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Thursday, 23 February 2012

KPRF Mass Rally in Theatre Square


23 February… all to the Rally!

For everyday self-respect and fair elections!

Zyuganov is our President!

Power and property to the people!

Stop Serdyukov’s pogrom against the army!

Moscow. Theatre Square. 13.00



23 February… To Soviet Army Day!




NEWSRU.COM reported that communist leader Gennady Zyuganov urged the participants at a KPRF mass rally in Theatre Square in Moscow to be active if there’s a second round in the election. Zyuganov said he wouldn’t rule out a second round in the presidential election, “The more people who go to the polls to vote and more, the more likely a second round becomes”. The Communists have trained about 300,000 observers to monitor the coming election. Zyuganov said, “We warn the Central Election Commission, and its head, Mr Churov, that no matter how much rope they play out, they’ll have to take responsibility sooner or later”. In a separate appeal to the heads of the electoral commissions not to falsify election results, Zyuganov warned, “We’d regard you as criminals, grasping for state power for private gain”.

Zyuganov felt that the upcoming election was akin to the Great Patriotic War, he promised to fight for every polling station, for every home, saying, “This is a no less difficult struggle than the battles at Stalingrad and Oryol-Kursk”. Zyuganov called on the protesters to remember when they voted on 4 March that, at one time, Russia was once amongst the five leading countries, and was the first in scientific discoveries, but the problems of drug addiction and alcoholism now face it. Zyuganov told his supporters to stand “like 70 years ago our fathers and grandfathers stood at Moscow, like they stood at Stalingrad, even when the Wehrmacht captured most of the city”. In his opinion, the most important thing now is to concentrate everything at the main point. He said, “At each polling site, we must have five observers, and they shouldn’t leave, even if they try to pull you out”.

The Moscow KPRF estimated the number of participants in the event at approximately 10,000 people. Across Theatre Square, participants flew the banners and symbols of the KPRF and the Komsomol. Sergei Kovalyov, the President of the International Taekwondo Federation gave Zyuganov an eighth dan black belt.

23 February 2012

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