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Thursday, 19 January 2012

19 January 2012. Crown Decides to Try Storheim… NO NEWS OF THIS ON OCA.ORG


Archbishop Seraphim Storheim’s going to be in the dock as a defendant…the Crown Court in Winnepeg found sufficient evidence to proceed to trial. Note well that there’s no news of this on oca.org. Ginny Nieuwsma’s a lying sack o’ shit and a soulless hack flack. She had the DUTY to post this as soon as the news came in. She didn’t… which showed her character (actually, lack of same) to the world.

What else are they hiding? Such as… where’s Dickie Wood? Why doesn’t Lyonyo want you to know that? Pass the jug… I know that the world’s crank, but must I get rank and acrid confirmation of it daily?


A Whisper Heard in the Loggia:

Paffhausen knew about this two years before Seraphim was arrested, but he refused to investigate this… why is JP trying to ignore this? Is he still covering up for the HOOMie weasels?

Yes… and why did Paffhausen try to hack into Garklavs’ computer? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…


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