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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

This is TOO GOOD Not to Share: The Fruity Fruits of Vatican II

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SVS or Fordham… which was worse in the Silly Sixties (yes, Virginia, there are still superannuated hippies floating around out there)? I’ll give ya a hint… Tom Hopko went to both, and he imbibed the worst of both without swallowing a scintilla of the best that either had to offer… ‘nuff said! I know where you’re coming from Chris… such sorts are a burr under the saddle of decent people in our Church too…


Editor’s Foreword:

This tickled my fancy… and it just might tickle yours too. My POV’s simple… people who hold to Orthodoxy and Catholicism strongly often see no need for bootless “dialogue”… but we get on in a human sort of way, and that’s no bad thing, is it? “Send us letters of friendship only”… that’s the ticket. Let’s roll up all the useless “conferences” and “seminars” and spend the money saved on a good party. We’ll put a gigantic beer barrel in the centre of a field with stout fellows circulating amongst the crowd with clubs to cosh either long-faced Savonarolas or long-winded “scholars”. I think that the ordinary folks would get on just fine. Oh yes… we’d go our separate ways on Sunday morning, but that’s no call for an auto-da-fé, is it? The gate’s unlatched and the key’s underneath the mat… all people of good will are welcome here… but you knew that, didn’t you?

¡SALUD! to Christopher… he’s got a lotta other good stuff lurking on his site… do take a look…



Tune: We Plough the Fields and Scatter

Into the fields to harvest
The fruits of Vatican II!
We are the Easter People
Who will the Church renew.
“What are these fruits,” you ponder,
That you so keenly reap?”
We’ve Joy and Love and Wonder –
Let Faith and Reason sleep!


There were no fruits from doctrine
Or from obedience blind,
But we are now so fruity,
It sometimes blows our mind.
We speak in tongues and prophesy
“Yah! Bliffer Blaffer Bloo!”
The Spirit so baptises us,
That all we say is true.


We don’t need popes and bishops
We’ve each got Direct Lines
To our heavenly Big Daddy,
So we are all divines.
When Roma loquitur, we know
Causa is not at end
We may accept Rome’s opinion
If it matches the latest trend.


The Fathers of the Council
Said, “From the experts, seek
The wisdom of the worldly
The freedom of the freak!”
We’ve done it: See how worldly
And freaky are we all!
At every Mass there’s schmalz and slop –
Don’t we just have a ball!


That lovely lady Brosselmans
Said Mass is like Diwali
Or Eid ul Fatr festival –
That’s really up our alley.
Now ours is really a shebang
With loud and joyful praise.
Who needs old-fashioned reverence
When we our voices raise


In Gibberish and rigmarole,
“Oh wazza wazza whizz!”
And pogo up and down the aisle
While the celebrant does his biz.
Oh sweet to the Ears of Abba dear
Is our loud hullabaloo,
A glorious Harvest Home for us,
We fruits of Vatican II!


31 March 2011

Christopher Wright

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