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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Mufti of Kazakhstan Urges Women to Wear Kazakh National Dress NOT the Hijab

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Women in the national dress of Kazakhstan (top, formal; bottom, everyday)… modesty does, indeed, come in MANY forms…


Mufti Absattar Derbisali, the Supreme Mufti of Kazakhstan, appealed to those who wear the hijab to dress appropriately in the Kazakh tradition. At a theological forum in Astana on Wednesday, he said, “Recently, the hijab’s become fashionable in our society. There’s been thinking about this question, and I think that there’s a civilised way to resolve it. Recently, in Almaty, we held a symposium devoted to women’s apparel, attended by renowned fashion designers, showing off our national dress for women. We plan to carry out such meetings annually”. As for Mufti Derbisali’s personal view, he thinks that we must bring women to see that “the Kazakh national dress is beautiful. We shouldn’t have to wear the national dress of Pakistan, for instance. Why should we ape another nationality’s fashions?”

16 November 2011



16 November 2011. Storheim Hearing Tomorrow in Winnipeg… OCA Stalwarts Jumpier than a Pack of Cats on a Hot Tin Roof


The hearing to decide whether Storheim’s going to trial is going to be tomorrow and Friday. Click here for confirmation. It certainly explains the jumpiness seen recently in OCA apparat and konvertsy circles. They’re trying to terrorise their perceived opponents, yet again, as is their usual MO. Keep your heads down, kids… and let the fighters like me step forward. What I find nasty beyond words is that the usual gang of suspects (Tate, Karlgut, Velencia, to name three of the most egregious) are coshing those whom they think “weak”… it shows their “strength”, dontcha know! Actually, I think that their tactics centre on, “If you fucking bloggers don’t shut up, we’re going to cudgel the helpless until you DO shut up”… they ARE that nasty, kids. Remember, they have vindictive people like Webster and Reardon in their circle. Watch for Puhalo to weep copious crocodile tears for his benefactor Storheim (don’t forget, Storheim rescued Puhalo from vagante obscurity). As for me, I hope that the judge finds the evidence to proceed. This shit has been going on far too long. Note well how the official RC hierarchy (the RC hierarchy treats its people with as much contempt as the OCA does… birds of a feather) supports their pals in the OCA (one wonders if they’re charging JP for his bogus “evaluation”).

There has been one too many “confidential settlements” over the years… I, for one, believe that this MUST to go to trial to expose the plug-uglies and what they’ve done with impunity for a VERY long time. Justice must NOT be denied.


Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 16 November 2011

Albany NY

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