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Monday, 30 January 2012

30 January 2012. Lil’ Mizz Ginny Screws Up AGAIN… Posts No News of Putative Velencia Removal

“I’ll get it up mañana, or, maybe next Tuesday… I’ll have to think about it…” If they refuse to inform you, refuse to send them money… they’ll understand THAT.


As of 23.10 EST, Monday 30 January 2012, there’s nothing posted on oca.org concerning l’Affaire Velencia. NOTHING. The rumours are flying high n’ heavy, the loggia’s buzzing, the agora’s chock fulla gossip, and every rank n’ file peasant seems to know the score. However, as far as oca.org’s concerned, nothing’s going on. If this were the Mother Church, there’d be something up on patriarchia.ruV R Legoida’s a pro; he’s competent… things are reported the day of occurrence, if possible. Lil’ Mizz Ginny and Slowpoke Matusiak are hack flacks with no soul or wit whatsoever. Why? I looked on the OCA clergy list, and, as of 22.45 EST today, Darling Ray’s missing from it. That’s a fact… you can check it out for yourself. I can’t be sued for saying so. Therefore, did the OCA give Sir Ray le sabot or not? That’s not impertinent… that’s important! If a church body suspends a cleric for malfeasance, it HAS to publicise it, so that the unwary aren’t gulled by the (generic) creepozoid clergyman. I got a Third Party whisper that Garklavs confirmed the suspension. Believe it or not, as you will. I don’t like the source personally, but I don’t think that they’re lying, and dislike doesn’t cancel out the truth (the truth is where it is, not where you think it is). Therefore, I’ll give it a “probably probable” status.

A source stated that the accusations against Fr Michael are lies. Ergo, if they’re false, what does that say of the other accusations? After all, any of us could call on sources to testify in a court of law. In any case, as a moderator, he isn’t responsible for what’s published on the Orthodox Forum, the courts have continually ruled on that. He couldn’t have “knowingly admmited the publication…” of anything since sources tell me the Forum’s unmoderated, and what shows up shows up. Furthermore, the good word says that no one blocked any “countervailing material …. posted on the plaintiff’s behalf”. These are lies, that’s all that these are, lie after lie, not a single line of truth. I waited all day to post this… to give oca.org ample time to post the truth. They did not… draw the proper conclusions.

What does this inaction and secretiveness tell YOU about Fathausen and his konvertsy claque (especially the HOOMies)?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 30 January 2012

Albany NY


30 January 2012. A Thought From His Holiness…


Patriarch Kirill said that a Meeting with the Pope of Rome at Present is Impossible

Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias (1946- )… any meeting between him and the Pope of Rome would be one of two equals (just like this meeting with Catholicos Karekin Nersessian (1951- ))… that’s why it’s not going to happen… the RCs want a photo-op where we kiss up to them in public… fat chance!


Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias reiterated that he wouldn’t meet with the Pope of Rome until [the Catholics] meet certain conditions. In an interview with the Serbian newspaper Вечерние новости (Vechernie novosti: Evening News), quoted by the official MP website, His Holiness said, “I still believe that if such a meeting were to be a success, it’s necessary to resolve the conflicts between us, if not fully, at least we should be taking substantive steps to address them”. In his opinion, the media pumps up the “purely sensationalist aspects of a possible meeting, we shouldn’t reduce it to a mere theatrical exercise. To be truly useful for the further development of relations between the [MP] and Roman Catholics, we should work together to make radical changes that’ll create a better atmosphere for these relations through the resolution of the existing problems between us”.

In speaking of the seizure of churches by the Uniates in the Ukraine, he pointed up that the MP recently proposed to revive a quadripartite commission involving the Vatican, the MP, the UOC/MP, and the Ukrainian Uniates. He said, “However, the Catholic side was very cool to our proposal”. He related that the MP, through its regular contacts with the leadership of the Catholic Church, constantly raises the question of resolving the situation concerning the seized Orthodox churches in the Western Ukraine, saying, “The Pope of Rome and the heads of Vatican Congregations express a nuanced understanding of our concerns, but the problem still remains unresolved”.

At the same time, he noted that the situation in Orthodox-Catholic relations in Russia over the past ten years is “significantly improved. The problem of proselytism isn’t as acute as it was in the ‘90s, when Catholic missionaries actively roamed all over Russia. In 2004, we created a joint working group to address the problems in relations between Orthodox and Catholics in Russia. It’s played a positive role”. His Holiness thinks that it’s necessary to develop cooperation between Orthodox and Catholics, “in keeping the Christian tradition, we are close in our views on personal and social ethics, scientific and technical progress, bioethics, and other issues of our time”, including the protection of the rights of Christians.

30 January 2012



Editor’s Note:

Mark down well what His Holiness said… we are “close” to Catholics, not “identical”. There are Orthodox like the Blunder, SVS, and Fathausen who kiss the bum of the Pope of Rome in public for all to see. That’s wrong! We should withdraw from all “joint affairs” with RCs until the situation surrounding the Uniate aggression in Eastern Europe finds a just solution. If we don’t, we support the Vatican’s attacks on our co-religionists in Galicia and in the Carpathians.

You can stand with Fathausen as he sucks up to the RC hierarchy in the USA or you can stand with Fr Mikhail Shuvar of Happy Memory, who fought the good fight against the Uniates in the Western Ukraine (and was praised by His Holiness). You can stand with Psaryov and Larina as they fawn on Bob Taft, or you can stand with Fr Dmitri Sydor, who was beaten by the pro-American SBU goons. You can stand for those who chose to suffer for Christ’s sake, or with those who suck up to the Pope of Rome for filthy lucre’s sake. That’s the choice. Do you want to stand tall for Christ and His Orthodox Church, or do you want to kiss up to the Pope of Rome for earthly gain and applause? It’s up to you…


30 January 2012. RIA-Novosti Infographics. Who Runs the Russian Media?

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Note well that whilst RIA is state-run, Interfax isn’t. That’s why I’ll often choose an Interfax post on the Church over a RIA post. That’s not to mention the Church’s media network, which includes Soyuz TV, patriarchia.ru, and such “unofficial” outlets as pravoslavie.ru and pravmir.ru.

I should mention here the acrid mistranslations and bowdlerisations on interfax-religion.com, pravmir.com, and any English translation on pravoslavie.ru. Avoid them at all costs! Most of it is botched, much of it being done by a HOOMie cultist named Nectaria Rees in Platina CA under Dickie Wood’s auspices. Frankly, Archimandrite Tikhon Shevkunov isn’t versed in English, so they snuck it past him (it’s the sort of information that Michalopoulos and the Monomakhos crowd don’t give you, due to their abysmal level of ignorance (and rather low level of readership)). Run machine translations on interfax-religion.ru, pravosalvie.ru, and pravmir.ru, and you’ll get the gist… for instance, the OCA fanatics refused to translate the anti-NATO articles on pravoslavie and pravmir (rightly) condemning the American aggression against Libya.

Caveat lector… there’s more than one steaming cow pat out there in that meadow… do mind the tall grass…

28 January 2012



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