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Sunday, 26 February 2012

26 January 2012. Who Woulda Thunk It… His Nibs Handed Out the Trophy for a Youth Hockey Mini-Tournament on Red Square… Now, THAT’S “Pastorality”


Yesterday, His Nibs handed out the trophy for a Youth Hockey Mini-Tournament on Red Square in Moscow. That’s what Orthodoxy‘s all about. It enters into EVERYTHING and makes it holy. Remember, the Good Lord created nothing bad… everything out there that’s evil is corrupted “good”… that’s why it’s so damnably difficult to tell it apart from real goodness. That’s why neophytes are ALWAYS wrong… they only see the surface and judge accordingly. However, to be fair, their dunderheadedness is a function of ignorance… what’s culpable is when neophytes refuse to learn (classic cases being Paffhausen and Reardon).

Yet again, KMG shows the way… a REAL First Hierarch in all senses of the term. As for some others that I’ll not name… they don’t even come close to his stature…



26 February 2012. Three Brief Biographies of Russian Presidential Candidates




22-24 February 2012





26 February 2012. A Point to Ponder… “Pro-Life” Does NOT Mean Bootless Rightwing “Marches for Life”…

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26 February 2012. “Cat People” with Their Furbies in Aktobe (Kazakhstan)

Galya and Lelik

At first, I was opposed to a cat in the house, but my sons persuaded me. In the end, I agreed, but with the condition they would feed and clean up after him. Of course, now, I feed him myself, and bathe him. Sometimes, jokingly, I call Lelik my “third son”, but often when my kids get mad, they throw him out of the house, because he lies on everything, leaving cat hairs all over.


Aishat and Bonifatsy

Bonia’s half Siamese, so he’s very skittish and touchy. He thinks that he owns me, he’s very jealous of me. In this, we’re very similar. Despite the fact that everyone thinks that dogs are more loyal than cats are, I think differently. My Bonifatsy certainly beats all the dogs!


Lena and Temka

My uncle gave me Temka as an Easter gift. He’s freedom-loving, practically never at home, he spends all of his time out on the street.  He prickly, and can be self-centred. We do have that in common. In the photo, he got mad at me because I made him do what he didn’t want to do… to pose for the camera. But despite his oddball traits, I wouldn’t exchange him for a hundred dogs


Veronika and Motya

Motya’s very quiet and independent. This is probably our greatest similarity. On 14 February, we celebrate Motya’s birthday and we all give her gifts, valentines, and delicious food. Actually, I prefer dogs, but cats are much more easy to care for. They don’t bother you constantly and they don’t require a lot of attention.


Fler Sayakhetdinovna and Myau

In our house, I’m the eldest, and Myau’s the youngest. She’s still small, so she’s very inquisitive. When everyone else goes to work, she’s always near me. Together we cook and clean, and I sing her old songs. Good thing that we have a cat in the house, dogs make too much noise.


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