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Saturday, 3 March 2012

3 March 2012. A Point to Ponder…



3 March 2012. “They Paved Paradise… And Put Up a Parking Lot”… A Glimpse into a Hidden Past



Sources send me images of the old Metropolia days… when there was actually OPTIMISM in Russian Orthodox circles here. How did such a modest and pragmatic bunch morph into an oddbod bunch of crazies? They went from people who could disagree with one another and knew the value of a dollar to a group that yammers about “20-Year Plans” and “Evangelising America”, who have to subsidise SVS to the tune of a quarter-mill a year because of its profligate spending, and who slobber slack-jawed at the scandalous spectacle of a priest suing another priest in a court of law during the first week of the Great Lent. A friend tells me that the top image is from the 50s, and that the second one is of Metropolitan Iriney Bekish from the 60s. This was the Metropolia’s Antediluvian Age.

Metropolitan Iriney was a Confessor, no doubt. Several sources have told me, and everyone that I’ve asked corroborate them, that Schmemann and von Meyendorff kept poor Metropolitan Iriney a virtual prisoner in the Ss Cosmas and Damian Home on Staten Island. I’m NOT a classical Marxist… I do NOT believe in impersonal historical forces… I believe that INDIVIDUALS, through the exercise of their free will, make history. Our present fix can be traced back to two men in particular, Aleksandr Schmemann and Ivan von Meyendorff. Meyendorff was the brains… the ideologue, a brilliant Bukharin and Suslov (but he lacked the ability to inspire others). Schmemann was the “rain-maker”… the dreamer and salesman… a tin-plate ersatz Lenin and Trotsky in one (with all the flaws of both, with none of their strengths). His logic was faulty, his scholarship was often derivative, yet, he had one thing… he had charismata, in the classic Greek sense, he could make people believe in the reality of his opium dream. Yes… two determined men changed the course of history… and not for the better.

The sorry dénouement that we see today had a beginning, and it had two very enthusiastic “midwives”… poor Metropolitan Iriney… he suffered so because of them. Light a candle in his memory…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 3 March 2012

Albany NY

They Said It Far Better Than I Could Department:

A friend sent me this:

Meyendorff did have the ability to inspire at least those of like temperament to him. We’ve all met his devotees… and, as a matter of fact, one can argue that today’s OCA is in their hands. The changing of the guard from the pre-1983 SVS crowd to their 1983-92 successors has certainly taken place. If only one could tear up the parking lot and rebuild Paradise! But what’s gone is gone. Something new must, and will, emerge.

Hear… hear! If one looks at Paul Meyendorff and Peter Bouteneff, one finds the truth in my friend’s words…


3 March 2012. Patriarch Kirill Unveiled Monument to Patriarch St Germogen Today in Aleksandrovsky Sad near the Moscow Kremlin




It’s very important that our people not forget the heroes and saints who saved Russia, in particular, they should remember St Germogen, who wasn’t only holy, he was a national hero, whose memory was unjustly lost. Our generation’s duty is to remind all those who love their motherland and who care about her future, to remind everyone who considers themselves Orthodox, even if it’s only hidden in the unconscious, of the great sacrificial service to the motherland, to the Church, and to the people, of Hieromartyr Germogen, Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias, whose memory we celebrate today with reverence.

2 March 2012

His Holiness Kirill Gundyaev

Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias

Eve of the 400th Anniversary of the Death of Patriarch St Germogen of Moscow and all the Russias


MP Official Website


Editor’s Note:

The above speech shows that Jonas Paffhausen’s kowtowing to the RCs (especially his vile bum-kissing of the Uniates) is WAY out of step with His Holiness and the Mother Church. Let’s not forget… the papists starved St Germogen to death. No matter how you parse that one, it’s a horrid and horrible way to kill someone. To make such a “fuss” over St Germogen means that relations between the Mother Church and the Vatican are in the shitter.

His Holiness is standing tall for the Church and for the Truth. We should do likewise and send NO money to any cleric who stands with the Uniate and Sectarian foes of Christ’s Church. One’s an attack from the left flank… that is Sectarians such as “Evangelicals” and “Pentecostalists”… that’s bad enough. Yet, the attack from the right flank by the Uniates is far worse. Sectarians are easily seen as Anti-Christ’s votaries. Uniates follow (unwittingly) a “weasel faith”… a faith that remains unchanged on the outside, but the “insides” are sucked dry and replaced by papist goo.

I’m NOT advocating hatred. You should leave Uniates and Sectarians in peace. Above all, don’t lump in Latin Catholics with Uniates… most RCs are unaware of what’s done in their name by the Vatican. Indeed, most Uniates do NOT know what their lickspittle clergy do at the behest of ultramontane Vatican vipers.

Bow in respect before the memory of St Germogen… and before St Maksim Sandovich, Blessed Gavriil Kostelnik, and the Holy New Martyrs of Talerhof and Terezín. Remember the podvigi of Ss Aleksei Toth and Aleksei Kabalyuk, Metropolitan Lavr Škurla and Archbishop Vitaly Maksimenko. Follow their path… not that of SVS, Paffhausen, and the indifferentist konvertsy. Bear this in mind… there are those in our Church here in the diaspora who hate the memory of St Germogen… they hate the historical road of our people… they wish to unite us to the follies of the Church of Rome. Look at His Holiness! He’s not falling for such shit… neither should you. He’s honouring the memory of St Germogen… that means that he honours the Church’s traditional stance on Uniatism and the boundaries of the Church.

His Holiness issued us a challenge. Shall we heed him? That’s up to you…


UN Report Says 60 Libyan Civilians Killed in NATO Airstrikes Last Year… How Do You Spell “L-I-E?”


A UN report prepared by a commission that probed human rights abuses and war crimes in Libya stated that 60 civilians died and 55 wounded in NATO air strikes last year in the North African state. The international NATO-led military operation in Libya began on 19 March 2011, two days after the approval of a UN resolution on “targeted measures” to protect civilians from clashes between forces loyal to former leader Muammar Gaddafi and rebels seeking his overthrow.

The report said that NATO “conducted a highly-precise campaign with a demonstrable determination to avoid civilian casualties”, but the commission noted incidents of civilian deaths and damage to civilian infrastructure because of NATO air strikes. The report noted, “Amongst the 20 NATO air strikes investigated, the Commission documented five air strikes where a total of 60 civilians were killed and 55 injured. The Commission also investigated two NATO air strikes which damaged civilian infrastructure, where no military target could be identified”. The deadliest air strike causing civilian deaths was on 8 August 2011 in the coastal town of Majer, where NATO bombs killed 34 civilians and wounded 38 more. The report stated, “After the initial air strike killed 16, a group of rescuers arrived and were hit by a subsequent attack, killing 18”.

Overall, the commission said in its report that both the troops loyal to the former leader, Gaddafi, and the rebel forces that fought against him committed crimes against humanity and war crimes. The report said, “Acts of murder, enforced disappearance, and torture were perpetrated within the context of a widespread or systematic attack against a civilian population”. In October 2011, rebel Transitional National Council (TNC) forces killed ousted Libyan leader Gaddafi near his hometown of Sirte after they captured him.

3 March 2012



Editor’s Note:

Let’s boil it down to a sentence… the UN report said, “The West was pure and innocent, if there was human suffering in Libya, those uncivilised Muslim wogs did it all, NATO didn’t do it”. To say that only 60 civilians died in the course of the Western aggression on Libya is absurd… but then again, the Western media’s been the obedient running-dog of the Pentagon since the Easter Bombing of Belgrade. Do you remember how the West claimed that it lost only four aircraft in the course of 37,000 sorties flown against Serbia? That’s risible on its very face, but that’s what both the Neocons and Interventionists claimed… it’s about the only bipartisan agreement left on Capitol Hill. The REAL reason for the Western aggression was that Libya had the highest HDI in North Africa… don’t you see how that infuriated the US political duopoly? Socialist Libya had the gall to spend its riches on its people… not on the greedy McMansion dwellers. I fear that’s all changed, now…

No matter how you slice it, a lie’s a lie, and it’s always an insult and a provocation. I may not be able to stop these war-pigs, but I don’t have to approve of their filthy actions through my inaction and silence. Neither should you…


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