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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

6 December 2011. “I Wish That I Had Said That” Department… God Gave Me Friends, Not Money… He Knew What He Was Doin’

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…and a little child shall lead them…


A friend sent me this:

When Caesar stamps out coins, they all look the same.  When God makes what belongs to Him… we each come out utterly unique.

I wish that I’d said that… but I didn’t. God gave me friends, not money. It was a GOOD decision, Lord… You KNEW what you wuz doin’. This is a “‘Nuff Said”…


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6 December 2011. Video. To, To, To, Nikolaya Lyubit… an Old Down-Home Po-Nashemu Fave

St Nicholas of Myra the Wonderworker

Unknown Artist





6 December 2011. Three Grandmas Strip-Searched at JFK… Bush’s Legacy… If You Want a Police State WORSE Than That, Vote Republican in 2012


Bush’s Folly… the TSA… is at it again. Read this. Got it? If you have a colostomy bag, expect to be searched by Bush’s Gestapo. This is all part of that post-9/11 Frenzy. Barack Obama did NOT found the TSA. George Bush did. Since I’ve had some experience with the TSA hiring process, it seemed to me that they were trying to winnow out anyone with a brain or initiative… they were looking for numskulls (most of the people working for the TSA aren’t brain-dead… but that’s what the system’s looking for). It’s not the rank n’ filers’ fault… they have to read off “scripts” and aren’t allowed any leeway whatsoever. I’m told that agents have ludicrous SOPs to follow… dreamed up by the paranoid Bushite apparat. In short, the Bush-era founder of the agency was an incompetent dolt, and their legacy’s the sclerotic system that we see now. As the ABC News article points up quite rightly:

A senior law enforcement official who has worked at New York‘s JFK airport for years told ABC News that the incidents expose the security agency to mockery. This senior official said, “Any law enforcement professional with any time experience would tell you that if you can’t tell the difference between an 80-year-old with a health issue and someone who might need further screening, then, this kind of behaviour makes us the laughing stock of law enforcement worldwide. These [passengers] were only guilty of buying a ticket”.

The War on Terror is as much an expensive folly as the War on Drugs is. Note well that the War on Drugs is going to continue as it enriches corrupt politicians and cops, and the War on Terror continues because it benefits corrupt politicians and corporations. Ike was right… none dare call it treason… attend to another part of his speech:

We … must avoid the impulse to live only for today, plundering for our own ease and convenience the precious resources of tomorrow. We cannot mortgage the material assets of our grandchildren without risking the loss also of their political and spiritual heritage. We want democracy to survive for all generations to come, not to become the insolvent phantom of tomorrow.

If you vote for the Republican Party, you “live only for today, plundering for [your] own ease and convenience the precious resources of tomorrow”. The Bush legacy is war, depression, and class war (of the rich against all others). If you vote Republican, you want MORE of that. Do you want an America where they can pull you off the street into indefinite detention? Even at the depth of the Great Purges, the USSR never sank that low. Yet, that’s what the Republican Party wants. Only one other country used such methods of detention… Nazi Germany. Is that what you want? Both the Republican Party and the Nazi Party wanted a “New World Order”… doesn’t the identity of terminology just make your blood run  cold?

The TSA is a symptom… not the disease. Yet, it does warn us of what MAY be. We are like Scrooge and the Three Spirits. “Tell me, Spirit, that these are the shadows of what MAY be, not those of what MUST be”. It needn’t be…. but we must REFUSE to vote Republican under ANY circumstance. That’s fundamental… to forestall evil, you must refuse to opt for it. We have NO other choice.

Note to Russian Orthodox people:

Jonas Paffhausen is speaking tonight at the Far Right American Enterprise Institute. JP spits on the actual opinion of the Church as His Holiness has spoken it. He does NOT represent the real position of the Church. His Holiness has called the present Free Market system a fraud, and that’s that. I apologise for this charlatan’s misrepresentation of what we stand for.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 6 January 2011

Albany NY 

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6 December 2011. Ura! For Western St Nick’s Day… Did You Guys Put Out Your Shoes?

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Zwarte Piet and Sinterklaas… they go together like bacon n’ eggs… salt n’ pepper… ham n’ cheese… pizza n’ beer. You can’t have the one without the other (or so a Dutch friend of mine says, and I take her word for it). They’re Christendom‘s Mike n’ Ike… two equally-beloved and revered figures.   


I’m going to post more later… but let’s get an early G’day to all you Catholic and Proddie Nicks out there (Orthodox St Nick’s is 19 December). If you weren’t good, St Nick’s gonna sic Zwarte Piet  after you… no lie! Zwarte Piet is gonna roll ya up in his sack and take you off to St Nick for punishment. Of course, if you’ve been good boys, St Nick will leave some goodies in your shoe and Zwarte Piet will slither down the chimney to leave some more for ya. Sweets or the sack? Zwarte Piet knows for sure (for St Nick told him), but he ain’t talkin’… we’ll have to wait for later, won’t we?

Happy St Nick’s to all of you!


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