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Thursday, 5 April 2012

5 April 2012. The Left’s Surging Forward in France… Sarkozy in Deep Doo-Doo


No wonder the rightwingers in the USA are scared. The general trend this year around the globe has been leftwards. Robert Fico won in Slovakia… millions came out in Spain to demonstrate against the rightwing slimers… Putin won the Russian election by turning “left”… and, in France, it’s a question of whether the Socialists or the Left Front is going to come in second in the first round (and Sarkozy‘s expected to lose the second round to whatever leftist opposes him). The Extreme Rightwing view was found on Fox News:

Obama’s gonna win because of the low-lifes coming out to vote… minorities, immigrants, feminists, and gays”.

That’s an EXACT quote. Don’t slacken your efforts until we drive a stake through the rightwing bloodsuckers’ hearts… and don’t slacken your vigilance even then. These people are godless, soulless, greedy SOBs who want to profit at your expense… and they lose NO sleep over it.


Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 5 April 2012

Albany NY


Lest We Forget… It’s Been 30 Years Since the War for the Malvinas…

Argentine Malvinas War vet José Bratulich in front of the Argentine War Cemetery in Darwin in the Malvinas Islands (presently under British occupation).


Thirty years ago, on 2 April 1982, Argentine forces landed in the Malvinas Islands, which were under British occupation. Britain launched a counter-attack with the full cooperation and support of the USA. Even though the Argentine position was correct, US influence saw to it that it was portrayed in the West as a cruel aggressor (even though Thatcher was the real warmonger in this instance). Ronald Reagan threw his full weight of support to Maggie, in one of the most shameful episodes in American history (it annulled the so-called Monroe Doctrine, as the USA aided a European aggressor in a strike at a country in the Americas). 624 Argentine soldiers, 255 British servicemen, and 3 civilians in the Malvinas died in the ensuing conflict. Their blood is on Slobberin’ Ronnie’s and Maggie Thatcher‘s hands… and neither one was ashamed of it.

The Malvinas remain under the British boot. They’re Argentine territory… always were… always will be… no matter how many “kelpers” squat there.


5 April 2012. A Light Note on the Present Election Campaign…


I still prefer Hank the Cat, whose priorities are snacks and naps. He’s for health care, to include grooming, outraged by mandated sterilisation, but he’s indifferent to faith-based morality. He promises to get the economy purring.


Willimantic CT

Republican “Personal Responsibility” Personified… Levi Johnston (the Father of Bristol Palin’s Child) Knocks Up Another Woman

If a guy does it, it’s “normal”… if a woman does it, she’s a “slut”… where was King Rush’s high dudgeon and moral posturing for this one? Does being part of the Palin family give one a “Get out of Jail Free” card? How many of these “out of wedlock” kids is this Backwoods Romeo going to father? As I say, note the SILENCE from the GOP


Bristol Palin’s baby-daddy Levi Johnston got another girl pregnant, TMZ reports. 20-year-old Sunny Oglesby, a schoolteacher in Alaska, is reported to be in her third month of pregnancy. Johnston and Oglesby have been dating for a year. Levi said that he barely sees Bristol Palin or their son Tripp. However, said he is “so excited” about starting his new family. Really? It’s called a condom, Levi.

3 April 2012

Alexandra Meyers

The Daily Caller

Yahoo News


Editor’s Note:

There was NO outrage from the Posturing and Knuckle-Dragging Right on this one. Sandra Fluke’s a slut, but Levi Johnston’s a champion. Where was Pat Robertson, Rick Santorum, the popish bishops, and the Four Loudmouth Orthodox Bishops (the ones who kissed up to the papists by trashing the Orthodox position on contraception in public… we DON’T agree with the papists on that issue, by the way)? This shows the clear choice this election… the President or The Handmaid’s Tale.

By the way, a “20-year-old schoolteacher”… that’s either a typo or its proof that the Republicans have no standards… teachers have master’s degrees, at the least. Welcome to the world of “personal responsibility”…


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