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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Paffhausen and His Claque Made Anti-Homosexual Noises… is there ANY Truth in these Loud Rumblings? In Light of the Storheim Hearing Tomorrow, It’s Relevant…

“Paffhausen served with Feodosy and Herman in public! I thought that he was AGAINST homosexuals in the clergy!” That’s right, Baba… do you think that you can trust ANYTHING that comes out of his mouth? 


Fathausen and his claque have made LOUD noises of their opposition to homosexuality and have made VERY loud noises about Mark Stokoe in that regard. Is JP’s shield clean? One of the clergy at St Nicholas in the District, and one of the members of JP’s inner sanctum, Denis Bradley, is reputed to be a notorious poofter. He had VERY close ties with Feodosy Lazor… originally, he was a Roman Catholic priest, a member of the  Oratory of St Philip Neri, and a faculty member in the Philosophy Department at Georgetown. Bradley waited until he was tenured at Georgetown before he “converted” to Orthodoxy, and the smart word has it that he’s got Vatican connections, having ties to the late Cardinal Pio Laghi, Apostolic Pro-Nuncio to the USA (1984-90) (Laghi was a supporter of the brutal rightwing junta in Argentina… did he funnel info to Langley, and get the Pro-Nuciature as a reward?).

Bradley arranged the University Medal at Georgetown for Patriarch Aleksei Rediger. It’s said that his reputed “housemate” Dr Robert Holman, MD (former Knight of Malta before he converted to Orthodoxy) treated Patriarch Aleksei when the latter visited the USA. Bradley, like Potapov, has ties to American government circles… it’s very probable that he’s a Langley asset. He was the contact between the OCA and Dwayne Andreas of Archer Daniels Midland (since Bradley was pals with Bobby K, did he funnel the cash to Bobby? Your guess is as good as mine is). The whisper in the District is that Bradley and Lyonyo orchestrated Fathausen’s stay at the St Luke’s Institute for his supposed “evaluation”. One wonders… is the OCA paying for this or are the RCs doing it gratis as a favour to Lyonyo, Jillions, and Bradley? Valerie Ringa made no report on such to the Sobor. My sources tell me that she was silent on the subject.

He hung around Bishop Basil Rodianko, serving on the board of the Holy Archangels Center, he and Holman are/were close associates of Fr Dimitri Grigorieff and Marilyn Swezey (Darlin’ Marilyn). In short, Bradley’s a reputed homosexual, an enemy of the Russian Church and State, a suspected US Intelligence asset, and possible Vatican operative. Back in the day, he was allied with Feodosy Lazor and Bobby K… now, he’s in Lyonyo’s faction. In short, Denis Bradley’s one of the greatest enemies of the Mother Church and of the Motherland. In addition, Bradley also “arranged” a phoney honorary doctorate (DD I think) from Georgetown for Feodosy some twenty years ago… Bobby K gloated about it at the time (and made sure that everybody heard about it).

So… Paffhausen’s words on homosexuality are belied by his actions. Don’t forget how he had Feodosy and Herman serve openly with him in public at St Tikhon’s at the Memorial Day Pilgrimage. He has NO problems with homosexuals… that action proved it. Furthermore, he refuses to repudiate his ties with the known sodomite Gleb Podmoshensky (GP), who was his guru. JP’s also pushing the election of his GTU crony, Gerasim Eliel, as Bishop of Alaska, who also had intimate connections with GP (Eliel refused to break his connection with GP after the ROCOR Holy Synod defrocked GP).

Ergo… I advise the Winnipeg magistrate… “Trust nothing that the OCA tells you unless it has independent verification. Their actions differ from their words. Be particularly wary of Lazar Puhalo… he’s only been in the OCA for eight years. Most of his ecclesial career’s been in oddball fringe groups, and he NEVER served as a legit ruling or vicar bishop prior to Seraphim Storheim’s unilateral action in ’03. That is, he owes his legitimatisation to Storheim, and all things being equal, he’d lie to protect his benefactor, no doubt”.

I don’t envy the Winnipeg magistrate. Before we go, here’s a quote from a recent article about Joe Paterno that applies here:

One PSU student, named Emily wrote the following to si.com’s Peter King,

Truth is, if not for Paterno’s philanthropy and moral code (until his fatal lapse of judgment), I and thousands of others wouldn’t be here right now. If not for Paterno… Pennsylvania State might still be an agriculture school and State College might be lucky if there were a Wal-Mart within a 30-mile radius. Paterno made a huge mistake, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a good man.

Bullshit. Emily’s words ring as false as the apologists for the Vatican, Wall Street, the military command at Abu Ghraib, and any industry deemed “too big to fail”. The same moral code that Emily praises absolutely can’t be the same moral code that covers up child rape. To do so is to make the very notion of morality meaningless. Emily’s gratitiude that her school isn’t “30 miles from the nearest Wal-Mart” can’t justify defending Paterno. To do so, makes you complicit in the crimes and the cover-up. It also ensures that such a thing could happen again.


You can support the truth or you can support Jonas Paffhausen. As I say, it’s up to YOU… take your time before taking a choice (and to choose to “do nothing” isn’t passive… it’s an active decision).


Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 16 November 2011

Albany NY


16 November 2011. False Warning from Trend Micro on VFR…

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A friend warned me that a false warning is being passed by Trend Micro concerning this blog. I’ve pasted the warning below. THIS IS BOGUS. If this site were compromised, ALL of WordPress would be compromised… it’s quite that simple. There’s no malware on this site… I have SEVERAL anti-bug programmes installed, and, trust me, I’d know it if there were ANY problems (and there aren’t). In any case, VFR goes through the WordPress servers, and you can’t “contaminate” a particular blog… it’s technically impossible. Screwy world we live in, no?


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The First Church Dedicated to Hieromartyr Patriarch St Germogen Under Construction in Moscow

A Procession of Patriarch St Germogen

Ilya Repin



Clergy served a molieben at the site of new church dedicated to New Hieromartyr Patriarch St Germogen of Moscow and all the Russias in Golyanovo Raion, a neighbourhood in the eastern section of the city of Moscow. Bishop Aleksandr Agrikov of Dmitrov (Vicar of the Diocese of Moscow) led the service. Galina Ananyna, the head of a foundation for a memorial to Patriarch St Germogen, gave the future rector of the parish an icon of the saint, the official MP website reported. This icon bears a patriarchal blessing, as it was a newly-painted icon consecrated by Patriarch Kirill Gundayev of Moscow and all the Russias at the relics of St Germogen in the Assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin on 16 July 2011. This new church in Golyanovo Raion is part of a construction programme involving 200 new churches in Moscow. Neighbourhood residents and the Orthodox Brotherhood of Hieromartyr Patriarch St Germogen were the main forces behind the construction project.

Earlier, Patriarch Kirill supported the present-day implementation of decisions taken in the past for the installation of a monument in honour of Patriarch St Germogen in Moscow. He said, “A decision to erect such a monument was taken at the same time when it was decided to erect a monument in honour of Minin and Pozharsky on Red Square. The intention was to erect a monument to St Germogen on the spot where they built the [Lenin] mausoleum. It’s no surprise that no one thought or spoke about the revival of this monument project in the 20th century, but the Orthodox community raises his voice again today, and I hope that people hear it”. In the Smuta (Time of Troubles), Patriarch Germogen called upon the people to rise up and liberate Russia from the foreign yoke, for which the Poles arrested him, and he died a martyr’s death in prison. 2012 is the 400th anniversary of the end of the Time of Troubles and the 400th anniversary of the martyrdom of Patriarch St Germogen, and 2013 will mark the 100th anniversary of his glorification amongst the saints.

16 November 2011



Editor’s Note:

This is one of those ”Lenin’s Tomb” moments… freighted with significance for those “in the know”. This means that the MP’s relations with the Pope of Rome aren’t very good at all, and that relations with the Uniates are in the toilet. The Polish invaders STARVED Patriarch St Germogen to death. That’s a particularly nasty way of killing someone. Patriarch St Germogen refused to recognise the Polish usurpers in Moscow and he refused to become part of their iniquitous Unia. Therefore, they starved him to death. Great folks…

This means that the Blunder is chock fulla shit. It also means (for us in the American diaspora) that Hans Jacobses and Alvian Smirensky (one of the SVS cabal) are lying to you about Orthodox/Catholic relations. I haven’t the slightest notion why they do such… Smirensky came out of the indifferentist Paris gang, but Jacobses is opaque to me (he swallows everything from the Blunder uncritically and without verification). However, for REAL Orthodox, this is GOOD news. It means that His Nibs isn’t overlooking the martyrs of the fight against the godless Unia. Diplomatic speeches about the Pope of Rome at this or that secular institution are one thing, the actual dedication of churches to the heroes of the anti-Uniate struggle is quite another. We’re not going to go Uniate any time soon (or any time later). There’s hope for Christ’s Church…

Editor’s Snarky Aside to the Similarly-Minded:

One wonders if Fathausen is going to pull a “Preved” and show up at His Nibs’ birthday bash on Saturday… he COULD try such a clueless stunt to revive his moribund grip upon power. Shall it happen, though? I dunno… your guess is as good as mine is… remember, his last two junkets were unannounced…


All-Russian Muftiate Favours Government Ban on Wahhabism in Russia

“What’s that? We’re supposed to hate all ‘infidels’ and ban their churches? We’re true sons of Allah here… my pops got on well with the Russian neighbours, so do I, and so shall my son… you got a problem with that? Wanna rumble?”


Over Tea

Nurkhatim Bikulov



THIS is the face of Russian Islam… do NOT listen to the hate spewed by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. If you vote for the Republican Party, you vote for religious hatred and bigotry… NEVER forget that.


According to the Russian Islamic Conciliar Association (all-Russian Muftiate) (RAIS), the Russian state should outlaw the ideology of Wahhabism. Mufti Farid Salman, the head of the Ulema Council of the RAIS, wrote in an article published on Interfax-Religion, “Should we ban Wahhabism in Russia? Yes! It’s a necessity. The very future of the Russian state hangs upon finding a solution to this most pressing problem”. In Mufti Salman’s opinion, banning Wahhabism in Russia “can’t be affected by our relationship with one or another country. In some countries (like Saudi Arabia: Interfax) Wahhabism may be the state ideology, if that’s what the people there want. If we prohibit Wahhabism throughout the Russian Federation, the Russian state authority would operate within the framework of its legal code, it would uphold its sovereignty, and, most importantly, it would be for the sake of our future”.

16 November 2011



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