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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Exit Polls Say Putin to Win Kremlin Vote in First Round… Russians Say “Nyet” to American-Style Rightwing Neoliberalism


On Sunday, exit polls indicated that Vladimir Putin gained 58.3 percent of the vote in the Russian presidential election, enough to hand him outright victory. His nearest rival, KPRF leader Gennady Zyuganov, took 17.7 percent, state pollster VTsIOM said. No other candidate gained more than 10 percent. If the results of polling confirm the exit polls, Putin, 59, would be inaugurated as new president in May and serve for six years, not four, as previously. The elections took place under the backdrop of mass demonstrations triggered by allegations of vote fraud by Putin’s United Russia Party in December’s parliamentary polls.

4 March 2012



Editor’s Note:

America’s darling, Prokhorov, got only about 5 percent of the vote. That’s why you should NEVER listen to pretentious loudmouths like Anya Schmmemann, Victoria Nuland, Sophia Kishkovsky, and Katrina vanden Heuvel… they’re lazy dogs-body layabouts who only give you the opinions of the English-speaking “middle-class” (properly footnoted, of course)… you’d NEVER see them in Bibibrevo or Lyubertsy! EEK! Those smelly and semi-literate WORKING CLASS PEOPLE live there! What’s worse (in their eyes), they have their own opinions, they won’t listen to their betters.

Russia voted LEFT… no doubt about it. Russia rejected the McMansion option. I think that America’s getting ready to do the same… expect a landslide FOR President Obama in the fall. NO… he’s not perfect… but he doesn’t go about calling his opponents “sluts” and he doesn’t lie about his opponents’ birth certificates. Expect Presidents Putin and Obama to get on famously… why shouldn’t they?



4 March 2012. A Lenten Meditation… It IS Later Than You Think…


One of the parts of the Lenten journey is that we remember those who’ve passed on who were good to us. Light a candle for Denise, if you would. She was kind to me when I needed it. What more need I say?


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