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Monday, 19 December 2011

19 December 2011. Now For Something ENTIRELY Different… A Serbian Sveti Nikola Biscuit/Cookie


Before we leave St Nick’s Day, here’s a cyber-sweet for you… an image of a Serbian Sveti Nikola biscuit/cookie. My best wishes to all you Nicks, Nickys, and Nicoles out there!

с Днём ангелом! Happy Angel Day!

Raise a glass and cheer!



No… I don’t know the recipe for the cookies, nor do I know where you can get a Sveti Nikola stamp for the dough… sorrry.

India May Back Russian Resolution on Syria

Pro-Assad demonstrators in Syria. The USA has a history of backing extremist Islamocist groups… in Afghanistan in the ‘80s, in the war in Bosnia and Kosovo in the ‘90s, in Pakistan, the brutal dictatorship in the KSA, and in occupied Afghanistan… oddly enough, its hatred of bin Laden was an exception. If you doubt my word, ask the Christian minorities in Iraq and Syria, and ask the Serbs in Kosovo what they think on the matter. NATO intervention in Syria is nothing but a cover for supporting militant Islamocists against Allawite Muslims and the local Christians… that’s why Russia opposes it… along with all other decent people in the world.


India may back a surprise Russian UN resolution on Syria, calling on the Syrian parties to end violence and start talks, The Times of India reported. The draft resolution proposed by Russia endorses efforts by the Arab League to resolve the crisis in Syria and welcomes plans to deploy a monitoring mission in the country as clashes between the Syrian army and the opposition continue. India has come under pressure to take a stronger stand on Syria, by both international organizations and the West. However, after Libya, India is opposed to another NATO military intervention.

The US and France criticised the Russian draft, which doesn’t call for sanctions, for what they said was an attempt to equate the crushing of protests by Assad’s forces with self-defence measures taken by the opposition. Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich spoke today on state television from Moscow, saying, “From the beginning, we’ve condemned violence from all the sides. We don’t see any alternative to a political-diplomatic resolution of the crisis in the country. Any foreign interference, given Syria’s role in regional security, can destabilise the situation throughout the Middle East. We’re counting on a constructive attitude from other UN Security Council members”.

“Along with other BRIC nations, India has come to the conclusion that the unrest in Syria is being exploited by different interests. For instance, officials tracking Syria note that the violence is now most concentrated in Homs, which is the headquarters for the Muslim Brotherhood”, The Times of India said.

18 December 2011



19 December 2011. Video. Serbian Slava for St Nikola

Sveti Nikola Slava in Gračanica  in occupied Kosovo, 19 December 2009



Patriarch Kirill Urged Russians to Overcome Political Differences

United Russia: They Stole Your Voice!

Unknown  Artist


Russian anti-fraud poster


Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias prayed for civil harmony in Russia in the aftermath of the parliamentary elections. “May the Lord enlighten all those who have different views, including those who differ in political views and were in opposition during the last election, so that we can enter into a real civil dialogue, and not destroy our national life”, he said on Sunday after liturgy at the Epiphany Cathedral in Noginsk in Moscow Oblast. He went on to say, “The authorities must listen, they must have great faith in the people and facilitate their dialogue and interaction, so that they can bridge their misunderstandings and disagreements, so that no human temptations, no errors, and no confusion will mar their service for the people’s good”.

His Holiness stated that it was a difficult thing to build up national life, it was very tricky, literally, we had to do it “a bit at a time”, but we have to make joint efforts to overcome our misapprehensions and to restore confidence, to make society more cohesive, so that it could face the future. Vladyki Kirill emphasised, “We don’t have the right to split ourselves any more. The blood shed in the 20th century showed us that we don’t have that luxury. As the Apostle Paul taught us, we have to put on the whole armour of God’s truth in order to live together in peace. May God, through the prayers of the holy saints, martyrs, and confessors of all the Russias bless our land with amity, accord, and unity, to give us the ability to jointly create a better future for ourselves and for future generations”.

19 December 2011



Editor’s Note:

Note well that Sophia Kishkovsky doesn’t write about His Nibs’ straightforward and Christian speeches… all that she writes about is what her puppet masters in Langley want her to write… to mislead and misinform you. Never forget, the most potent weapon of the devil is the truth… not the whole truth, mind you… although white propaganda’s truthful, it leaves something VITAL out. It turns the truth inside out and upside down… she’s a mistress of that art… she learned it from her father (and from Serge Schmemann, the lupine “journalist” son of ADS). What does that tell you about the OCA? Interesting question, no?


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