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Friday, 18 November 2011

VOR Presents… Monument to the Children of Nikolai II Unveiled Near Yekaterinburg

On 16 November, Metropolitan Vikenty Morar (1953- ) of Tashkent and all Uzbekistan (First Hierarch of the Central Asian Metropolia) unveiled a monument, The Royal Children, at the Monastery of the Holy Royal Martyrs at Ganina Yama near Yekaterinburg, commemorating the murdered children of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II (1868-1918). It depicts Grand Princesses Olga (1895-1918), Tatiana (1897-1918), Maria (1899-1918), and Anastasia (1901-18), and Tsarevich Grand Prince Aleksei (1904-18) descending from the heavens.


On the night of 17 July 1918, the Bolsheviks executed Tsar Nikolai II, Tsaritsa Aleksandra Fyodorovna (1872-1918), and their children Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, and Aleksei without trial. The image above shows the last Russian Emperor, Nikolai II, and his family.


Metropolitan Vikenty, who was the former head of the Diocese of Yekaterinburg and Verkhoturye, initiated the idea for the project. Igor Akimov (pictured above), a graduate and professor of the Ural State Architectural Academy, sculpted the bronze statuary ensemble.


The sculptor depicted the royal children as coming down from heaven with crosses in their hands on a sloping stone base.


Grand Prince Tsarevich Aleksei Nikolaevich, the son of Tsar Nikolai II.


Metropolitan Vikenty came back to Yekaterinburg especially for dedication of this monument. The monument is a short distance from the memorial cross located on the site where the Bolsheviks attempted to destroy the remains of the royal family and their servants.


The unveiling and dedication ceremony of the new sculptural ensemble at Ganina Yama was dedicated to the birthday of Grand Princess Olga. In the image above, we see Tsar Nikolai II, Tsaritsa Aleksandra, and Grand Princess Olga Nikolaevna (as an infant) in 1896.


Metropolitan Vikenty blesses the sculptural ensemble The Tsar’s Children, in honour of the murdered children of the last Russian Emperor, Nikolai II, at the Monastery of the Holy Royal Martyrs at Ganina Yama.


A monastery now stands in Ganina Yama on site where the Bolsheviks attempted to destroy the remains of the royal family. It already contains monuments to Nikolai II and his wife Tsaritsa Aleksandra Fyodorovna.


16 November 2011

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

A friend of mine, who’s a KPRF member, wrote me,

“If we had just shot the tsar, that wouldn’t be noticed… rulers die in coups all the time. If we had shot his wife, that would be an accident of history… look at the Ceauşescus. If we had shot the servants… they got in the way, it was bad, it wasn’t necessary, but it wasn’t unforgivable. But we shot the kids… that was unforgivable and tainted the Soviet era from the first. The August Events flowed from that. We were wrong… we learned a lesson”.

In short, the tsar’s children were innocents who didn’t deserve their fate. If any of the victims of 17 July were saints, they were, for they were innocent of anything that their parents may have done. In any case, no contemporary communist is guilty of this crime… virtually all the people alive at that time are now dead. After all, most present-day Reds are believers… and His Holiness agrees with Social Justice, not Laissez-faire Libertarian Nihilism… ponder that.

It’s time for a healthy synthesis of the White and Red streams of history… then, God will bless us. I’ll say this… He does NOT bless self-centred “Me First” American kleptocracy, that’s certain.


18 November 2011. Video. Some of My Favourite Things… Pelageya





14,000 Police Will Keep Order in Moscow amongst the Believers Waiting to Venerate the Belt of the Most Holy Mother of God

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In Moscow, about 14,000 police will keep order during the visit of the Belt of the Most Holy Mother of God, a spokesman for the Moscow Municipal Main Directorate of the RF MVD told Interfax on Friday. They said, “We’ll take all the measures necessary to protect public order and public safety, in order to prevent crimes and disruption”. Security personnel will man eight stationary walk-through metal detectors at the entrance to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. From 20.00 MSK 18 November until the end of 27 November, police will restrict vehicular traffic (except for public agencies) on Soimonovsky Passage and Prechistenskaya Quay (from the Krymsky Bridge to Lenivka Street). The Belt of the Most Holy Mother of God will arrive in Moscow on 19 November; the public will be able to venerate the relic at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Police are expecting that many pilgrims from other cities, as well as thousands of Moscow believers, will show up to bow before the reliquary. The Belt will remain at the Cathedral until 27 November.

18 November 2011



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