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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Paris Mayor Slams Russian Church Due Near Eiffel Tower


Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoë described a planned Russian Orthodox church to be built along the River Seine as an example of ”hodgepodge architecture” not worthy to be on display near the Eiffel Tower. Delanoë said the project… a gleaming white church with five traditional golden domes topped by a wavy glass roof linking it to a nearby Russian spiritual and cultural centre… was “mediocre architecture conceived in haste”. In 2010, Presidents Nicolas Sarkozy of France and Dmitri Medvedev of Russia agreed to the project, whose design came out of an international architectural competition. Moscow purchased a plot of land for it on the left bank of the Seine, just across the river from the tunnel where Britain’s Princess Diana died in a car crash in 1997.

In a statement this week, Delanoë said, “I want to express my very firm opposition to this project conceived by the French and Russian states without the agreement of the city of Paris. I’d like UNESCO, the guardian of the banks of the Seine, to get involved so no permission can be given without the endorsement of international experts”. Paris-based UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation) granted World Heritage Site status to the banks of the Seine and the various styles of French architecture adorning them. Delanoë’s statement on Monday said the project’s “hodgepodge architecture displays an ostentatiousness unsuited to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or one within view of the Eiffel Tower”.

A Russian presidential spokesman in Moscow said the Paris mayor couldn’t block the decision made by the French president. On Tuesday, Viktor Khrekov told RIA-Novosti, “This is his personal opinion… and it has no legal significance”. With its 165 million members, the Russian Orthodox Church is the second-largest in Christianity after the 1.3-billion strong Roman Catholic Church. It’s played an increasingly active role at home and abroad since the end of Soviet communism in 1991.

29 February 2012

Tom Heneghan



Editor’s Note:

M Delanoë is openly gay… and St Petersburg just passed a law banning gay parades and propaganda for homosexuality and paedophilia amongst minors. To be sure, they’re not unrelated, are they now? The St Petersburg law does NOT outlaw homosexuality or close gay clubs; it merely states that you can’t circulate propaganda in favour of the gay agenda amongst minors. As the MP was in favour of the law, M Delanoë is attempting to strike at them. He’s one of those militant fallen-away lapsed Catholics… need I say any more? The church is on track, that’s all that matters. If he could’ve put a spoke in the wheel, he would’ve, and he couldn’t. Let him fume… and let the building go on.



29 February 2012. Let Everything that Breathes, Praise the Lord… and Do Pass the Honey, Please

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. Was it Your Turn to Lick the Spoon. 2012


29 February 2012. BREAKING NEWS! Velencia Surfaces! He’s STILL Suing Me, Cappy, Mel, Mark, and Fr Mike!


I just received a “Request for Waiver of Service of Summons” from Velencia’s lawyer, Needle. Velencia is identified as “Father” Raymond Velencia, thus the summons implied that he’s a clergyman in good standing in the OCA. Therefore, I checked the clergy directory on oca.org. He wasn’t in the listing for the Archdiocese of Washington… he wasn’t in the listing for the state of Maryland… he wasn’t in the listing under “V”. Ergo, a reasonable person would conclude that Mr Velencia isn’t a clergyman in good standing in the OCA, so to represent himself as “Father” is disingenuous and misleading. If he IS a clergyman in full good standing in the OCA, then, they should put him back on their clergy listing. This is what happens when news isn’t properly reported or when clergy disciplinary matters aren’t posted promptly. If Mr Velencia was suspended, as rumour has it, and as the removal of his name from the clergy list implies, then, this legal matter should’ve been dead and buried.

It’s time for the OCA Holy Synod to act. Mr Velencia is still suing Michael Regan, who IS a clergyman in good standing in the OCA (and there’s no doubt on that score). There are three things that the OCA Holy Synod can do:

  • Reinstate Raymond Velencia on the OCA clergy list PUBLICLY and with due publication, and endorse his lawsuit against Fr Michael
  • Formally take disciplinary action against Raymond Velencia PUBLICLY and with due publication, and repudiate his lawsuit against Fr Michael
  • Dither and do nothing

As of 13.20 EST Wednesday 29 February 2012, Raymond Velencia’s name was NOT on the OCA clergy listing, ergo, his claim to the title “Father” is open to question. What alternative shall the OCA Holy Synod take? I haven’t the foggiest notion what they’ll do. I’ll say this, whatever was done earlier didn’t stop Mr Velencia from continuing his suit against Fr Michael. I’d say that stronger action IS called for…

Quo Vadis?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 29 February 2012

Albany NY

Who Woulda Thunk It Department:

I just looked at the legal papers again, and there was a slight error in my address (the mail-man gave it to me because he knows me personally)! I’m also informed that the address of another defendant was goofed up, too. This shows sloppy work… probably not from the lawyer, either… he only put down what his client told him. I have my suspicions as to who told Ray my address… and I’d tell the OCA Holy Synod that there’s more than one “loose cannon” amongst the clergy. Remember, “The records simply don’t exist” (that’s what a defender of a certain crook clergyman said)…


29 February 2012. Russians in Remote Areas Vote for President…

Here’s a travelling polling station set up in a helicopter in the Extreme North.


MVD troops vote in Chechnya.


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