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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Valuev Said His Chair in the Gosduma’s Too Small

One of the newest Goduma deputies, Nikolai Valuev (1973- )… former heavyweight champ, now politician. Hmm… that’s the same path that the great ice hockey goalie Vladislav Tretiak (1952- ) took, too…


On Wednesday, retired Russian heavyweight boxer Nikolai Valuev, who won election as an RF Gosduma deputy from the ruling United Russia party in December, said that he asked for an adjustment to his chair. “It’s an ordinary chair, the same as for all the other deputies, the same width. Only the back is a bit higher”, Valuev told the Russia Today TV channel, adding that it was a special order. “However, today, it was still quite uncomfortable to sit in it. I asked that when they adjust the chair, they make the back lower so that it wouldn’t strain my back. I asked them to do it again, today. Maybe, they’ll readjust it”, he said after the Gosduma held its first plenary session on Wednesday. Valuev is 213 centimetres (7 ft) tall and weighs about 140 kilos (308 pounds).

21 December 2011



21 December 2011. Not Only Does Kolya Need a BIG Chair… He Needs a BIG Beer, Too



In the above image, former WBA Heavyweight champ Nikolai Valuev (1973-  ) stands with Cruiserweight fighter David Haye (1980- ). Can you believe that Haye was one of the few men to take on Valuev and win? That’s TWO LITRES of pivo in them there glasses… Kolya would say, “I need another one or two to really wet my whistle”… and mean it….


21 December 2011. Video. Don Cossack Chorus Sings “Stille Nacht” in the Original German

German soldiers in Afghanistan at a holiday party… spare a thought for those in foreign parts due to wars… pray for their safe return… and soon!



Catholic Christmas is creeping up upon us… here’s some appropriate music. Serge Jaroff‘s Don Cossack Chorus sings Franz Gruber‘s Stille Nacht (Silent Night) in the original German language. My sincere good wishes to all my Western friends as they get ready to celebrate their holiday. с Богом! (s Bogom!) Go with God!

Trust me… the “rush” will be over soon enough… ENJOY the season…


21 December 2011. OCA or ROCOR… Is There ANY Difference in the Russophobia Regnant in Their First Families?

His Nibs gives his answer to the latent Russophobia and rightwing lunacy regnant in the OCA and the ROCOR… here, he’s seen with a delegation of Cuban doctors… socialism is good! His Holiness says so… THAT’S why the OCA and ROCOR apparatchiki hate him… and why we should stand behind him!


I was reading a piece in Yahoo News (click here for the piece involved), and the name “Anya Schmemann” appeared. For them not “in the know, here’s a link proving that Ms Schmemann is DEEPLY involved with this extremist rightwing think-tank. Council on Foreign Relations… Lyonyo’s also deeply implicated with this Russophobic and warmongering organisation. It’s an incestuous little cabal isn’t it? Lyonyo’s on the CFR, he gets Serge Schmemann’s daughter a position at the CFR. Serge Schmemann’s the editor of the International Herald Trib, he got Lyonyo’s daughter Sophia a position at the Grey Lady. Serge Schmemann’s living in Paris now, I’ll bet you that Hilarion Kapral paid him a visit to kiss his ring when he was recently in Paris… it’s all coming together, isn’t it?

Of course, you’re saying, “That sure explains the OCA, but it doesn’t implicate the ROCOR at all”. Au contraire… if you think that the OCA and ROCOR apparats were EVER opposed in a real sense, do think again. I’m NOT talking about their public “lines” nor am I talking about the mood of the rank n’ file believers. I’m talking about the First Families… the “Golden 400”, as they’re often sardonically known as. To make sense of this, read this little social announcement:

Anne Schmemann, a daughter of Mary and Serge Schmemann of Jerusalem and New York, is to be married today to Eric J Lohr, the son of Joyce and Richard Lohr of Marathon WI. The Very Rev Thomas Hopko, the bride’s uncle, is to perform the Eastern Orthodox ceremony at St Sergius Chapel on Lac Labelle in Quebec.

The bride, 26, is known as Anya. She’s the assistant director of the Center for Preventive Action at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. Ms Schmemann, who’s keeping her name, graduated from Harvard University, where she and the bridegroom also received master’s degrees in Russian studies. Her father, who’s the Jerusalem bureau chief for The New York Times, won a Pulitzer Prize in 1991 for international reporting for his coverage of Germany’s reunification. Her mother’s the assistant librarian at the Anglican International School in Jerusalem.

The bride’s a granddaughter of the late Rev Alexander Schmemann, a theologian and the dean of St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in Crestwood (sic) NY, and of Juliana Schmemann of Crestwood (sic), a former headmistress of the Spence School in New York.


I know what you’re asking me, now… “What does that prove? The Spence School has three buildings on the Upper East Side… one of them is at 56 East 93 Street… the ROCOR HQ is at 75 East 93 Street, almost right across the street. That is, PERECTLY situated for sub rosa meetings between the OCA and ROCOR apparats. Another venue for such meetings was Potapov’s parish in the Northwest District… he’s the brother-in-law of an OCA cleric, and I saw OCA and ROCOR clergy hob-nobbing there with my own eyes. A third contemporary link is at Sea Cliff on the Island… Lyonyo and Seraphim Gan are in the same town, they have equally-miniscule parishes, and people often see them together. That being said, it proves that the Russophobia in the OCA and ROCOR is entrenched, of long-standing, is mutual and congruent… and ALWAYS HAS BEEN. It’s why the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns its personnel in DC to stay away from Potapov’s parish to this day.

Did you note the title of where Anya Schmemann works? The “Center for Preventive Action”… it’s an outfit that writes up apologias and propaganda rationalising warmongering in foreign parts. Just as Victor Potapov produced broadcasts directly intended to attack the Motherland, Anya Schmemann produces intellectual “justifications” for attacks on the Motherland in the name of “democracy”. I’d say to the Centre, “Trust NOTHING that you hear from OCA or ROCOR apparatchiki… the worst offenders are Paffhausen, Kishkovsky, Berzonsky, Potapov, Gan, and Behr. Lebedeff, although he has many quirks and is a nasty sort personally, is trustworthy when it comes to the Rodina… he may be a good source of intel on these turkeys. The OCA apparat stems from Parisian zapadniki whilst the ROCOR apparat stems from the old KONR group in München. The first stemmed from bourgeois anti-royalists of the February Revolution, whilst the second stemmed from pro-Nazi World War II collaborators. The latter group became an “open” CIA front, but the former managed to conceal its Langley ties (more or less).

Why was there supposed enmity between the two groups? Firstly, there was the Cleveland Sobor… that was a direct slap at the ROCOR, one that was felt keenly by rank n’ file believers and clergy. Secondly, there was the extravagant and “over the top” personalities of Schmemann, Grabbe, Ustinov, and von Meyendorff… but this split was more in the realm of personalities and “style”… not substance. You had two duopolies… Schmemann/von Meyendorff in the OCA; Ustinov/Grabbe in the ROCOR. Both of these groups were Russophobic… rooted in their imbecilic notions of a notional Russia that never was, is not now, and never shall be. By the way… most of the OCA and ROCOR faithful had nothing to do with such émigré posturing. Especially, the po-nashemu people mistrusted the Syosset/SVS apparat. It’s why Schmemann was so vehement over the Mayfield imbroglio. He HATED the po-nashemu people, and he did NOT conceal it. He made no secret of the fact that he considered them his inferiors in every way.

In short, the OCA and the ROCOR apparats are NOT friends of the Motherland or of the Mother Church. The sooner that the Centre understands this, the better things shall be. There’s no difference between Paffhausen, Potapov, Kishkovsky, Gan, Behr, or Psaryov… NONE. It’s time that the Centre cut them ALL loose. My advice would be, ”Good riddance to bad rubbish! Make ‘em all sign ‘loyalty oaths’, and make ‘em all resign their positions in rightwing extremist organisations like the CFR. You’ll find out who your friends are… and they’re not. Betcha that a lot of ‘em will walk away and go into schism rather than show loyalty to the Rodina and Church. That’s my plain opinion”.

The OCA and ROCOR First Families were crank from the start. It’s time for us to go home… if they don’t want to come, don’t waste your time on convincing them. If schismatics leave, it’s no impairment to Church Unity; it’s just that soreheads left, that’s all. I know where I belong… and I’ve no doubt that I’ve got PLENTY of company…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Albany NY

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