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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

1 February 2012. Let Everything that Breathes Praise the Lord…



1 February 2012. A Thought From His Holiness…


The “Occupy” Movement Regains Power


The confrontation between Occupy Wall Street protesters and the authorities reached a new level of violence. The cops arrested about 300 people in Oakland CA due to a clash between demonstrators and riot police. Tear gas, flash grenades, and police batons greeted the initiative of the protesters to take over a disused convention centre in an attempt to draw public attention to the problems of the homeless. The unreasonably violent reaction of the authorities brought the issue of the protests back into the spotlight and once again questioned the vaunted democratic principles of the US government. The wave of protests that spread across the country like a forest fire last year, vividly demonstrated that the empty promises of the government exasperated most Americans. The deepening economic crisis, collapsing job market, and the insolence of the financial élite left Americans no other choice but to go out on the streets. One of the main causes of the nationwide protests was the absolute inability of President Obama to rise to the expectations of the social groups that had brought him to the White House. The middle class, students, and young professionals found themselves facing rapidly growing debts and a lack of decent jobs amidst the total indifference of the government.

Kalle Lasn, the founder of Adbusters, a not-for-profit anti-consumerism group, believed to be one of the main inspirers of the protests, said, “When the financial meltdown happened, there was a feeling, ‘Wow, things are going to change. Obama is going to pass all kinds of laws, and we’re going to have a different kind of banking system, and we’re going to take these financial fraudsters and bring them to justice’”. When the hopes for the Obama’s intervention proved empty, protest actions started to spread across the nation. By the end of 2011, as police had cleared most of the protesters’ camps from city centres, the movement seemed almost quenched. The Oakland incident put the Occupy Movement back in the centre of public attention, raising reasonable questions about the lawfulness of the authorities’ reaction.

An attempt by the protesters to take over the abandoned building of the Kaiser Convention Center led to a violent attack by the police, who used tear gas and flash grenades. They arrested 300 people, and at least three policemen and one demonstrator were injured. As per usual, the city officials blamed the protesters. Major Jean Quan of Oakland said, “Once again, a violent splinter group of the Occupy movement is engaging in violent actions against Oakland. The Bay Area Occupy Movement has got to stop using Oakland as their playground”. The official statement made by the Oakland Police also denied accusations of over-reaction, saying, “Officers were pelted with bottles, metal pipes, rocks, spray cans, improvised explosive devices, and burning flares. The Oakland Police Department deployed smoke and tear gas. The City of Oakland welcomes peaceful assembly and freedom of speech, but acts of violence, property destruction, and overnight lodging will not be tolerated”.

However, the previous actions of the police have already repeatedly broken the bond of trust, including the infamous pepper-spray incident, when a police officer sprayed gas in the faces of seated peaceful demonstrators. The Occupy Movement is regaining power and this fact demonstrates that even police violence can’t stop Americans from expressing their discontent with the policy of the government and authorities.

30 January 2012

Voice of Russia World Service


Vladimir Legoida Agrees with Putin that More Taxes on Wealth is a Good Idea


On Tuesday, Vladimir Legoida, the Chairman of the MP Information Department, told reporters that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s proposal to enact additional taxes on conspicuous consumption was long overdue, saying, “The imposition of a so-called ‘luxury tax’ would be fair, and long overdue”. In his view, luxury goods are indicative of someone’s high income, they’re not necessities, “Of course, those with obviously higher incomes should pay more in taxes. Progressive tax rates are a topic worthy of serious discussion”. He went on to say that, in particular, this debate should clearly define criteria for determining what falls into the category of luxury goods, subject to additional taxation. He said, “Such a determination mustn’t become a purely populist measure, and it shouldn’t hurt the interests of those of average means. It should be a step towards a truly equitable redistribution of wealth in society”. In an article entitled “We Need A New Economy”, published yesterday in the newspaper Ведомости (Vedomosti), Vladimir Putin, in particular, stated, “We can beef up tax revenue in several ways… we can tax upscale real estate, the consumption of luxury goods, alcohol, and tobacco, and increase rent payments in those sectors where it’s undervalued”.

31 January 2012



Editor’s Note:

The Church is FOR redistribution of wealth away from the fatcats. It agrees that we should INCREASE taxation on the idle wealthy. Furthermore, the oligarchs’ should pay more rent to the state for the use of leased facilities. In short, VVP is telling the wise-ass oligarchs who’s on first… and it’s NOT them. Good on VVP… he’s snapping taut the chain on the rich… now, we need the same here in the USA.


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