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Saturday, 10 December 2011

10 December 2011. Even Santa’s Knackered… Take a Look!


Santa was caught baggin’ some zee’s at the Christmas market in Königstein (Freistaat Sachsen) in Germany. See… you’re not the only one frazzled by the holiday rush. Even the big guy’s pooped out…



10 December 2011. A Russian POV… The Demonstrations in Moscow Today… Not as Big as Western Media Claimed…

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Despite what you heard in the Western media, the demonstrations in Moscow today were large… but not massive. To put it into perspective, the police had to control LARGER crowds when the Belt of the Most Holy Mother of God was at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour recently. This protest led to no violence, no use of force by the coppers, or no large wave of arrests. The only arrests (less than 100, I heard) were for such things as pickpocketing and minor scuffles… the sort of stuff you get with any large crowd. There were 30-45,000 people present, but the the crowd looked much larger due to the fact that were packed into a relatively small space between the embankment and the river. Most of the Western reportage is stage-managed and serves the domestic political agendas of the Western states. As the pictures show, it was a large but unfocused demonstration. This was nowhere near the level of tension that one saw in Greece or Spain, or where American coppers attacked Occupy demonstrators in New York and Los Angeles. THAT’S where the REAL discontent is… the Western coverage of this is an attempt to divert domestic elements from the simmering pot at home… like all such efforts, it’s doomed to failure. If nothing else, this proves that present-day Russia is no totalitarian state, and it’s nothing to fear. Russia stretches out the hand of friendship… the American rightwing spurns it… doesn’t that tell you something about them?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 10 December 2011

Albany NY

10 December 2011. Graffitti in Athens… What the REAL PEOPLE Think of American/EU-Imposed “Austerity”

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This is what REAL Greeks think of the US/EU puppets in Athens. 96 percent of the Greek people have a positive view of Russia… a similar number have a negative view of the US and its lickspittle running-dogs in Athens. It appears that the US is losing the “information war” in ALL Orthodox countries, not just Russia. A “new world” is dawning… and it’s multi-polar, not an American Corporate Dictatorship. That’s all to the good. You can have Orthodoxy or you can have subservience to Naked American Greed. It’s our choice…

NB to Russian Orthodox people in America:

All of us should be aware that Paffhausen (and his konvertsy claque) and the OCA/ROCOR First Families have sold out to godless American rightwing interests and echo their theomachistic attacks on Orthodoxy and the Homeland. We have a choice here, too… I’ve chosen… and it’s NOT for Fathausen’s crowd and their sycophancy to the Greedy American Right. They’re nothing but bezbozhniki in drag…



Fox News Issued Dezinformatsiya on Russian “Riots”… Used Footage of Greek Events to Mislead American Public


Here’s an RT report on the affair…


In an interview with VOR, John Stack, Vice President of News Services at Fox News, admitted that the channel made ​​a mistake in showing footage from Greek events in a story about rallies in Russia

Stack said, “We made a mistake, and we removed the video from the site. We’ll take all measures to prevent a repeat of this”. According to the pictures shown by Fox, there are green grass and palm trees in the Russian capital in mid-December. The baton-wielding police who attacked the protesters with batons wore typical Greek uniforms. Rallies held in Moscow and St Petersburg followed the elections on Sunday, both the winning and losing parities took to the streets, and the authorised hadn’t authorised some of the marches. The cops arrested several hundred people, but they didn’t use guns or tear gas. However, the editors of the American TV channel Fox News presented a different picture of the events. The first seconds of its reportage on the events of 5-6 December featured distinctly audible gunshots, the camera panned over numerous fires started by the protesters, who bombarded police with Molotov cocktails.

There are further miracles to report. Some protesters wore summer clothes and the video showed green lawns and even palm trees. All became clear when you looked at the logo on one of the buildings… “Greek National Bank”… that’s odd, isn’t it? This oddity sparked off active discussion all over the Russian blogosphere. Even supporters of the protesters expressed clear outrage that a respected media outlet, which should tell local people about what’s really happening, didn’t do it professionally. Dr Aleksandr Gusev, a political scientist, said, “However, this could be a deliberate ‘mistake’. In politics, there’s such a thing as indirect effect. On the one hand, it could be really be a mistake. On the other, you and many other people paid attention to these ‘mistakes’. After a week’s time, you might forget it. However, in your subconscious, you remember that this was an important event. I think that we shouldn’t regard this as a mistake in reporting, but as a deliberate action meant to play upon the subconscious”.

Experts believe that such videos are most likely for domestic American consumption. It’s important for some parties to try to show that Russia’s situation has become worse. Even the pro-Republican Fox News affirmed the position of the Democrats in the State Department concerning violations in the Russian elections. Professor Gusev said in commentary on that, “The appearance of such video clips isn’t coincidental. They’re trying to insinuate this-and-that about us, given the significance of Russian events as we prepare for our presidential election. Many people are now interested in what’s happening in our country, both Russians and foreigners. Therefore, some try to use this situation for their own ends. You’ll find this amongst those who own and mange the media”.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time that American TV made a deliberate “error” in its reportage from Russia. A year ago, CNN ran video purportedly showing rallies against the abolition of time shifting in Russia, which took place in the Russian Far East. However, the footage actually showed Manezh Square in Moscow, where thousands of protestors marched in disagreement with the investigation of the murder of football fan Yegor Sviridov. At the time, CNN apologised for its error. Yet, a year later, we see another such “mistake”.

Another embarrassment was the so-called scandal concerning whistling [directed at PM Putin] at a MMA match with Fyodor Yemelianenko… CNN showed footage from the United Russia convention. An official at the CNN Moscow bureau tried to minimise this, saying that we shouldn’t hold such things against them. “In fact, we had reliable information as to where and who was booed. Apparently, the editors mixed something up due to their ignorance. I think it happened due to inexperienced people working the graveyard shift. All too often, such things happen”. When all’s said and done, Fox News blocked the link to the offending video on its website. You can only see it on blogs or on YouTube.

8 December 2011

Maria Vesnovskaya

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Fox News got caught in deliberate dezinformatsiya. Let’s be clear… everybody does it. The USA does it… Russia does it… China does it… the EU does it… everybody tries to manipulate the media. Langley does it… the SVR does it. There are no innocent parties sitting in on this game of Liar’s Poker. That being said, it’s clear that nothing released by CNN or Fox concerning Russia’s trustworthy… the New York Times and International Herald Trib are just as bad. Orthodox people would be interested to know that Serge Schmemann and Sophia Kishkovsky are both neck-deep in the spook business (to be fair, most US reporters assigned to Moscow are… they’re not unique or unrepresentative of their scurvy class).

Fox News and CNN lie concerning the Motherland… that’s no surprise (you expected otherwise? Silly wabbit). However, such falsehood is taken as Gospel by leading circles in the OCA and ROCOR. What does that tell you about the OCA/ROCOR First Families, who’ve been whoring with American intel for years (Potapov and Margerovsky, anyone? Remember the CIA subsidies to Jordanville?)? None dare call it Russophobia… see tomorrow’s concelebration of JP and Hilarion Kapral in that light… what’s their difference under the skin? The answer’s disturbing, isn’t it?


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