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Thursday, 15 March 2012

15 March 2012. Some of My Favourite Things… Soviet Multifilm “The Magic Mill”


This is one of those wonderful Soviet animated films, The Magic Mill (it’s also known as Zhernovki). It’s from 1950 (the nasty ol’ Stalin times). Gran’pa lives in the woods in an izba with Cat and Rooster. One night, a major rainstorm forces the forest animals to take shelter in Gran’pa’s house. There wasn’t quite enough food to go around… so, when the rain stopped, Gran’pa, along with Cat and Rooster go off to the Magic Mountain… and they ask the Mountain to help them. They get a magic mill, which miraculously grinds out bread, rolls, bubliki, blini, and other good things. The evil king hears about it and comes and steals the mill. Rooster goes to the king’s palace and eventually gets the mill back after a little adventure. The king chases Rooster, but Gran’pa and the other animals come, and the evil king falls into the river and drowns. There’s a happy ending to it all…



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