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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Church won’t Take the Side of any One Political Party in Electoral Campaigns


Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, the head of the MP Department of Church and Society, during one of the sessions of the 20th Christmas Readings in Moscow, stated that the efforts of those who want the Church to take the side of this-or-that political faction would be in vain. He said, “We need to think it over carefully before we answer any appeal of this sort, no matter how spontaneous, emotional, or passionate… they seem to say, ‘Be with us, not with them; be with us against them, don’t meet with Churov, don’t meet with Navalny, only meet with those whom we recommend’”. In his view, “In future, such pressure will never be effective, and we must confront it; we must say that the Church is open to all, it won’t side with one against another in civil disputes. It’s a fact that people can express their views; they can participate in the political process, to try to influence government decisions. However, at the same time, the Church will never side with those who are trying to sow civil disorder and attack our statehood, as such”.

24 January 2012



Editor’s Note:

Fr Vsevolod makes it clear. Although the Church has a discrete and unambiguous social teaching, it doesn’t discriminate against people based on their political opinions. It isn’t like Jonas Paffhausen or Patrick Henry Reardon, who vent their ire on those who won’t follow the extremist wing of the Republican Party. I’d advise all comers not to listen to any of the American lightweights in Orthodoxy… none of them has a higher Orthodox education equivalent to a MDA kandidatura, the highest most of them have is an MDiv… we don’t have Orthodox graduate faculties; we don’t have the human or financial resources. Seminaries are trade schools for priests, they don’t count… and notional “institutes” like the Patriarch Athenagoras Institute and the Saints Cyril and Athanasius Institute are jokes, headed by people without Orthodox terminal degrees (a not-unimportant qualification). You also shouldn’t listen to jumped-up phonies like the Blunder (he has a defective Western education) or Georgi Kochetkov, either.

Instead, I’d advise everyone to listen to proven heavy hitters like Fr Vsevolod, Archbishop Mark Golovkov, Professor Aleksei Osipov, and Professor Natalia Narochnitskaya. That’s not to mention His Holiness, who’s in a class all by himself. As my Nicky says, “He’s a living saint”… and if you see him with kids or the down n’ out, you can see that, in spades. They all say that there’s no political “test” to be in the Church… I agree.

That’s why you can’t have concord with Fathausen (and his Éminence Grise Potapov), Reardon, Dreher, Mattingly, or any of the konvertsy (especially the HOOMies, who are nothing but formally-converted cultists). They want to unite the Church with the worst and most demonic faction of the Republican Party… a faction that believes in perpetual warfare, corporate dictatorship, and the rule of “might makes right”… but they’re for the criminalisation of abortion, dontcha know! They want to link the Church with Moonies, Mormons, and the sillier form of High Church Anglicans… rather interesting, no? Listen to the REAL Church… and you won’t go wrong.

By the way, one last thing… whispers from several sources tell me that Vlasovtsy fanatics in the ROCOR are claiming that Carpatho-Russian people were collaborators and anti-Semites… that’s really another post, but that’s ridiculous and arrant nonsense. The Vlasovtsy were the collaborators… they came to America on the rat-line run by Langley, they ended as fellow-travellers and willing dupes of the nutter fringe of the American rightwing… to tar others, especially innocents, is beyond the pale. Then, again, these jabronies claim that “everyone” in the ROCOR is “wise to Jews, Niggers, Obama, et al”… rather sad, no? That’s why I oppose such filthiness… and I don’t think that I’m alone…



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