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Friday, 18 November 2011

18 November 2011. A Distant Image Glimpsed Darkly… St Platon’s DID Exist…


More “slices of life” from the former St Platon Seminary in Tenafly NJ. The future Fr Hubiak père is at the left of the above image…



Remember why St Platon’s had to close in 1924. The closure was due to bad loans made by Archbishop Alekdandr Nemolovsky. Shades of the Honesdale Loan, isn’t it? Note well that the OCA central apparat is STILL secretive about finances… and where is the OCA getting the money to pay for JP’s “evaluation?” If we don’t pay close attention, it’ll be “back to the future” time, again. What would we lose this time around? Oh… do make certain that Syosset has NO access to your accounts and funds… one should be prudent, after all…


A Kind Note to an Enquirer:

Due to caution (and to protect my sources), I don’t give out my e-mail address, and I NEVER give out my contacts’ names and e-mail addresses. If you’re innocent, so be it, but I have to protect myself and my friends from the likes of Karlgut, Piggy Iggy, Velencia, JP, Reardon, and Bobby. We live in “interesting times”, unfortunately…


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