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Monday, 7 November 2011

7 November 2011. Why didn’t oca.org publicise What Happened on Friday 4 November at the Sobor?

Who’s the hydrant? Who’s the dog? I’ll give you a hint… JP’s laughing at you (just like after the contretemps in March, kids). As for JP’s loud talk about homosexuality… do notice how quiet he is about his INTIMATE relationship with his sodomite guru Podmoshensky (GP)…


It’s 13.30 EST Monday 7 November 2011, and oca.org has NOTHING posted on the last day of the Sobor (it did post some inconsequential fluff on the bootless “Strategic Plan”, though). Wo ist kleine Fraulein Ginny? Is she still JP’s shill? If so, why didn’t she report ANYTHING on the last day of the Sobor? There’s NOTHING on oca.org. A journalist has the responsibility, duty, and obligation to get the news out in a timely and concise manner… so that YOU can be informed. For instance, if I received news from my usual sources that Metropolitan Vladimir died, I’d check it in the usual places, then, if there were an English-language report, I’d cut and paste it as a “placeholder” (I don’t like “cut n’ pasting”)… so that you have it. Lil’ Mizz Ginny isn’t a journalist… she doesn’t care to keep you informed. She’s JP’s drooling lackey… she only gives you what he wants you to know. There IS an account out there on Friday’s events. I’ll cut n’ paste it for you. It’s from Rebecca Matovic, one of the more vocal autocephalist sorts. That doesn’t matter… it rings true. By the way, friends often tell me that opponents of mine lift material off my site all the time. My attitude is simple… once it’s “out there”, it’s “out there”, for the free use of anyone, including my opponents. You can’t have any other attitude. I simply don’t have the time to chase down such things… nor do you. Let’s see what happened on Friday, as per an eyewitness…


Well, I’ve been waiting for the podcast of the Friday morning session to appear, but nothing so far. Instead, here’s an account from someone who was there:

This morning was disaster, but of a different sort. They did a resolution about the sanctity of marriage, and Jonah practically said, “This will pass regardless of how you vote”. One guy did speak against it (brave soul). Jonah did say that people “suffering from” same-sex attraction should be welcomed in the Church… strong implication being that only if they were willing and attempting to give up or struggle with the attraction. That one passed. The resolution on internet behaviour failed (interestingly). We then heard several reports (Orthodox Health Plans, Orthodox Institutional Chaplains, Department of Music, Department of Christian Education, etc.). We then proceeded to pass a resolution thanking our hosts and were promptly told we were out of time and had to end. Remaining resolutions about implementing the “cut” in funding were not able to even be considered. Middle East Christians and the revitalisation of FOS will also have to wait. Then, true to the word, the workers came in while we were still exiting the hall and began tearing down the room. It was, to me, the most bizarre ending to anything I have ever seen, and served to highlight the waste of time we spent on the “Strategic Plan” and the reports (which were in the handouts anyway and should’ve been received as a full group, with opportunities for questions). Some of the elder priests and laity got vocal in their disappointment at the abrupt end. Wonder if that session podcast will be edited or even posted? Oh, well. Like the Cubs, there’s always 2014.

Rebecca Matovic



Ms Matovic posted this on Saturday… I’m not the only person with the link to this. I waited until today to give Lil’ Mizz Ginny plenty of time to post on the affair. I’m not unfair. She’s had THREE DAYS to report on this… and she REFUSED to, yet again. She only posts if she’s goaded, which means that Fathausen has every intention of keeping you in the dark… he doesn’t intend to tell you squat doodly unless he’s pinned to the mat (and, then, he’ll backtrack as soon as he gets out of the hold).

I’d say that it’s time for the Holy Synod to shitcan JP. He’s refused to do anything substantive, and “evaluation” is nothing but an expensive legal dodge dreamt up by the RCs to convince willing suckers that abusive priests were being “treated”. On top of that, he screams loudly about “homosexuality”… yet, he had a long and intimate relationship with his guru GP, he went to Russia under GP’s auspices, and he protects the cultish HOOMies who were GP’s protégés. Birds of a feather DO flock together. Note well how JP protects Ray Velencia, who likes to use lawyers to harass people (let’s see… Ray had his mouthpiece send out at least three threatening letters, and maybe six… I’ll testify to that in any court anywhere). Note well how JP tries to promote his Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley pals Eliel and Brum. JP acts as though the so-called “Brum Doctrine” (i.e., the Metropolitan is the absolute monarch of the Church) is Orthodox theology… when it’s actually rank heresy of the worst sort.

Reading oca.org is like listening to Rush Limbaugh or watching Fox News… it rots away your brain and makes it incapable of ascertaining reality. Like Rush Limbaugh, it’s nothing but lies and Tall Tales unfit for any decent adult human being. Lil’ Mizz Ginny is like Rush… pushing the Big Lie repeatedly… if you buy into it, you’re a boob and certifiable moron. In fact, Paffhausen (and his Éminence grise, Potapov) is an extremist rightwinger politically, he wants the Church to sign onto Christian Right fantasy like the Manhattan Declaration, which is a POS gemisch run up by a bunch of godless “Evangelicals”, so my comparison of oca.org to Rush Limbaugh and Fox News isn’t farfetched, is it?

Paffhausen delenda est. There’s no other way…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 7 November 2011

Albany NY

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