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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan Still in Hospital… He Venerated Relics of Great Martyr St Demetrius of Salonika

Great Martyr St Demetrius of Salonika

Unknown Artist

Undated (before the 17th century?)



The reliquary with a relic of Great Martyr St Demetrius of Salonika was taken to the hospital suite of Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan of Kiev and all the Ukraine. Metropolitan Vladimir venerated the relic of the saint, after which the reliquary was taken back to the Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross of the Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra, according to the UOC/MP official website. The hand of the saint was brought to Kiev on the eve of the feastday of St Demetrius, 7 November. Believers will be able to venerate the relic at the Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra until 11 November. Then, the reliquary containing the saint’s right hand will visit churches in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. A few days ago, Archbishop Aleksandr Drabinko of Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky and Vishnevsky said that Metropolitan Vladimir’s condition remains serious, but stable. Vladyki Vladimir takes communion regularly and asked his flock to pray for him. As reported earlier, on 30 October, Metropolitan Vladimir underwent hospitalisation. In late September, he was discharged from hospital after recovering from surgery on 16 September for a hip fracture.

8 November 2011



Editor’s Note:

There is NO reportage anywhere on whether Vladyki Vladimir’s still in the ICU. Ergo, the only thing that I can report is that he’s still in hospital… circumstance unknown, last report being that he was in serious, but stable, condition.



8 November 2011. Lest We Forget…

An emaciated 18-year-old Soviet girl imprisoned at the concentration camp in Dachau (in contemporary Freistaat Bayern). The German Nazis viewed Slavs and Roma as servile Untermenschtumen… “Sub-Humanity”… except for the Galician Uniates, who were the Nazis’ keen and willing hangmen. Only the Balts were more enthusiastic collaborators than they were… take THAT into consideration whenever you hear a Galician spout their hatred of “Moskali“. In many ways, they made their own bed… look at this picture… THIS is what most of our peoples suffered (whilst, in many cases, Galician Uniates were zealous GUARDS at such facilities). As for the collaborators… can you understand the hatred for them in the wake of such barbarities? Look into the eyes of this poor wretched girl… I understand why the Red Army men beat every Nazi and collaborator that they could lay their hands on. I do NOT approve… I understand. Ponder that…

THIS is why we should honour all the Great Patriotic War vets and all the Western World War II vets (they’re portrayed together in a sculpture group at the Poklonnaya Gora Memorial)… they fought against such EVIL.


Nazi Horrors… See what they did!


Germans forced by US troops to look at murdered Soviet citizens in Suttrop (in the Sauerland in contemporary Bundesland Nordrhein-Westfalen). Look at how the mother’s attempting to hide this from her children. Often, such people blocked these scenes from their minds… “We were ‘put upon’… we were accused unjustly… we didn’t take part in any killing! We didn’t know about it!” These people voted for Hitler; his racist rants didn’t bother them one bit. These people didn’t protest any of Hitler’s early repressions. “Why, it’s a GOOD thing to round up socialists, communists, trades unionists, faggots, ne’er do wells, and “degenerates“… a healthy society didn’t need such around anyway!” Doesn’t that sound familiar? Doesn’t it sound just like the Tea Party Movement… just like Rick Perry… just like Rush Limbaugh? Ask not for whom the bell tolls

THIS is why we shouldn’t listen to the rancid hate purveyed by the extreme rightwing kooks… it has an inevitable end… it isn’t pretty or nice, is it?


8 November 2011. Two Versions of “Ja Rusyn Byl, Jesm i Budu”… A Patriotic Song of Carpatho-Russia… Plus Some Bonus Tracks


Veljki Ruski Narodni Orkester (Great Carpatho-Russsian Folk Orchestra)


a more modern pop setting


“Russians and Carpatho-Russians are Fraternal Peoples”


“We are Carpatho-Russians…”


Carpatho-Russians are one of the many peoples making up the mosaic of the coming Eurasian Union. They aren’t Ukrainians… in many ways, they aren’t Great Russians, either… nor, are they Slovaks. The Carpatho-Russian people man the Far Western ramparts of Eurasia, just as the Chukchi people anchor the Far Eastern border, the Nenets people the North, and the Kazakhs the South. This is our civilisational space… we are many, yet we are one in comparison to the other civilisations. We aren’t Westerners, nor are we Orientals, nor are we Islamic (in the civilisational sense) or Asian. Yet, we have aspects of them all.

However, each part does have its distinct identity… even the smallest. Here’s a salute to a small but resilient and adamant people… our Carpatho-Russian kin from “over the mountains”. May God keep them and prosper them…


8 November 2011. THIS is What Yiayia Thinks of SVS…


“It costs three times as much and gets it WRONG!” Yiayia speaks… and when Yiayia speaks, you’d better listen. Firstly, ’cause Baba agrees with her… and she’ll whack you with her cane if you make a fuss. If it costs three times as much to educate a seminarian at SVS as it does to do the same thing as STS, why didn’t Valerie RInga point that up to the Sobor, and make a recommendation to close SVS and concentrate theological formation in the lower 48 at STS? That would be her DUTY as OCA Treasurer. Chalk up another one for the F Troop known as the OCA Chancery.

There… it’s a constructive proposal, and I didn’t take all day to lay it out. Close SVS… expand STS… it’d take about five years for it to “gel”… then, we’d rake in the savings. What’s wrong with that? Who doesn’t like saving money? Hmm… Fathausen wanted to CLOSE STS… one wonders why? Why does he want to waste the believers’ money? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 8 November 2011

Albany NY

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