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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin Articulated His Thoughts on the Radical Changes Presaged by the Present Situation in Russia


We need to transition from stability into a realm of conscience and freedom…

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, the head of the MP Department for Church and Society, believes that the political situation in Russia can’t return to the position that it was in before, so, we need a dialogue between the state and society in order to save the country. Fr Vsevolod wrote on Thursday, “This 10-day ‘party’ can create the powerful impression for some people that everything’s back to business as usual, to the political calm of the past decade. No, it won’t return… it’ll never come back”. Fr Vsevolod’s convinced that we can’t restrain the will of the people or its political activity at the local, regional, or national level. On the contrary, their resolve shall carry on, he said, adding, “The leaders of Russian organisations were ashamed to have to stand on the same platform with Boris Nemtsov, Garry Kasparov, and Ksenia Sobchak”.

Fr Vsevolod thought that we should start a “serious national dialogue about the basic political and economic structure of the country, including the role and status of the Russian people”. On his part, he offered a number of specific measures for a radical change in the social and political situation in Russia. In particular, he wrote, “If the government doesn’t want a slow degeneration, and if the people don’t want to pay for an occupying army and enrich foreign business, you need to move from ‘stability’ to the realm of conscience and freedom. Freedom… both political and moral”. Much of what’s happening in Russia, in his view, “is profoundly abnormal and isn’t responsive to the will of the people, it’s a legacy of the ‘90s of the last century, and we must decisively reject it”.

Fr Vsevolod also suggested approaches to solving such problems as corruption and illegal immigration. In his view, migrants must register at least once every three days at their legal place of work. He said, “Those who fail to do so should fall under the criminal law”. He went on to say that “high-profile investigations of government thievery” and corruption should lead to the dismissal of “all those in the chain of command, starting at the regional level”.

Fr Vsevolod paid particular attention to reforms in the army. In his opinion, “Soldiers in Russia shouldn’t be below ‘mere merchants’ (ниже торговцев) in social status. Every officer of the armed forces and law enforcement agencies should have a house, even in the Moscow region. However, we need to tie this housing with their posting or [as a reward for] a decent retirement. This is the best remedy against corruption. Let 2012 be a year of a resolute and moral Russia. Let us be a country with a strong sense of the meaning of life… both today and in the future”.

5 December 2011



Editor’s Note:

I read some writings about Russian events by ignorant American media gasbags (in particular, Katrina vanden Heuvel and Georgie Ann Geyer) recently… the obtuseness just jumped off the page and hit one in the face. Well, they’re answered in spades by Vsevolod Anatolyevich… he blows them away without breaking a sweat. That’s because the American commentators on the Russian scene are getting their information at second-hand from self-important blozos such as Lyonyo Kishkovsky, Serge Schmemann, Sophia Kishkovsky, and Anya Schmemann (note well how these creeps take care of their offspring… they stuck in their thumb and pulled out a plum… need I say more?). I’m getting it from directly from the writings of movers and shakers (Vsevolod Anatolyevich is KMG’s “Prime Minister”… and don’t you ever forget it). Whom do you think may be closer to the truth? Langley-paid flacks who didn’t tell you the full truth about the demonstrations, or, would it be someone who seeks out the best RUSSIAN sources on the situation?

I don’t need to belabour the point. Most American commentators miss the point because they try to superimpose the rules of Selfish American Individualism on Russian Orthodox Collectivism. Note well that Fr Vsevolod believes that army officers are higher in class standing than greedy self-serving crudzos like salesmen, stockbrokers, lawyers, real estate developers, and “biznessmen” (which is VERY pejorative in Russian). In fact, it’s clear that he rejects the American shtick about the “Free Market” and “Rugged Individualism”. Trust me… he’s not alone. That’s why America’s efforts to export its evil “Greed is Good” credo to Russia will fail… and it’s why you can’t trust Western commentators on the Russian scene.

Russia and the West are different “worlds”… and there’ll be no peace until the West sees that (and that the African, Muslim, East Asian, and Latin American “worlds” are distinct as well). Shall they, though?


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