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Sunday, 29 January 2012

29 January 2012. The One Thing Needful for Healing the Wounds Caused by an Out-of-Control Priest


Over the past week, there’s been a kerfuffle over a priest suing four laypeople and a priest for defamation. Firstly, one must ascertain the circumstances. I can state, under oath, that no representative of Mr Velencia approached Nicky or me insofar as having a sit-down to resolve any matters at any time. I believe that the other parties to his suit can say likewise. That is, Raymond Velencia used a lawsuit as his means of first instance. It wasn’t something that he resorted to after an attempt to resolve matters failed. If this was how the Koumentakos case developed, one can see why RV couldn’t get legal exoneration; he had to accept a confidential settlement as the only way to “quiet” the situation.

I tell you what’s disturbing about this dénouement. It took a lawsuit against a priest to rouse JP to action. He doesn’t give a damn about laypeople getting the Italian stallion from priests… but don’t you dare sue a priest! That sickens me to no end. I’ll tell you what the people want. They wish to SPEAK and for the leadership to HEAR them… they wish a real apology followed up with real ministry for the harm caused by wilful and nasty dictator-priests… along with a strong statement that the Church won’t tolerate this BULLSHIT from its clergy anymore. They want the victims to have compassionate care, not treatment as foreign and alien adversaries. They want all BAD clergy to be properly disciplined, removed if necessary, and sent away for treatment and repentance, to places where they can hurt no more innocent people. That’s what the people want… it’s what they hope for, it’s what they need, and it’s what they ask for.

Their cries go up to Heaven for the end of this abomination… shall the bishops hear them? Only time will tell us…


To all the jumped-up frauds and infantile poseurs on the Monomakhos site… sign your legal name to your posts. I do. The unsigned diatribe about “lawsuits” was cowardly. It’s unsigned, the person writing it doesn’t have the decency to tell you who they are. Brave, aren’t they? Don’t trust anyone who refuses to sign their posts… NO ONE.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 29 January 2012

Albany NY


29 January 2012. Reliable Source in the Loggia Sez JP Shitcans “Priest” for Suing Another Priest


I got this from a known and good source:

I’ve just learned from a reliable source that JP suspended [a well-known priest] for suing a priest. SO!  [He] can trash a parishoner, but HOW DARE he sue a priest!! They can all go FUCK themselves as far as I’m concerned…

This is NOT official… it’s a reliable whisper… but it’s safe to say that you should look for an announcement that a certain litigation-happy clergyman from South of the Mason-Dixon Line might have stepped in a fresh and gooey cow pat. It’s OK to brutalise parishioners… that’s fine. This fine gent found out that he shouldn’t mess with the clerical estate… they defend their own. Let’s see what Slowpoke Matusiak and Lil’ Mizz Ginny have to say on the matter tomorrow… they have to sharpen up their quill pens and scrape down the parchments, dontcha know!

In any case, a certain recent lawsuit had technical flaws, as a friendly lawyer pointed up to me. The plaintiff couldn’t sue us all in one action… we weren’t “in collusion”, we weren’t a “conspiracy”, and it concerned “disparate actions from diverse parties that must be addressed in separate proceedings”. They told me that any competent lawyer could get it tossed on technical grounds. That’s not to mention the legal standards embodied in Sullivan vs NY Times and Westmoreland vs CBS, which just seals the deal. Priests are PUBLIC FIGURES. Court cases are PUBLIC ACTIONS. Mix the two… the plaintiff doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell in any court save the most “friendliest” and “packed”.

Sic semper tyrannis!

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 29 January 2012

Albany NY 

Greece Rejects Proposal to Cede Budget Control


On Sunday, the BBC reported that Greece rejected suggestions that it should cede control over its budget to an EU outsider. Greek Minister of Culture and Tourism Pavlos Geroulanos told the BBC it would be “impossible” for Greece to accept such a deal. He responded to a leaked German proposal for a EU budget commissioner to take control over the country’s tax and spending powers, saying “We’ve given up quite a bit, but I think sovereignty’s a red line that no-one would dare cross. I’d rather resign as a minister than allow anybody to tell us the way we should be spending our money”. Meanwhile, Greece and the creditors who own Greek bonds are said to be close to a deal to significantly reduce the country’s debt, paving the way for it to receive much-needed further bailout funds from the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The parties involved could finalise a deal next week.

29 January 2012



KMG Sez Serbs Victims of Great Geopolitical Game


Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias stated that Kosovo Serbs are hostages of a great geopolitical game, saying, “Due to the indifferent attitude of many states, they’re forced to live in closed enclaves, feeling constant anxiety due to a hostile environment. Our co-religionists have great courage; they won’t leave their suffering country and holy places, although they live just like in a concentration camp. They don’t even have basic human rights. We see unacceptable injustice, double standards, and political lies here; they declare commitment to ideals of humanism and protection of human rights, yet, they turn a blind eye in the face of a hell created by extremists with the connivance of their foreign sponsors”.

Patriarch Kirill asserted, “At the time of the NATO intervention against Yugoslavia (in 1999), the western world was exposed to an intensive media campaign and was much deceived by it. The western media published intentionally twisted information about the Milošević régime’s atrocities against Kosovo Albanians by exaggerating the number of victims of ethnic cleansing carried out by the Serbian police in the province. The precious monuments that the Serbian people built in Kosovo and Metohija will live as long as prayers are heard in the churches”. He reiterated that Russia was helping to restore and protect the Serbian Orthodox cultural heritage through UNESCO and that it was sending humanitarian aid to the Kosovo Serbs. In conclusion, His Holiness said, “I’ve been to Kosovo and Metohija many times and met with the local population; I witnessed the difficult conditions they live in. The things I’ve seen have strongly affected me. The Russian Orthodox Church showed and will show solidarity with the Kosovo Serbs”.

29 January 2012



Editor’s Note:

Lately, there’s been much loose talk in Western media circles about how His Holiness is embracing “Western values”. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Russia continues to stand by Serbia, and it continues to condemns the Western dismemberment of Socialist Federal Yugoslavia in the ‘90s (then, Russia was weakened, and couldn’t stand by its ally). The Russian state, Church, and people stand united… Russia must stand firm against American attempts to export its godless Neoliberalism, smarmy hypocritical double standards, and false Sectarian “Me n’ Jayzuss” “religion” throughout the world. It’s why the Left is rebounding in the Rodina… American-style Robber Baron “capitalism” impoverished all too many Russians in the Nasty Nineties, and people are pushing back. The world is NOT a planned American suburban “community” complete with “green spaces” and artificial “lakes”, nor is it ever going to be such… thank God for that!


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