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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

14 February 2012. Here’s the REAL DEAL on Greece…



14 February 2012. BASTARDS! Greece Burns… Its People Suffer… The Rightwing Fiddles On…


Look at the picture above… THAT’S what Merkel and Sarkozy wink at. The American rightwing slobbers its drooling approval of it all. There’s hope… the main Greek police union  just said that its members won’t go against the people. The Greek Army hasn’t been brought in, and it won’t be… it’s a conscript force that would join the protesters in a heartbeat. The banksters’ edifice is crumbling, but the Corporate Media won’t report that. THIS is what the rightwing thinks is NECESSARY. None dare call it EVIL. Remember, the money for the unpaid loans wasn’t spent on social spending, they were arranged so that Greece could buy overpriced arms from France and Germany… that does put a RATHER different face on it, no?

Orthodox people in the diaspora have to sit back and reflect. Archbishop Ieronymos Liapis of Athens and all Greece has said that this is the worst period for Greece since World War II, and that the austerity measures are “fatal”. His Holiness agrees with that assessment, emphatically. We have to reflect that many higher clerics and self-appointed “spokesmen” in diaspora Orthodoxy support the oppressors… yes, the oppressors! Yes, it’s the usual and dreary crew… Paffhausen, Potapov, Reardon, Mattingly, Rod Dreher, Freddie M-G, and all their squalling konvertsy pals. They’re only formally “Orthodox”… they aren’t of us in heart and soul. I’d warn the Centre, “Paffhausen’s a lying weasel… if you believe his self-serving and obsequious sales patter, you’re not only fools, but thrice-damned fools (he still kisses the naked bum of the Uniates, and that’s that)”. He’s a rabid rightwinger, as is Potapov (and the rest of those named). It’s time for us to “clean house”, isn’t it?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Albany NY

14 February 2012. RIA-Novosti Infographics. Unrest in Arab Countries


14 February 2012



14 February 2012. A Point to Ponder…

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