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Sunday, 27 November 2011

27 November 2011. Been Busy Knockin’ the Art into Shape… Tote that Canvas! Lift that Palette! Perspirin’ Minds are Waiting!

Pavel Viktorovich Ryzhenko (1971-)


Vasili Igorevich Nesterenko (1967- ), People’s Artist of Russia… artist, patriot, Christian, and Communist… what’s not to like?


I’ve been doing a major overhaul on my first art site, Art and Faith, in regards to two major contemproary Russian artists, Pavel Ryzhenko and Vasili Nesterenko. I found some new high-res images of their work and I replaced earlier low-res images with the righteous stuff. Here’s some examples:


Let Everything that Breathes Praise the Lord

Pavel Ryzhenko

undated (contemporary)


If you liked that, click here and you’ll see all the Ryzhenko that’s posted on A&F.


Let’s take a different tack with Vasili Igorovich… here’s an image from his latest Manezh exhibition:


Deliverance from the Troubles

Vasili Nesterenko



The “Smuta” (Time of Troubles) was a chaotic period in history when Poland invaded Russia and attempted to ram the Unia down our throats. Needless to say, they failed… but they did murder Patriarch St Germogen by starving him to death… nice folks, wot? One of the more IMPORTANT episodes in our history. We’re Orthodox today because Pozharsky and Minin whipped the Polacks and kicked their gnarly arses back to Poland.


If you liked the preview of Nesterenko that you saw above, click here… it’ll take you to all the Nesterenko collected on A&F. He’s got everything from art for the new Cathedral of Christ the Saviour to portraits of the Castro brothers in Cuba. Put that in your hillbilly-moron crack-pipe and smoke it, Reardon… Christian and COMMUNIST… what a concept! Our Lord Christ is NOT a shill for the rightwing of the Republican Party, despite what you might hear from Paffhausen and Co.

I had much FUN working with the art over the weekend… I only hope that it’ll be a light in a corner of your soul… be good, kids…


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