the Strategic Plan is for real… they really believe that the OCA is a real Local Church… they think that they can defy the Centre’s orders. Truly… that’s what they believe. Yes, I know, it bears no relation to any reality that you or I know. Yes, it’s Cloud Cuckoo Land… but the human frame is capable of much self-delusion.

The upcoming Sobor will be as historical as those in 1946 and 1989 were. The first was the infamous Cleveland Sobor… no one “in the know” needs a heads-up on that one. As for the 1989 Sobor in St Louis, that determined whether Lyonyo or Bobby was to advance to Chancellor. Bobby won the fight for the Chancellor’s slot and received a standing ovation following his speech to the assembly (Lyonyo IS that hated). Lyonyo may lose this round too… this time, Bobby’s allies shall swing into action to thwart Lyoyo’s agenda (and there’s more than one of Bobby’s confrères from the Valley coming to the Sobor). Watch for fights over the two most anti-Bobby hierarchs (and their allies)… Benjamin Peterson and Nathaniel Popp. Peterson was the SIC Chairman/Episcopal Moderator and Popp presided over the spiritual court that defrocked Bobby. Everyone knows Peterson’s peccadilloes, but watch for someone to insinuate the possibility of a homosexual liaison between Popp and Forsberg back in Trifa’s day. One of the possible avenues of attack would be that some would bring up the Burke affair, which would lead to Forsberg, and, then, finally to Popp (by insinuation). I’m NOT saying that I agree with it at all… but someone may toss that dart at Popp. Ergo, the chance of an “alliance of convenience” between Popp and Peterson’s high… which is what Lyonyo’s looking for to consolidate his grip on the central apparat.

Yet, despite all of Lyonyo’s careful choreography and punctilious stage management, the Sobor might spiral out of control. This wouldn’t be the first time that the clever Lyonyo outsmarted himself whilst trying to outwit and outmanoeuvre everyone else. Don’t forget, Lyonyo isn’t a “politician”… Bobby IS, in spades. Bobby was an Orthodox “Little Magician”… Lyonyo is an arrogant blowhard with ties to academe and Langley. If I were to bet on one or the other… you DO catch my drift? This has parallels with Vitaly Ustinov… Vitaly wanted the white hat in ’65, but the ROCOR Holy Synod turned him down in favour of Philaret Voznesensky. When he succeeded in 1985, Vitaly was a bitter old man in his seventies who refused to accept reality. Lyonyo failed to become Chancellor in 1989… the recent accession of Jillions was, in effect, Lyonyo’s accession to the office. I’d argue that Lyonyo’s as much out of touch with the reality of 2011 as Vitaly was with the reality of 1985 (Vitaly’s mental world stopped in Cold War 1950… Lyonyo’s still living in the halcyon days of the OCA in the ’70s). I’d still bet that there’s going to be a “really big show” (Ed Sullivan, wherefore art thou?) coming up… do watch it to start with credentials challenges from Lyonyo et al… I’d advise all attendees that Lyonyo’s going to pull such a gag if you don’t watch your back. The guy’s desperate… be forewarned and forearmed. After all… don’t forget the greasy manoeuvring he pulled in ’05 to keep the OCA in the NCC (Lyonyo couldn’t lose his pay packet, poor baby).

ANYTHING can happen… the konvertsy are digging in around their guru and the po-nashemu people are ready for an Old School royal rumble (and JP’s no Stone Cold Steve Austin… he’s a Large Economy Size schlemiel  who Supersized it too much)… it’s not going to be boring. Pass me the jug…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 27 October 2011

Albany NY

Orthodox Muscovites Raised Funds to Help Kosovo Freedom Fighters

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The parish of St Sergei of Radonezh in Bibirevo collected more than 2,600 Euros (110,000 Roubles. 3,695 USD. 2,293 UK Pounds) for aid to Kosovo Serbs. “In mid-October, the situation in the region deteriorated markedly. Local Albanians, with the support of NATO forces, attempted to seize the last two Serbian-manned border posts in the northern region. They built barricades at focal points as a defensive measure, to prevent the passage of Albanian heavy military equipment and their supporters into the area”, according to the initiator of the collection, Aleksandr Kravchenko, the head of the Стяг (Styag: Banner) Association of Military-Patriotic Clubs, as quoted by the Orthodox newspaper Крестовский мост (Krestovsky Most: Krestovsky Bridge). Kravchenko took the funds collected to Kosovo to help the freedom fighters serving at the barricades. The money will go to buy food, warm clothing, and a field kitchen.

27 October 2011



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