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Sunday, 11 December 2011

11 December 2011. VOR Presents… The Rally on Bolotnaya Square Went Off Peacefully

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A rally entitled For Fair Elections was held n 10 December 2011 at Bolotnaya Square in Yakimanka Raion in central Moscow near the Kremlin. According to Moscow police sources, there were no more than 20,000 participants in the meeting; 50,000 MVD personnel watched for security breaches in Moscow. {This figure is too low according to my Moscow contacts; on the other hand, Western media estimates are far too high, being beyond the carrying capacity of the area. It’s best to say that about 30,000-35,000 were at the event (closer to the lower figure), as the above image confirms. It went off peacefully, with very few arrests or police actions: editor}


Participants at the For Fair Elections rally adopted a resolution with five points. In the image above, a counter-demonstrator’s holding up a sign, “We Want Snowy Winters”, as a satirical jab at the signs urging, “We Want Fair Elections”.


The protesters demanded the “immediate release of all political prisoners” {there aren’t any, save in the fevered imaginations of the American rightwing, Fox News, Foggy Bottom, and Langley: editor} and the “cancellation of the results of the rigged elections”. In the image above, the sign reads, “Fair Elections… Independent Media”.


The protesters also demanded the registration of opposition parties and the adoption of democratic legislation on parties and elections. {Again, there ARE opposition parties, who garnered slightly more votes than United Russia did… this demand is proof that this action had its genesis in provocation from the Western special services (the demands are particularly divorced from reality, and show a foreigner’s hand… indeed, they reek of a Langley special ops): editor}


The resolution of the participants called for new elections. Organisers claimed that they’d mount another such action on 24 December if the authorities don’t meet their demands. {President Medvedev has already nixed a new election… that’s a moot point. This was the high-water mark of Langley’s attempted interference in Russian internal affairs. As for “clean elections”, I‘d say that backroom Texas GOP politics are even filthier than this election was, and I’d remind my readers of how George Bush stole the 2000 election… “hanging chads”, anyone? The US Republicans have brass balls and chutzpah to make accusations of “rigged elections”, kids: editor}


A friendly warning to the Centre and to all Russian Orthodox people everywhere:

In terms of helping with positive news, there are those in the diaspora Russian Orthodox community whom you should NOT trust. Victor Potapov, Jonas Paffhausen, Lyonyo Kishkovsky, and Serge Schmemann, amongst others, are reputed to have ties to the American special services (the worst is Potapov… he’s a former US government official with BBG (it controls RFE/RL; he holds/held a “red” US official passport), which was funded by the CIA openly until 1972, and covertly afterwards). These people are your sworn enemies… NEVER trust them (they’re either Interventionist Democrats or Neocon GOP Warmongers… not much to choose between the two, wot?). After all, didn’t Paffhausen speak in front of the extremist (and Russophobic) American Enterprise Institute and Acton Institute? Like does call unto like, you know. You may have to deal with them, but NEVER turn your back on any of the named individuals.


10 December 2011

Voice of Russia World Service


Fathausen Defended the Affluent Effluent in His AEI Appearance… What More Need I Say?

Watch, Ride, and Report

Unknown Artist


American poster on MARC Commuter Rail trains on the Balto/District corridor


This illustrates the rightwing paranoia that Paffhausen supports and tries to palm off as being congruent with the Church’s teachings. Fairly Stalinist, no? Caveat emptor…


Read this as a background to what I’m going to say about JP.

Last week, Jonas Paffhausen spoke at a Far Right lobbying institution, the American Enterprise Institute… not only that, he refused to have his speech publicised on oca.org. Of course, he’d hide his participation at such an evil venue, for AEI supports the most Radical money-grubbing Free Market forms of globalisation, deregulation, privatisation, and the takeover of government functions by for-profit entities to benefit the Affluent Effluent. That’s to say, AEI supports the slashing of wages and benefits and the removal of governmental protections for workers, along with the concentration of the country’s wealth in the hands of the Richest One Percent. Need I say that AEI’s against single-payer healthcare? AEI supports Libertarian Nihilism, which means that it’s opposed to EVERYTHING that our Lord Christ taught (and that Christians should have nothing to do with such an evil organisation). JP KNEW all of this before he spoke there. JP knew that AEI’s part of the Far Right cabal that’s demonising Russia… so that Western interests can steal Russian natural resources and screw the Russian people to the wall far worse than any oligarch did (AEI supports oligarch pigs such as Khodorkovsky… ‘nuff said).

This is much like his phoney appearance at the so-called Acton Institute (its founder, Robert Sirico, is an oddball who was a Pentecostalist preacher and is a now an RC priest), his ties to the Moonie-owned Washington Times, and his close connection to Victor Potapov, a long-time US government official (a suspected Langley operative… and foe of the Rodina). In short, if the Centre thinks that this parvenu’s their friend, they’re sadly mistaken. Fathausen lies to everybody and anybody. He has an uncanny ability to divine what people “want to hear”. He has no other abilities… but he’s gotten far on his talent for whoppers and bullshit. This probably goes back to his family background. JP’s father was a “real estate developer”… a rather nasty species of pond scum middleman that skims off profits from housing estates in the suburbs. In fact, JP worked with his father for a while, which is where he probably sharpened his bent for bullshit and tall tales (and being able to divine what a particular party wanted to hear).

Don’t forget, Fathausen’s Bobby’s candidate for the episcopacy, for Bobby shoved aside Archimandrite Vladimir Wendling to put this sorry excuse of human being forward. I’m told that Bobby’s making efforts at the Centre to be reinstated. If he is, he’s probably using JP as a mouthpiece. Bobby’s no fool… he could see JP’s genius for bamboozling people (at least, in the short term). All that Bobby needs is to get reinstated… then, he’d toss JP aside as he’d tossed Feodosy Lazor aside. I’d say to anyone at the Centre… “If you believe a word that comes out of Paffhausen’s mouth, you’re not only a fool, you’re a damned fool. This man has the ability to sell refrigerators to Eskimos (even if only once, and for a short time)… he used to work in real estate, and that’s the epitome of economic bullshit, even more so than the stock market. Most of all, he supports the American Right Wing, speaks in their forums, and supports their attacks on the Rodina. If you give this poseur an audience, you’re putting a viper to your breast. That’s my plain view of the matter”.

JP supports the Affluent Effluent and their project of world hegemony… it’s why they started the Iraq War, Afghanistan War, and Libyan Civil War (JP supported all of them, by the way). If the Centre supports him in any way, they’re fools, and I say so openly. You can have JP and his rightwing pals or you can have the Lord Christ… that’s the choice. I’ve chosen… what about you?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 11 December 2011

Albany NY

Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan Transferred From ICU to Rehabilitation Ward

Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan (1935- ) of Kiev and all the Ukraine, First Hierarch of the UOC/MP… he was in the ICU for over a month… his condition’s obviously still not good at all.


Archbishop Aleksandr Drabinko of Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky and Vishnevsky, Secretary to the First Hierarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church/Moscow Patriarchate, said on 2 December that Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan’s doctors moved Vladyki Vladimir from the ICU to a rehabilitation ward, according to a post on orthodox.org.ua. Vladyki Vladimir entered hospital on 30 October and had an operation. His doctors stated he was in serious condition. At that time, UOC/MP spokesmen asked everyone to pray for Metropolitan Vladimir’s health.

3 December 2011



11 December 2011. A Point to Ponder from Fr Vladimir Rovinsky of the UOC/MP

THIS is what all too many want… including Orthodox clerics, sadly enough. You don’t “serve the world” by lecturing at Far Right establishments like the American Enterprise Institute… you serve Almighty Mammon instead… think on that.


I remember, previously, when we asked children what they wanted to become when they grew up, they’d reply with confidence… “A teacher… a doctor… a cosmonaut… a driver… a military man”. Now, you ask kids, “What do you want to become?” Our kids don’t know the answer to that. Even teenagers in the final grades don’t know either, even though they’re supposed to choose the road into life tomorrow. I think that it’s because we put the question differently today, we don’t ask, “What do I want to become”, rather, we seem to ask, “What should happen around me to make me happy?” Today, everyone wants to take from the world, but have you noticed how few people give a thought as to how they can serve the world? Moreover, modern Christians should ask themselves this question first and foremost. If we don’t find a way to serve the world, but only look for ways to use it, how do we remain Christians?

Editor’s Note:

Yes… “If we don’t find a way to serve the world, but only look for ways to use it, how do we remain Christians?” I agree emphatically… it’s why we must remove JP as expeditiously as possible. He gives aid and comfort to the Anti-Christian Far Right and he attempts to spread the erroneous theomachistic notions of rabid American Radical Sectarians amongst us, who’re against EVERYTHING that Our Lord Christ stood for. We shouldn’t put up with such arrant blasphemy and manifest sacrilege, especially from a supposed “bishop”. It’s Sergianism* (which, by the way, was mostly a diaspora concept of the 1970s) of the most foul and pandering sort. Ponder THAT, along with Fr Vladimir’s words…


A philosophical stance that believes it’s acceptable to do away with, distort, or de-emphasise essential dogmatic points in order to curry favour with the powers-that-be or with more powerful social groups (as JP did with his American Enterprise Institute speech and his attempt to ram the goofball “Manhattan Declaration” down our throats).


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