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Monday, 12 December 2011

12 December 2011. Sophia Kishkovsky Misses the Point (As Always)… She Refuses to Tell Her Readers the Whole Truth (AGAIN!)

The above image gives you the REAL DEAL… Gennady Zyuganov (1944- ) and Vsevolod Chaplin (1968- ) confabbing together… note well that Ms Kishkovsky REFUSED to tell you that. The Cross and the Hammer and Sickle are UNITED. The Church stands for Social Justice and Equity, as do the Commies. The American clerics (like Paffhausen and Reardon) who kiss the naked bum of the American rightwing aren’t only wrong… they’re out of step with the Mother Church… and I’m going to say it loud n’ proud!


Before giving you a link, I want to warn you about the New York Times article. Sophia Kishkovsky doesn’t give you the whole truth. You need to know what she’s writing… but her piece is a classic example of “white propaganda“. Ms Kishkovsky refuses to tell you WHY the Church is criticising the election results. You see, the Church and the KPRF were allied… yes, kids, the Church and the KPRF are allies. Ms Kishkovsky’s a Langley stooge (it’s a family trait, Lyonyo’s a CIA asset through his ties with the CFR… it shouldn’t surprise you that his daughter is, too), so, she doesn’t tell you that. That being said, everything that she says is true, but she doesn’t give you the complete picture. Let me reiterate… the Church criticises the election results because its clergy worked for a COMMUNIST VICTORY. Now, read this.

Fr Vsevolod Chaplin isn’t just “the most prominent spokesman” for the Church… he’s His Nibs‘ most closest advisor. Note also the absence of the Blunder from this story. He’s laying low… his oligarch buddies got pummelled. Note that Ms Kishkovksy doesn’t tell you that ordinary parish priests urged their congregations to vote Commie. Of course not… she’s just like Serge Schmemann… an obvious Langley asset who’s not trusted in the Centre at all. After all, her father’s hated in most influential Church circles in Moscow… so, it’s clear that she’s tarred (deservedly) with the same brush. This is typical white propaganda. Most of us know what “black propaganda” is… lies used to further a political aim. White propaganda is “truthful”… but it isn’t the whole truth. It’s much cleverer than mere mud-slinging. Langley’s been doing this for years, going back to their (successful) efforts against Senator Joe McCarthy and Operation Mockingbird. Indeed, RFE/RL is CIA white propaganda… do ask Victor Potapov about it (he was high enough in the government hierarchy to have a “red” passport… that’s NO small beer).

Therefore, here’s the news… the Church and the KPRF have an open alliance and Sophia Kishkovsky refused to tell you that. She’s spinning it for all its worth. As for me… the Church will do everything in concert with the KPRF… it’s concluded that the Commies are the best bet for the country’s future, especially after the spectacular failures of privatisation and deregulation. Look at the above image… it shows Fr Vsevolod planning common action with Comrade Zyuganov. I rest my case. Sophia Kishkovsky’s a devious liar and willing running-dog for the American Corporatist establishment. Take everything written by her with extreme caution… she only gives you what her masters want you to hear.

The Cross and the Red Banner are now united… THAT’S a major story… remember that Ms Kishkovsky REFUSED to give it to you. Caveat lector

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 12 December 2011

Albany NY

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