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Monday, 12 December 2011

12 December 2011. The Church’s OFFICIAL Response to the Situation Surrounding the Recent RF Gosduma Election

You can believe the truth from the Rodina… or you can believe Sophia Kishkovsky’s bullshit… it’s up to you…


Editor’s Foreword:

Today, Sophia Kishkovsky wrote an article in the New York Times purportedly giving the viewpoint of the Mother Church. She is an arrant liar… she lies with malice aforethought. What’s more, she’s well aware that she’s lying (by omission… it’s white propaganda, not black propaganda). It’s utter shit from stem to stern. What you’ll read HERE is the OFFICIAL word from the Centre. I’ll have more to say at the end of this. Read on and hear what the REAL CHURCH has to say (it doesn’t need a CIA hireling to speak to us, kids).



Vladimir Legoida, the head of the MP Information Department, said that the Church must pray for the peace and salvation of mankind, and the authorities must “listen carefully to everyone, both the satisfied and the unsatisfied, so as to forestall any violations of anyone’s rights, as well as to seriously respect the will of all the people. Whether or not one participates in legitimate political demonstrations is a matter of responsible personal choice on the part of each individual. In this case, of course, one must refrain from illegal actions and provocations. The Church prays that no violence comes to any of the parties. Preservation of the civil peace is a major challenge facing our society”, Legoida said on Friday to Interfax-Religion in comment on the demonstrations in several Russian cities protesting the announced election results. In his opinion, those who make accusations of vote-tampering should only use objective facts and evidence, “always acting within the law”.

Vladimir Romanovich went on to say that reports of alleged election fraud came in today to church institutions. All such reports go to the Department of Church and Society {headed by Fr Vsevolod Chaplin: editor}, where specialists will carefully examine them, aided by experts from the Human Rights Centre of the World Russian People’s Council (VRNS), an authoritative Church/public organisation. If these allegations contain objective facts and verifiable evidence, the MP Holy Synod will bring them to the attention of the Central Election Commission. In his words, Legoida emphasised, “Right now, what’s most important for us is to seek the truth, to respect the people and their choice. The Church has always advocated and is in favour of telling the truth. Indeed, any lie is morally unacceptable and shouldn’t remain without legal consequences, regardless of who may be spreading it, whether it’s the supporters or the opponents of the results of the elections”.

With regard to the direct participation of the clergy in any political activities, Legoida commented that a priest, first and foremost, should always be aware of his ministry to Christ’s Truth and of his pastoral duty, which orders him to love all people, regardless of their secular opinions. “In the Church, and only in the Church, people of different political opinion stand next to one another, partaking of the Body and Blood of Christ from the One Chalice, and the duty of the priest is to bring peace to souls tormented by enmity and hatred. I hope that’s the way that it’ll always be amongst us”, Vladimir Romanovich concluded.


Fr Vsevolod Chaplin, the chairman of the MP Department for Church and Society, urged Russians to step away from confrontation in connection with the societal rejection of the electoral results in the recent parliamentary elections. “No one can fail to express their satisfaction at the fact that rallies being held in Russian cities are, on the whole, peaceful, within the law. No matter how disparate our political positions may be, the main thing today is to preserve civil order and our sovereignty, to prevent a new 1905, 1917, 1991, or 1993”, he told Interfax-Religion on Saturday. As for those who want new revolutions, Vsevolod Anatolyevich went on to say, “God won’t forgive them the woes generated by such a disaster, for the suffering they’ll impose on their neighbours. Today, both law enforcement and protesters should behave correctly. Glory to God, in most cases, that’s what happens”.

He acknowledged that, in recent days, that people shouted a lot of emotional and even insulting slogans at these rallies, saying, “However, they also asked some very serious questions, even if it was inconvenient for the authorities. Let’s hope that the government gives them an adequate and honest answer”. In his view, if the rallies go peacefully, it’ll create the conditions for a national dialogue about the format of the electoral process and the means of social control over them. Fr Vsevolod said, “I’m convinced that we need such a dialogue for the sake of civil peace and people’s trust in the government. All the political parties, the various social groups, religious communities, and social movements, including the liberal and conservative {in Russian terms, “liberal” means Anglosphereconservative”, and “conservative” means “nationalist”: editor} opposition should participate in this dialogue. There are many venues for such a dialogue, in particular, I’m thinking of the RF Public Chamber“. However, he emphasised that we can’t dialogue with provocateurs and thugs, we should give such sorts “the iron fist… any self-respecting government anywhere in the world would do that”.

Editor’s Afterword:

These two pieces are the only posts on patriarchia.ru relating to the current unrest in the Rodina. There’s NOTHING else. I can’t stress too highly that this is the ONLY MP official website. If there’s a disagreement between another website and patriarchia.ru… this is the REAL DEAL, kids… this is the trump card. Everything that Sophia Kishkovsky quoted was from unofficial sources. Pravmir is known for its openness to semi-converted American konvertsy loudmouths (mainly due to the baleful influence of Dickie Wood), which colours its reportage… but it’s NOT an official source.

That’s to say, Sophia Kishkovsky’s assertion, “Russian Orthodox Church adds influential voice to calls for election reform”, is nothing but lying white propaganda of the most noxious sort. The proper statement is, “Voices within the Russian Orthodox Church call for election reform”. One of these things is NOT like the other! Even a kid watching Sesame Street can tell the difference. She’s being quite clever… actually, she’s only writing what her Langley handlers are telling her to. Ambassador Churkin, the RF Consul General, and Archbishop Yustinian Ovchinnikov should protest to the NY Times in person, and demand a retraction of Ms Kishkovksy’s assertions, as they’re a misrepresentation of official statements of both the MP and (by implication) the Russian state.

That’s how white propaganda works… it uses people’s innocent ignorance. Since what’s given is true, the conclusion must be true, too. NOT SO FAST… if you want a true and righteous conclusion, you must give all the facts, and you must properly identify and label them. Ms Kishkovsky didn’t do such. First, we had CNN lying about Russian events… then, Fox News… and, now, Sophia Kishkovsky. However, Ms Kishkovsky’s brazen lies shouldn’t surprise Russian Orthodox people. Her father’s Lyonyo Kishkovsky, who’s part of the lying Syosset apparat. The apple sure didn’t fall far from the tree! Her father’s hated at the Centre… and, no doubt, his daughter’s much the same.

NEVER trust American sources on Russian news… get back to the sources, and you’ll get the real story. As for Ms Kishkovsky (and her old man)… the less said, the better…

9/10 December 2011


Official MP Website



12 December 2011. You Can’t “Knock My Socks Off”… I’m Far Too Jaded

An angel and a devil tussle for a soul… I’ve seen so much that NOTHING surprises me… especially concerning power-hungry clerics and posturing konvertsy. I wish that I could be shocked…


Truth sharpens ability, but a wrong turn destroys even the most brilliant genius.

Nikolai Chernyshevsky


One of my informants claimed that they had information that’ll knock my socks off. I wish that were possible. I don’t think that any of us are capable of shock any more. There’s so much schmutz out there that the most one is capable of is outrage… that is, nothing would surprise me in the least, but much would sadden me. There are NO innocent parties in the OCA or ROCOR First Families. NONE. Trust me; I’ve only published a portion of what’s come into my hands. What’s worse is when respected priests vouch for the accuracy of the most filthy happenings and situations. If I know them… many others do as well…

Therefore, don’t tell me how “innocent” JP, Feodosy Lazor, Podmoshensky, Dickie Wood, and Patrick Reardon are (amongst others). I have unpublished info available to me (which must stay unpublished… it’s truly that explosive) that suggests that they’re not “white knights”. There are times when journalists must decide whether to “run” a story or not. I’ve decided that some of this stuff is so “radioactive” that it’d cause far more damage than it’d cure. Let’s have a lighter note on this tragedy. A waggish friend of mine sent me this:

Why not publish a little book, and call it, Spot Dickie: A Good Present for Your OCA Friends.

I wish that it could be so simple. I truly wish that I could be shocked at it all. What this means is that we’re all so jaded that NOTHING surprises us any more. Remember this… Russian/po-nashemu people aren’t “complainers”. Things reach a tipping point, and, KER-BAM! It’s impossible to predict when that’ll happen, so, I won’t even hazard a guess. However, I WILL tell the powers-that-be… enjoy your little head-games, now…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 12 December 2011

Albany NY

12 December 2011. Where, oh Where, Has My Little Dickie Gone?

Has he fallen off the face of the earth? Where IS he? HONEST organisations and people don’t act this way, do they?


Three days ago, Love BT posted the following on Monomakhos regarding Dickie Wood:

Oh, well, Jacob. I have an idea that questions asked and discussed here and everywhere else will become moot. I think the puppet-master(s?) will successfully implement a game-plan wherein Metropolitan Jonah would agree to relinquish the leadership of the Holy Synod in return for being elected Bishop of Dallas and the South. What will Archimandrite Zacchaeus be doing in California, as he returns from his Russian episode? A tour of duty at the psychotherapeutic monastery at Manton with Frs Strikis, Rymer, Lisenko, etc.? Vicar of the Western Diocese? Won’t 2012 be a kick?

Remember, whatever else one may think of Love BT, his intel’s often very good. He WAS a roomie with Lyonyo at SVS, after all. However, I think that it’s all unravelling, and NO ONE knows what’s ahead… NO ONE. However, I don’t believe even the OCA could canonically elect and consecrate Dickie to the episcopacy. There’d certainly be no support for this move within the Centre’s present “inner circle”. In any case, JP’s not going to be “Bishop of the South” either… even though that’s what Lyonyo wants (with Dahulich or Moriak as his puppet wearing the white hat)… but he’s not going to get it. Personally, I think all concerned in the Holy Synod or the Centre would be more inclined to “retire” Fathausen before they’d install him as ruling bishop of the Southern Diocese. By the way, this whole incident shows that the FSB/SVR hasn’t “infiltrated” the OCA or the ROCOR with “operatives” or “agents of influence”; rather, it means simply that the gaybisti know who’s who and what’s what… in short, they “know the score” (Psaryov’s not an FSB/SVR man, he’s the Blunder’s man at Jordanville, a beast of a rather different sort)… I’d love to know their sources, wouldn’t you?

American official circles (both Foggy Bottom and Langley) are lucky that the Wood situation didn’t cause a “diplomatic incident”. He swam in dicey waters, full of the oddbods and poseurs that one finds on the outskirts of Spookdom. It’s a Jenga game… pull out the “right” piece… and KER-SPLAT. NO ONE’S in control… least of all, JP, BT, or Lyonyo… we’ll have to see. We’re all unwilling passengers on an airliner where a kook has taken over the controls and has locked the cockpit door. One last thing… do note that not one single OCA bishop was present at the enthronement of the new Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Pittsburgh. What does that tell you about the OCA and its standing in the Great Game between the MP and the EP? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 12 December 2011

Albany NY

12 December 2011. Why are Love BT and James Silver NOT on the Orthodox Forum?

“I can’t have carte blanche to attack anyone I want to, whenever I want to? That’s NOT fair! I’M A BISHOP!” Good on the Orthodox Forum… they’re keeping out two of the more feral sorts in the present Church crisis. What does that tell you about “Monomakhos” and its (non-existent) policies?


A little bird with connections told me that the moderators banned “Monk James” (James Silver) from posting on the Forum. Love BT (Tikhon Fitzgerald) was never really a member (although he may have posted on one of the Forum’s earliest incarnations). At one point, Love BT asked one of the moderators if he, a bishop, would be required to abide by the Guidelines. They responded, “Yes, every member must abide by the Guidelines”. In essence, his curt response was that he’d never join such a Forum where a bishop would receive the same treatment as any other member.

I wrote my interlocutor that I’d be glad when the present crisis is over. “The ones who’ll get the worst pressure in the short term are priests… we’ll see who’re the weak ones, won’t we?” Their reply was, “The power brokers will always land on their feet because of their Byzantine connections. Weak priests will scatter to the powers-that-be, but good priests will suffer the most”. There’s nothing to add to that, is there? In the near term, it’s getting MURKIER. Take a care… there be dragons… and some of them are disguised as rabbits…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 12 December 2011

Albany NY

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