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Thursday, 1 December 2011

1 December 2011. “Apparently, the West is Against Terrorism Only When it Suits its Own Agenda”… AMEN!

“They all had faces… they all had names. No one is forgotten… nothing is forgotten”. One wonders if the bombers had links to Langley… it was a “humanitarian intervention“, dontcha know. Remember… the suffering of individuals means NOTHING to the Western ruling juntas… “the bottom line”… THAT’S all that counts to them. Reflect on the fact that Orthodox Christians have sold out to that godless ideology… 


Editor’s Foreword:

A friend sent me this as a cut n’ paste… I apologise for not having a URL for verification purposes. Nevertheless, I agree with the author, completely and emphatically.



Apparently, the West’s against terrorism only when it suits its own agenda. Despite the overwhelming physical and circumstantial evidence against the Minsk Metro Bombers, including a video tape of one of the perps planting the bomb, the Western media’s already screaming that the trial was unfair. They’re even stating that the Byelorussian government planted the bomb in order to create a situation of fear. At this point, I believe it’s a waste of time even answering the anti-Belarus and anti-Lukashenko ravings in the West. No matter what we say, no matter what evidence we present, they’ll continue to demonise Belarus and President Lukashenko. The death sentences aren’t subject to appeal. The only appeal that I’d make here is to our President, NOT to pardon these animals. Let the executions take place as ordered by law. These sons of bitches killed 15 innocent people and seriously injured dozens more. The firing squad is what they deserve!



Soviet Belarus Group


Editor’s Afterword:

Shooting is too good for these mass killers. I’d lock ‘em up in a room with the relatives of the Metro Bombing victims… I’d hand out baseball bats to the bereaved family members before I closed the door. I’d tell ‘em, “You’ve got 30 minutes to do what you will… just be done before I get back. Ya unnerstand?” Trust me… I don’t think that I’d be misunderstood. THAT would be justice. However, they’re going to die quickly and cleanly… their victims didn’t get that, did they? The use of the death penalty should be rare… and this is one of those instances. God have mercy on their souls.


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