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Monday, 28 November 2011

28 November 2011. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Whaddaya Want? Do You Want “Black Friday” or Do You Want “The Reason for the Season?”

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From the cycle “My Beautiful Childhood”

Yelena Cherneyeva



All sorts of self-congratulatory articles in the American media praise the latest “Black Friday”… sales were UP, UP, UP… that means that the country’s “on the road to recovery”. I beg to differ. “Black Friday” is PERVERTED. I never set foot in a store or mall on that day. I’m no prude or religious nutter, either… I’m in favour of kazoos, vuvuzelas, and good honest beer. However, there’s just something utterly WRONG with the whole idea of Black Friday… I can’t put my tongue around it, but I’m certain that you know what I mean. Look at the kid in the image above. Do you want the innocence embodied in that child or do you want the corrosive greed embodied by the schmidiot who sprayed all and sundry with pepper spray so that they could walk away with an Xbox? I know where I stand! I’ll confide that I’m NOT alone, either!

Black Friday or Good Friday… which one do YOU believe in?



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