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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

All-Russian Muftiate Favours Government Ban on Wahhabism in Russia

“What’s that? We’re supposed to hate all ‘infidels’ and ban their churches? We’re true sons of Allah here… my pops got on well with the Russian neighbours, so do I, and so shall my son… you got a problem with that? Wanna rumble?”


Over Tea

Nurkhatim Bikulov



THIS is the face of Russian Islam… do NOT listen to the hate spewed by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. If you vote for the Republican Party, you vote for religious hatred and bigotry… NEVER forget that.


According to the Russian Islamic Conciliar Association (all-Russian Muftiate) (RAIS), the Russian state should outlaw the ideology of Wahhabism. Mufti Farid Salman, the head of the Ulema Council of the RAIS, wrote in an article published on Interfax-Religion, “Should we ban Wahhabism in Russia? Yes! It’s a necessity. The very future of the Russian state hangs upon finding a solution to this most pressing problem”. In Mufti Salman’s opinion, banning Wahhabism in Russia “can’t be affected by our relationship with one or another country. In some countries (like Saudi Arabia: Interfax) Wahhabism may be the state ideology, if that’s what the people there want. If we prohibit Wahhabism throughout the Russian Federation, the Russian state authority would operate within the framework of its legal code, it would uphold its sovereignty, and, most importantly, it would be for the sake of our future”.

16 November 2011



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