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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

9 November 2011. Stokoe Commits Journalistic Seppuku With No Second… Who’ll Put Him Out of His Misery?


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OCANEWS.ORG Suspends Publication

As the book of Ecclesiastes famously observed,: There’s a time for every thing, and an appointed time for every event under the sun. With this posting OCANews.org reaches its appointed time and suspends publication. In October 2005, Protodeacon Eric Wheeler, a former OCA Treasurer, addressed a letter to the OCA Synod of Bishops outlining a web of financial irregularities and ecclesiastical misconduct at the highest levels of the OCA’s adminstration. The first article (from what would become OCANews.org) in Novmber 2005 placed those allegations in the context of a previous 1999 scandal  that had been successfully hushed up.  By the end of that month, Archbishop Job asked his famous question, “Are the allegations true or false?” effectively hindering a second cover-up.

OCANews.org officially began publishing on 7 January 2006, primarily as a means of encouraging the faithful of the OCA to seek answers to that question by focusing on issues of transparency and accountability in the Church. Since then more than 1,000 articles, reflections, and open letters have been published. These, in turn, led to more than 33,300+ posted comments. Nor were topics limited to the OCA… for more than a year the site was used by Antiochian brethren to ask hard questions of the Antiochian Archdiocese as well. Shortly before his untimely death in 2009, Archbishop Job was able to answer his question, Yes, the allegations were true. This didn’t end the need for transparency or accountability in the Church, however, as the Archbishop himself affirmed that we are indeed “free men”, with a duty to listen, learn, question, and discuss so as to build up our common life. Last year, in November 2010, I had to inform co-workers that I’d be unable to continue OCANews.org for very much longer. Best laid plans, however, had to be repeatedly postponed… given the arrest of Archbishop Seraphim, the release of Bishop Mark from Antioch, Santa Fe, the events surrounding Jonah’s first Leave, the tumultuous MC meeting in Chicago, the continuing dyspepsia in Syosset, the Mess in Moscow, and then the 16th AAC. Publication, by necessity though, became more infrequent and irregular. There can be no more postponements. I want to thank all who have contributed to OCANews.org over the past six years:

  • Thank you to all whose love of the OCA established this site, but, more importantly, whose faith, prayers, and work enabled it to fulfill its mission. You’ve not only my gratitude for your years of unsung and unseen efforts, but my deepest respect and abiding friendship.
  • Thank you to all, identified sources and unidentified sources, who contributed information often at personal and/or professional risk, so that the truth might be fully known.
  • Thank you to all who contributed articles, reflections, letters, and/or comments. Whether you agreed or disagreed with what was posted, such contributions consistently challenged us all to think and act concerning our Church in unaccustomed ways. The OCA’s better for that often painful effort.
  • Thank you to all who contributed by reading OCANews.org. Every reader had to choose to do so… there was never any syndication nor RSS feed… despite constant pleas that such be instituted. That tens of thousands choose to open these pages night after night, year after year, despite approbation, both official and unofficial, testifies to a deep wellspring of Faith, love of the Church, and a commitment to the truth by all who profess the Truth. Such bodes well for our future… whatever our past or current woes.
  • Finally, thank you, Lord, for this most wonderful, and unique opportunity to serve.

Wishing you all the best,

Mark Stokoe

Orthodox Christians for Accountability



Stokoe’s gone. NO reason was given, so, there’s no handle for any speculation. I think that Lyonyo’s backed into a corner with Fathausen, and they’re desperately throwing people off the zepp (à la Hell’s Angels) in a vain attempt to lighten ship and escape their pursuers. We’re seeing the end of the OCA, and it’s not pretty. Interestingly, Fathausen’s attacking the very people who could’ve stood by him in a last-ditch defence. Mark WAS a hard-ass autocepahlist, there’s no doubt on that score. The only people left in JP’s party are the konvertsy, the SVS crowd, and opportunists like Lyonyo and Piggy Iggy Burdikoff (although the last bunch named may attempt to jump ship before it’s too late). They’re desperately trying to present things as business as usual, whilst everyone knows otherwise. I know what it’s like to hang on the cross. I’m NOT jubilant that Mark’s gone. Mark was the last “honest” voice in the autocephalist camp. He truly believed in ADS‘ crapola, he really did. Oddly enough, Fathausen attacked Mark, even though he and Mark shared the same ideology. Trust me, people like Vlad Berzonsky (and his boy Vlad Jr) have noticed it and taken notes. They WON’T be as easy to take down. Let Fathausen’s crew celebrate… the water’s still lapping about their ankles. Say a prayer for Mark… he didn’t deserve to have his privacy trashed and his personal life aired… that shit is usually only done by Hardshell Proddie Nutcases. I know from personal experience that such hurts… and it hurts badly. Shall he come to his senses? Only time will tell us…

I was taught NEVER to kick someone when they’re down… I think that virtually all of you agree with that. Extend your hand to Mark… someone knifed him… someone CLOSE… that’s never a good feeling (I can think of few shittier feelings than betrayal, myself). If you can’t show pity to a fallen foe, you’re not decent, and that’s all that there’s to say on it…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 9 November 2011

Albany NY

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