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Friday, 24 February 2012

24 February 2012. Things are Getting “Curiouser and Curiouser” in the OCA


Let’s see, Dickie Wood, Gregory Wendt, and Ray Velencia all disappeared from the clergy listings of the OCA and Protection Monastery in North Carolina is no longer in the online directory on oca.org. NOTHING is posted as to the WHY of it all. NOTHING. The secrecy is denser than it ever was under Herman… the OCA only issues explanations tardily and laggardly, if at all, and only if they feel that they have a “legal obligation” to do so. The only thing that I have on the Protection Monastery is here. If this intel is righteous, and my info usually is, it means that Wendt is either out of the country or preparing to leave, for unknown reasons. The Protection Monastery website has no indication of being under the OCA and their “Monastery Store” is closed. There is no reason given on oca.org for the deletion of the entry for this establishment. Your guess is as good as mine is.

Of course, there’s nothing posted on oca.org concerning the possible discipline of the three clerics named above, not a peep. This means that rumour’s floating fast n’ furious, which is not only injurious to the cred of the OCA, its destroying people’s trust in a battered organisation. What I’ve been able to ferret out is that Dickie flew back from Moscow and appeared before a spiritual court yesterday. My sources all say that there’s no official decision yet. The most interesting titbit that I heard was that he had the brass balls to demand that the OCA Holy Synod pay to fly him to Chicago to make a visit! I’m told that they refused the demand and turned him down. Did this happen? It’s probable, the arrogance and hubris are typical of First Family clergy. They can’t sue me for reporting what’s out there. You pays your money and you takes your choice.

Not only is nothing posted on Velencia and Wendt, the usual sources are quiet. I can’t report on what’s not there. I repeat, there’s nothing, not even rumour, on the whereabouts of Gregory Wendt, and rumour says that JP shitcanned Velencia for suing Michael Regan. Simply deleting a man’s name from the clergy directory isn’t sufficient. WHY did the OCA delete them from its official clergy list? In fact, it’s grossly unfair to the men concerned, as it keeps “public interest” legitimately alive. If Ray Velencia wants people to cease writing about him, then, he’d best press the OCA for a public dénouement of his affair. THAT would close it… at least, the question of WHY he got le sabot. Matters of public record are always “newsy”, especially where “public figures” are concerned, so, he can’t complain if people bring up his past court case… it happened and the court records say so. Iggy, likewise, can’t complain about people speculating about the “whys” in his case (there was supposedly over 100 Gs missing from the Diocese of New York and New Jersey). If you crawl out from under an accusation by having a First Family apparatchik say, “The records simply don’t exist” (Tosi did say that… and it speaks volumes on the character of the so-called Metropolitan Council that they accepted such cockamamie bullshit), don’t complain if people bring it up. It happened, and it happened in a public venue where records were taken.

Supposedly, JP gave Velencia the drop for suing a priest. It didn’t matter to him (or to the other bishops) that Velencia sued four laypeople. It gave one the impression that their attitude was, “Those unwashed peasants deserved it”. I was told that one prominent bishop was extraordinarily blasé about it all, “Didn’t they know that he intended to sue them?” Yet, when Velencia sued a PRIEST, that same bishop said that it was “unconscionable”. There appears to be a double standard. I once respected the bishop who made the remarks concerning Ray Velencia… I no longer do so.

THAT is the cost of cosseting clerical plug-uglies. Not only do they drag the Church through the muck, they lessen the respect that the people have for the Church’s leadership. Its wrong to act in Star Chamber secrecy. For instance, oca.org needed to post, “Wood to face Spiritual Court today”. It didn’t. Likewise, it needed to have a post from a bishop stating PUBLICLY, “The OCA apologises for the egregious actions of one of its clergymen. It was wrong”. That didn’t happen either. The OCA leadership is a bunch of craven punks led around by the nose by a bunch of pettifogging lawyers. If this isn’t proof that lawyers and their “legalese” are “lower than whale shit”, nothing is.

You can tell the truth, like the old Metropolia did, or, you can lie and obfuscate (claiming that you’re afraid of being sued) like the OCA leadership does. I think that a good part of the difference is the noisome ideology inserted into Church Life by Schmemann and von Meyendorff and their acolytes such as Lyonyo and Love BT. That’s another post… I’ve used up my “800 words”. Pass the jug… it’s going to get MORE interesting in the short term.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 24 February 2012

Albany NY 

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