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Monday, 9 April 2012

“Mr McFaul Has To Stop and Think on His Position…”


On the surface, we see very strange and unpleasant behaviour. Many consider Mr McFaul to be an “old Russian hand”, one of the best, who really knows Russia intimately. Yet, he allows himself, maybe, because of that, to make some really bizarre statements… as when he said that he serves in a “wild country”, which he had to apologise for. However, that isn’t the main problem with Mr McFaul. It appears that, despite being a Carnegie staffer and having spent a number of years in Russia, he still has the mentality of a run-of-the-mill academic, because a qualified scholar, like Rose Gottemoeller, would never allow herself to make such unprecedented statements.

Secondly, Mr McFaul isn’t negotiating missile defence, yet, he’s making such statements at a very delicate moment. We have military experts discussing various aspects of missile defence and comparing their positions. Thirdly, we still have a sort of a window opportunity, and it’s very interesting, if you’ve noticed this also, that although Mr McFaul’s a Democrat, he’s echoing statements by the Republicans, especially by Mitt Romney, who considers Russia the main enemy of the USA without really giving any reason for such an attitude.

I think Mr McFaul has to stop and to think about his position, because he isn’t a Carnegie Foundation researcher, he represents the interests of the United States in the diplomatic field, not in academe, but in the diplomatic field, and, through his statements, people form an opinion of the real intentions of our major counterpart. Therefore, before long, if he continues this kind of behaviour, I’m afraid he’ll have much trouble, which may lead to his premature dismissal.

8 April 2012

Lieutenant General (retired) Gennady Yevstafyev

Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR)

Voice of Russia World Service


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