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Friday, 16 December 2011

16 December 2011. A NICE Little Link… “The 30 Most Important Cats of 2011”

Boris the Cat of the world-famous Kuklachyov Cats Theatre in Moscow… this shameless little ham is the “face” of Kite Kat cat food in Russia…




Here’s a vid from the Cat Theatre… “Today, I was at the cat’s show. Mr Kuklachyov is the kindest person in the world. He loves his cats very much. All the animals really love him, too. I think it’s the best show for little children. I think it looks like a lesson of kindness and love”.


A friend sent me a link to a lovely post on cats…. only I’d tell you to scroll down into the commboxes after you’re done, there’s a few more videos posted down there… click here for all the fun.



16 December 2011. Political Correctness Has Run Amuck Since the ’80s… Under BOTH Republicans and Democrats… It’s Time to STOP IT NOW!

This controversial photo has launched an Air Force investigation (original caption).


The above image is the subject of a witch hunt by politically-correct elements in the US Air Force. Read this:

The Air Force launched an investigation into a controversial photo that shows several non-commissioned officers posing with an open casket, in which a fellow airman poses with a noose around his neck and chains over his body. The Air Force Times received a copy of the photo over email, which includes the caption, “Da Dumpt, Da Dumpt… Sucks 2 Be U”. The casket is similar to those used to transport deceased US soldiers home from the battlefield. Air Force Secretary Michael Donley told the paper that investigators were mounting an inquiry of the grief the image might cause for families of fallen service members. “We take this matter seriously. [Air Education and Training Command] has initiated a commander directed investigation”, Donley said in a statement. “Such behaviour isn’t consistent with our core values, and it isn’t representative of the Airmen I know. It saddens me that this may cause additional grief to the families of our fallen warriors”. The photo, dated 23 August 2011, was reportedly taken by airmen with the 345th Training Squadron at Fort Lee, Virginia, according to Gerry Proctor, spokesman for the 37th Training Group at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, which includes the 345th Training Squadron. First appearing on Facebook in early October, the image has since been forwarded by several individuals, including a former soldier and Army spouse. The investigation by the commander of the 37th Training Group is expected to take about two weeks, according to David Smith, a spokesman for AETC at Randolph Air Force Base in Texas.

15 December 2011

Eric Pfeiffer

The Sideshow

Yahoo! News



I decided to check up on this Michael Donley. Well… he was in the US Army for three years (1972-75), and he’s a former Special Ops bubba, so he should know that this kind of goofy photo is STANDARD in the forces, and that you can find goofball photos like this  behind the bar of every Legion hall and VFW post in the nation (hell, I was in the forces… I know… I was part of a photo like this… everybody is). This is typical, standard, and widespread behaviour. It’s healthy, it builds unit cohesion and motivation… it’s a GOOD thing all the way ’round. Here’s the real kicker, though, kids… Donley’s a “conservative” Republican. Yep… he was a DoD staffer under Slobberin’ Ronnie. He worked for the Far Right Heritage Foundation, and everyone’s fave Nazi, Don Rumsfeld, brought this turkey back to the Pentagon in ’05. That is, he’s a Bushie holdover… a Gates cronie. Barack Obama CAN’T be blamed for this POS. NO WAY! Oh, could you imagine how the late great Mike Royko would’ve hauled Donley over the coals for such fatuous nonsense? He’d channel the spirit of Sam Sianis and sic the curse of the Billy Goat on Donley and all his crank rightwing pals in the District.

Let this be a lesson to you. Political Correctness has more often than not been pushed by authoritarian and totalitarian rightwingers than it has by the Left. The rightwing creams its jeans over shit like this because it allows them to brutalise people for harmless fun and push them around. After all, the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA were creations of the Republican Party, NOT the Left. Most Political Correctness is found in the upper reaches of Corporate America (and you won’t be promoted into management unless you echo its every precept)… not in the union hall or the pool hall or the lecture hall. If you look at the omnipresent speech codes and restrictions of free expression in America, they’re mainly the products of the Right, not the Left. Donley may have done this deiberately in order to discredit Barack Obama (it’s worked in some quarters… most of the rightwing blogosphere is blaming Obama, when a Republican apparatchik’s to blame for this mess).

I’ll tell you what I’d do for these guys in the photo… I’d buy ’em all a cold brewskie and say, “Good on you!” Michael Donley… you’re a soulless POS poseur… you’re not fit to be in charge of a busted down ol’ Piper Cub, let alone the entire US Air Force. Note well that this braying and preening jabronie is a “conservative” Republican. That should tell you what to do next November… if you want more of such platitudinous shit, and in more places, vote for the Republican Party. ‘Nuff said!

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 16 December 2011

Albany NY

President Nazarbayev Called On Kazakhs to Honour the Religious Traditions of Their Ancestors


Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev urged his people not to forget their indigenous religious traditions. On Thursday, at a ceremony in Astana honouring the 20th anniversary of Kazakh independence, he said, “With independence, our ancestral religion has grown significantly. From the dim mists of our past, we know perfectly well that there’s no real religion where there’s no independence. However, based in history, I want to remind you of another detail… the basis of religion is tradition. It’s based on such traditions in every nation. That which is dear to others, isn’t all that important to us. Over the centuries, we’ve evolved our own culture, our people have their customs and traditions, and we’ve inherited from our ancestors a clear direction. We must follow it”.

15 December 2011



Editor’s Note:

This puts the rants on some irresponsible konvertsy websites into perspective. As President Nazarbayev stated, “Over the centuries, we’ve evolved our own culture, our people have their customs and traditions, and we’ve inherited from our ancestors a clear direction. We must follow it”. If you believe that Islam‘s a monolithic conspiracy bent on taking over the world, you’re a boob and ignoramus… and I’ll say it publicly over my initials (I NEVER use usernames anywhere… such nonsense is fit only for the cowardly creepin’ cruds that post on Monomakhos and OCA Truth). Of course, the same people who believe that Islam is bent on world domination today, in the 1980s, believed that the USSR was bent on world domination, and if we didn’t throw billions at defence contractors, we’d go to hell in a handbasket (remember the Reagan Administration’s fancy glossy editions of Soviet Military Power? They won the Pulitzer Prize for Best Fiction Fantasy of the Decade). They haven’t changed their tune… only their bogeyman has changed.

The worst that most Muslims will do to you is to offer you a chance to sit down and share their biryani (in fact, most Muslim cultures enforce VERY strict hospitality codes, which extend to all comers, not merely Muslims)… and that’s not bad at all. Oh… DON’T dip into the biryani with your left hand… a word to the wise…


16 December 2011. Visual Proof that Storheim was with Fathausen in the Altar in Edmonton…


A friend sent me this photo. It shows Storheim in the altar in Edmonton with JP. Any questions?


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