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Friday, 6 April 2012

6 April 2012. To All My Friends Keeping Good Friday Today…


I waited until after the traditional time of Our Lord’s death on the cross at 15.00 to post this… it seemed fitting to me…



6 April 2012. Some Vox Pop to think About…


This doesn’t need much comment from me…

Might amuse you to know that yesterday someone took a snippet from your article about Anthony Bondi last year, put it into FB format, and sent it to a priest in NM claiming it was a message sent to Bishop Jerome by another priest in Australia. The priest in NM naturally got a bit confused so has written to Bishop Jerome trying to clear it up! What Bishop Jerome will think when he checks his email is anyone’s guess.

Years ago, I remember a heckler asking a Protestant lay preacher why the church was so full of sinners, and he responded, “Well, where else do you want them?” He was as nutty as a Christmas cake, but even a broken clock is right twice a day…

Every priest I know reads you. Some pretend they don’t… and some pretend they only follow links… but they all do. I wish they’d start acting on much of what you say. Reading is one thing, but when the people who can act and don’t, if they only read about it, it’s frustrating. Still, sometimes, I listen to old evangelical hymns and there seems a purity in them that we, with our gay bishops, ineffectual metropolitans, shut-up-and-put-up priests just don’t have. I don’t expect heaven on earth…. goodness knows, I know where I came from, but, even there, there was a consciousness of God in everything… I don’t know. What’s wrong with us? Why do “we” support the rightwing? Why don’t “we” see the coal miners, the factory workers, the steel workers, and the farmers are what makes nations great? When did so-called Christians… good God, the children of a carpenter… turn against the working man and woman? What haunts me to this day is how one of my family was put off Christianity by its association with capitalism and died resenting the God he didn’t believe in. I suppose it’s the wheat and tares, but I don’t believe He ceases to extend relief to the poor… ever.


Yes… how did the Church that extended its hand to the turn-of-the-20th century strikers in Black Lick PA (the gravesite of Archbishop Job Osacky of Happy Memory) morph into a body whose leadership all-too-often supports the worst warmongering wing of the Republican Party (it isn’t just Paffhausen and Potapov… although they’re certainly the most egregious)? How did the Church of Ss Aleksei Toth and Ivan Sergeyev (John of Kronshtadt) turn into a lickspittle of the CFR, New York Times, Langley, and the obscurantist faction in the popish confession (like the ridiculous “support” of four of our bishops for the papist view on contraception, which the Church doesn’t share)?

We’ve fallen… and we’ve REFUSED to get up. Either we do so, or the Good Lord will use His methods to make us do so. In Russia, He used the militant godless as his agents… harsh medicine, indeed, but it burned out all the rot and corruption. At present, one sees a brouhaha over His Holiness wearing a blingy watch… that’s the WORST that they can come up with, kids. It’s not for lack of trying… after all, there’s Ksenia Sobchak and the Dozhd Channel pumping out the godless message of “Consume, consume, consume… you deserve it. You earned it… you worked for it… the race goes to the swiftest. Those who haven’t achieved what you’ve done are lazy ingrates”.

We can become an integral constituent part of the spiritual powerhouse in the Motherland by forming a United Russian Orthodox Metropolia here in the American diaspora directly under the MP or we can continue the corrupt and decomposing present bodies we have now… which would lead to the inevitable death of Russian Orthodoxy in these parts. It’s up to us…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 6 April 2012

Albany NY


Yes… I know that it’s still Lent… but the image’s à propos to my point. You can stand with a Saint of the Church… or, you can stand with grasping apparatchiki, clueless hierarchs, and delusionary konvertsy. God DOES will it…


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