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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

25 January 2012. Whaddaya Want? Do You Follow in the Steps of St Alexander Schmorell, or, Do You Believe the Fulminations of the Rightwing Vlasovtsy…. AKA The Honourable Decency of the White Rose versus the Soulless Rapacity of the Red, White, n’ Blue


Isn’t it true that every honest German is ashamed of his government these days? Who amongst us has any conception of the dimensions of shame that’ll befall our children and us when one day the veil has fallen from our eyes and the most horrible of crimes… crimes that infinitely outdistance every human measure… reach the light of day?

The first leaflet of the White Rose Circle



I needn’t go into detail on St Alexander Schmorell… if you want more info on him, click here, here, or here. In short, he’s the “good guy”… he wears the “white hat” in this particular oat-burner. He’s Christ’s Own Saint, worthy of our admiration and emulation, who gave his very life for Truth, Justice, and Faith… to say more would be disrespectful.

Now, let’s get down to the plug-uglies, the baddies, the Black Hat Brigade. Lately, the Vlasovtsy in the ROCOR have been loud n’ active. One of my Cabinet members was wondrin’ why, and I think that the reason’s obvious. Next month, the Church is celebrating the formal glorification of St Alexander Schmorell in München. That means that the Church will speak, yet again, in approval of the Anti-Fascist Crusade against Hitlerism and show its respect to those who fell in it (the Church gives tribute to ALL of the honoured dead… not merely those of the VOV).


Here is Valentin Rusantsov (1939-2012) openly with Kyle Hatcher (is he a spook? Your guess is as good as mine is), a flunky of the US Embassy in Moscow… this is proof that Rusantsov’s a Langley asset, and that’s that.


The Vlasovtsy hate this. Their fathers and grandfathers were Nazi collaborators… they helped the Nazis round-up Jews for extermination; they aided the Fascists in their press-ganging of Slavic people for slave labour in Germany. They bore arms for the occupier… they raised their hands against their compatriots, killing many, making life easier for the aggressor (much like the Karzai junta in Afghanistan does today). That makes them traitors and filth in anyone’s book. They came to America on Langley’s rat-line, along with the scum from the Baltic Legions (see here, here, and here), the Ustaše, and the Galician Uniate SS Galizien Division. For years, they had a stranglehold on the ROCOR leadership; their especial champions were Gregory Grabbe and Vitaly Ustinov. For all intents and purposes, they ran the ROCOR after ’65 (after the death of Metropolitan Anastasy Gribanovsky of Happy Memory). They applauded Vitaly’s treacherous stab-in-the-back to the Mother Church in the ‘90s… all that got us was Valentin Rusantsov and Agafangel Pashkovsky, and everyone knows how wretched that pair was (both were/are certified lickspittles for Langley… Rusantsov even had himself photographed with a US Embassy flunky).

St Alexander Schmorell’s glorification as a New Martyr and Passion-Bearer means that the ROCOR’s turned its back (officially) on the extremist rightwing nonsense spouted by Potapov and Paffhausen. This pisses off the Vlasovtsy… it means that the ROCOR (at least in part) no longer gives approval, either officially, or sub rosa, to their agenda. The Vlasovtsy are just like the Batista Cuban émigrés in Miami, the Vietnamese RVN émigrés on the Gulf Coast, and the Iranian Imperial émigrés in the Northeast. They’ve become an embittered group, they’ve sought “release” in the most extreme factions of the American rightwing fringe (even the Birchers are more “liberal’ than they are). Here’s what’s most exasperating… these pigs are now attacking Carpatho-Russian people, claiming that they were Nazi collaborators and turned in Jews to be killed. That’s an underhanded attack on the memory of Vladyki Laurus Škurla, make no mistake on it. It’s a sign that some of them consider the Great Reconciliation of 2007 a mistake. Is Potapov one of them? God alone knows… but, fact is, he’s still active in extremist rightwing circles inside the beltway and he was/is an official at a known CIA-front organisation (RL/RFE is overrun with spooks, and everyone knows it) high enough to be a bearer of an official “red” US passport. However, do look for Potapov to issue a statement lauding the glorification (if he hasn’t already)… Langley doesn’t want to lose its best asset in the ROCOR (and, thusly, the MP).

So, kids, there’s a reason for the terrific “noise” in Vlasovtsy circles now. I’d say, it’s time to honour a true hero and saint, and that’s its time to “clean house”. For instance, the ROCOR should transfer Potapov out of the District… send him to Alaska, Seattle, or Salt Lake City… that’d be far enough away to break his easy ties with Langley. We shouldn’t persecute people… we should just not make it easy for people to collaborate with the enemies of the Rodina and of Christ’s Church. Let’s revisit the quote I gave at the top of this post, revised slightly for relevance:

Isn’t it true that every honest American is ashamed of his government these days? Who amongst us has any conception of the dimensions of shame that’ll befall our children and us when one day the veil has fallen from our eyes and the most horrible of crimes… crimes that infinitely outdistance every human measure… reach the light of day?

Think on that… we much to repent for… the Easter bombing of Belgrade… “Humanitarian Intervention”… the sale of human organs in the American-sponsored statelet of Kosovo… the indefinite detention of “terrorism suspects”… the torture of detainees in secret Eastern European prisons by the CIA…. and much, much more.

I stand against the Vlasovtsy and their self-serving lies. I’m not alone…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Albany NY


25 January 2012. The REAL DEAL on Lay Homosexuals… the Konvertsy are Chock Fulla Shit, As Per Usual


A kitchen cabinet member sent me this:

If certain priests had withheld Chrism as often as some others withhold Communion, we wouldn’t be having this debate. In my estimation, on average, the character of those aspiring to the priesthood has declined over the last 40 years. Don’t panic. We have options. If you want a priest to commune an ordinary gay person, talk to his wife. There are powers-that-be that can make life very uncomfortable for certain priests; as we say, “Mатушка сказала” (“Matushka skazala”: Matushka said so). What if he’s unmarried? Then, call out the babas. It might be distressing for the hipsters to learn, but the repository for what’s normative in the church resides amongst women over 60. When I first came “out” and was still attending my church in the narthex, there were babushkas that would purposely come stand near me. One even smiled, once. Have we lost the sense of loyalty to each other that we’ve forgotten our ethos? Anyone with good manners, who spent a decent amount of time drinking tea with the babushkas, who thanked them for their cooking, who went to confession, and who showed up at Vigil never got a second look in Communion line, no matter how flaming/butch they were. Furthermore, if you’d visited them in hospital or taught their grandsons the Bible, you were golden.

Let’s be clear here. Lay homosexuals have NEVER been an important issue in the Church in the American diaspora, or in the homeland. The Church has been around for over two millennia, it knows a thing or two. There’s a key differentiation between lay gays and open clerical poofters. We leave the former alone; we don’t tolerate the latter. It’s why the MP Holy Synod deposed Bishop Nikon Mironov in Yekaterinburg in ’99… he was bloody-minded, but his theology was straight (after all, he burned ADS’ nasty Renovationist tomes in public). Yet, his homosexuality became open… so, the Synod shit-canned him and sent him off to the Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery (the abode of the late Elder Ioann Krestiankin of Happy Memory) to repent. After some years, they allowed him to live in retirement in Veshnyaki Raion in the eastern outskirts of the city of Moscow, where he’s the honorary rector of a parish (the Synod removed him as the ruling bishop of Yekaterinburg; they didn’t depose him). In 2008, Patriarch Aleksei Rediger gave him the Order of St Sergei of Radonezh, and, in 2010, His Holiness gave a panagia on the occasion of his 50th birthday. That’s what REAL Orthodox do with exposed clerical Sallies, if their theology’s straight. You’ll note that they didn’t put him under an anathema and throw him under the train as Fathausen and his minions do. He lost his clerical position, he had to go for a period of repentance, but that was all, so, he’s not only an Orthodox believer, but an Orthodox cleric (I do think that he’s under an order not to serve publicly, though), today. On the other hand, the Church deals with homosexuality in monastic houses harshly. However, even there, the worst that happens is that the miscreant’s laicised and sent away, we don’t throw them out of the Church. I asked a Russian priest of my acquaintance about the usual practise concerning lay homosexuals:

You know, Alekseyev {a prominent gay activist: editor} is a communing Orthodox believer. As long as they’re respectful, don’t disrupt services, and do what everybody else does, there’s no problem. The Church is against propaganda in favour of sexual minorities {“gays” in Russian usage: editor} amongst children, it’s against gay parades because they’re provocations, and it won’t bless homosexual unions, but it doesn’t bless hatred against sexual minorities, either. Homosexuality’s a sin… but so are greed and adultery, and we don’t expel adulterers and misers.

That’s why Moriak is chock fulla shit on Mark Stokoe. Mark wasn’t “in the closet”. Everyone knew of his “state”… Archbishop Job Osacky knew… Fr Ted Bobosh knew… hell, even I knew (and I don’t know everything). Moriak KNEW of Vladyki Job’s oikonomia, yet, one of his first actions was to piss on Mark to curry favour with Fathausen. Moriak also went against the “institutional culture” of the Diocese of the Midwest… that was unwise in the extreme. When you add in how Moriak set up his son in a comfy situation in the diocese (and the whispers about Moriak’s tastes in certain matters), it’s a recipe for a gigantic and malodorous Shit Sandwich, and Moriak had the brainlessness to force everybody to take a big bite (boy, what THAT ever STOOPID and hutsky-klootsky).

It’s simple… individual lay homosexuals aren’t harassed and attacked, although we do depose gay clerics like Gleb Podmoshensky… do recall how Fathausen, Freddie M-G, and Dreher all had guru-disciple ties with him after his deposition… it certainly puts a new “spin” on Fathausen’s loud fulminations against homosexuality, doesn’t it? Do bear in mind that closeted gay clerics (of all sorts, not merely Orthodox) are usually acridly and vehemently anti-gay in an attempt to draw attention away from themselves. If you want my plain blunt opinion, Podmoshensky’s a covert manipulator of Fathausen (along with Potapov), and, through Fathauen, manipulates the witless konvertsy… they’re all acridly anti-gay in public, yet, their real leader is as queer as a three-dollar bill. That’s why Fathausen has to go… his guru’s an unrepentant sodomite deposed by the ROCOR Holy Synod for good cause.

The REAL Church shows compassion to all… it doesn’t hold anyone up to public obloquy. Look at the Church’s real Christian forbearance and compare it to the abusive hatred spewed forth by the loud OCA konvertsy. Well… it looks like the konvertsy aren’t Orthodox in their heart-of-hearts, does it? Mark it well… the Church is the BIG TENT… that’s why they call it the Orthodox Church!

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Albany NYPanagia,

25 January 2012. Video. Let’s Go to the po-Nashemu Movies… “Shadows of our Forgotten Ancestors” (1964… with English subtitles)



25 January 2012. Jensen’s On His Way to Texas…


A friend of mine told me the following:

Gregory Jensen is going to St Seraphim Cathedral in Dallas… they’re circling the wagons.

Of course, we all know how forthcoming Ginny Nieuwsma is, so, I’m posting this, which’ll provoke a post on her part. I’ve figured out her MO… she’s a spoilt lazy brat who does nothing unless she’s forced to (one wonders if she ate her peas as a kid). Perspirin’ minds wanna know… is Jensen going to live in the gay neighbourhood around the Cathedral or is he going to live elsewhere?


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