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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Fr Dmitri Smirnov Offered a “Black List” of the Detractors of Orthodoxy


Archpriest Dmitri Smirnov, the head of the MP Department for Cooperation with the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies took the initiative to draw up a list of those who oppose Orthodox values. On Tuesday, he said, as quoted by the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, “I hope that somebody runs with my idea and will post their names on the web. I haven’t yet placed them in categories… but you know who they are. First of all, you have people who run porn sites, then, you have those who push drugs and alcohol, and there are TV presenters, too”. He had to admit that he looked with sadness “on our generation”, and proposed to add “sexual minorities, which were against family values, and against us, from the first” to the black list. On the question of whether he was afraid of a violent response to his idea, Fr Dmitri said, “I’m a serene pensioner, but I’m a former boxer”.

15 November 2011



15 November 2011. On the way to God, You Meet the Devil First (A Shamelessly-Pirated Title)…


A correspondent sent me this:

The choice facing the OCA is simple:

Shall they follow the CIA or shall they follow Moscow

In other words, are they Americans first, or, are they Orthodox first? Sadly, I know what the answer is for their arch-phyletist controlling élites and their Evangelical converts.

This isn’t overblown. Fathausen’s moved to the District, and some of the people around him (Potapov and Darlin’ Marilyn, for starters) do have Langley connections. Also note his close alliance with Alexander Webster (he of the oddball camouflage vestments)… an extremist rightwing apologist for the bogus “War on Terror”… an apologist for waterboarding and other nasty tactics. That is, the autocephalists and konvertsy have made common cause, linking their hands in support of the extremist GOP agenda… they make it a sine qua non of churchmanship (I’m using that as a pale stand-in for tserkovnost), dontcha know. Of course, this leads one to the question, “How Orthodox are the konvertsy, and are they redeemable if they’re not?”

Amongst the common things in my mailbag are communications I receive from “Recovering Converts”. That is, these people enter the Church in a parish under a posturing semi-convert like Freeman, Honeycutt, or Washburn, and, then, flee to a normal Orthodox parish when the idiocy gets too much for them. All too many of our priests are familiar with this phenomenon (indeed, that’s how I know of it). The semi-convert “priests” serve up an idiosyncratic and twisted distortion of the Faith utterly divorced from the Lived Grounded Faith of the People. They’ve read books! They’re educated! They know BETTER than we do! IZZAT SO? If something changed since the fourth century… well, I say that our ancestors knew what they were about. For instance, self-appointed “scholars” (both konvertsy and SVS) refuse to use the approved Text of the Scripture as the Church lays it down. I don’t give a damn what this-or-that academic says. What matters to me is that the bishops of the Church, meeting en bloc, decided the normative text of Holy Writ… and it wasn’t the Orthodox Study Bible (which is based on a faulty and flawed heretical Proddie version put out by Thomas Nelson… yes, I know all about Michael Hyatt… he’s one of those Gillquistite poseurs).

Unfortunately, all too many people meet the semi-Orthodox first, and when they encounter the Real Church, it does one of two things… either they reject the Real Church or they’re discombobulated. People like the HOOMies have rejected the Real Church… you can see this in Fathausen, Rod Dreher, and the Stepford Wives behaviour of pseudo-Orthodox led about by the nose by their gurus such as Reardon and Gillquist. Can these dry bones live? In order for dry bones to be revived, they needed to have had life in the first place. Sadly, mostly of the konvertsy, in accepting the crackbrained notions of their gurus, REJECT Christ and His Church. If they reject Christ, they have NO spiritual life… full stop. It doesn’t matter if they tithe… it doesn’t matter if they march in “pro-life demonstrations”… it doesn’t matter if they follow every jot and tittle of their guru’s teachings… none of the above is Orthodox Teaching. If they’ve never had Life and Light, it means that they’re WORSE than a completely innocent outsider is. One priest expressed his frustration at the difficulty he had in uprooting the fanciful notions implanted by these loudmouth konvertsy paladins. What was especially galling to him was the extent of the damage done by these “priests” and their fawning congregations.

This isn’t a matter of “agreeing to disagree”. People like Reardon, Freeman, Fathausen, Gillquist, and Maymon are running cults… IN THE NAME OF ORTHODOXY. If these jabonies were outside the Church, I wouldn’t give a damn. Yes… it’d be bad that they were hurting people, and I’d certainly oppose them, for I’m the sort who won’t be silent in the face of bullying and nastiness. However, it wouldn’t be the same as seeing a bunch of jumped-up fraudulent charlatans claim to speak for Christ’s Church, but actually spout demonic nonsense. Reflect on this… SVS/Syosset fanatics like Behr, Breck, Lyonyo, Vinogradov, Karlgut, and Jillions egg on the semi-converts. They spoke up for the ordination of most of these jerks in the first place… why? You see, both the autocephalists and the semi-converts agree on one thing… their hatred of the Grounded Real Church. Both want to rip the existing structure to shreds, for different purposes, but they have a common connecting thread… they hate the Church as it is. The semi-converts want to build a New Zion in America (it’s just another Evangelical American Exceptionalism project)… the autocephalists want a Reformed Orthodoxy “cleansed of all its medievalisms and post-Constantinian accretions”. Their ends are close enough that they’re allies.

Where does this leave the poor sods who first encounter Orthodoxy either in a convert conventicle or at SVS? It leaves them CRIPPLED… don’t be nasty… don’t be abrupt. You have to wean them away from the Americanist nonsense that masquerades as Orthodoxy. They’ve never heard of ANY of the pronouncements of the REAL Church because their gurus kept them ignorant. They don’t know what His Holiness says… they don’t know that the Church OPPOSES American aggression throughout the world… they don’t know that the Church takes a stand for Social Justice and Social Equity (not to mention Social Democracy).

They’ve been lied to… “On the way to God, you meet the Devil first”… that’s what happened to them. I pity them and I wish them well… and I wish nothing but good on the priests who do their best to rescue people from such a Hell of Error and Falsehood (yes, Batiushka, it’s all too often a Sisyphean task…). Let’s remember another quote… “A house divided against itself cannot stand”… indeed. That’s why the autocephalists and the semi-converts are going to leave us for “purer” pastures. God help me, but it can’t happen soon enough…

One Last Zinger Department:

Is Fathausen going to make an unscheduled trip to Moscow for His Nibs‘ birthday on Saturday? Perspirin’ minds wanna know!

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 15 November 2011

Albany NY

The Belt of the Mother of God to Stay Longer in Russia… Four More Days Added to Tour

Mount Athos, The Holy Mountain: The Orthodox Vatican

from the cycle, “The Slavonic Epic“, nr 17

Alfons Maria Mucha



The Belt of the Most Holy Mother of God shall now stay in Russia until 27 November. The Holy Administration of the Holy Community of Mount Athos and the brethren of Vatopedi monastery came to this decision “due to the unprecedented number of believers who want to venerate the Belt of the Most Holy Mother of God”, a spokesman for the St Andrew the First-Called Foundation told Interfax-Religion on Tuesday. On 20 October, the relic arrived in Russia at Pulkovo Airport in St Petersburg, where Prime Minister Vladimir Putin met it. Later, President Dmitri Medvedev and Patriarch Krill Gundayev of Moscow and all the Russias venerated the relic in Nizhny Novgorod. After a stay in the “Northern Capital”, the Vatopedi delegation brought the belt to Yekaterinburg, Norilsk, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Nizhny Novgorod, Diveyevo, Saransk, Samara, Volgograd, and Rostov-on-Don. Then, believers in Kaliningrad, Stavropol, and Moscow will have an opportunity to venerate the relic. Originally, the Vatopedi delegation was to return to Mount Athos on 23 November.

On 19 November, at approximately 16.30 to 17.00 MSK (12.30 to 13.00 UTC 07.30 to 08.00 EST 04.30 to 05.00 PST), the Vatopedi delegation will take the relic to Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow, where Patriarch Kirill will meet the reliquary. That evening, His Holiness will serve the All-Night Vigil before the relic. A spokesman said that access to the Cathedral would open at 10.00 MSK (06.00 UTC 01.00 EST 22.00 19 November PST) Saturday 20 November, but it would close again after the church is filled to capacity. General access to the Cathedral will open again at 00.00 MSK (20.00 UTC 15.00 EST 12.00 PST) Sunday 21 November. After that, believers will have a chance to venerate the reliquary around the clock until 21.00 MSK Saturday November 27. A spokesman for the St Andrew the First-Called Foundation added, “In connection with the 65th birthday of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all the Russias and the arrival on November 20 for the Divine Liturgy of the First Hierarchs and delegations from the Local Churches, access to the Belt of the Most Holy Mother of God will be suspended on 20 November from 09.00 to 09.30 MSK (05.00 to 05.30 UTC 00.00 to 00.30 EST 21.00 to 21.30 19 November PST)”.

15 November 2011



Editor’s Note:

Believers stand on line for up to eight hours to venerate the relic. EIGHT HOURS. Some self-centred and egotistical “Orthodox” “authorities” (both konvertsy and SVS/St Sergius) in the diaspora have sniped at the revival in the Motherland and denigrate it. “It’s not real… it’s just cultural… it’s just play-acting… it’s old-fashioned and backward”. Well… I’d say that the ordinary people of Russia have “voted”… with their feet! They’re willing to stand on line for HOURS to get a chance to bow before this relic and kiss the reliquary. If you need proof of Russia’s “repentance”… look about you. I need say no more…

You DO have a choice… you can stand with Pat Reardon, Alexei Karlgut, John Behr, Lyonyo, John Jillions, Rod Dreher, and Fathausen (all the scoffers and nay-sayers)… or you can stand (literally) with the babas and the dedes… who STILL have “feet of iron” (as a 17th century archdeacon from the Church of Antioch put it). I’ll take my stand with baba and dede… what about you?


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