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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Situation around Trayvon Martin’s Murder Taking on Aspects of Low Comedy

All decent people… all patriots… all working and salaried people… should demand justice for Trayvon Martin. It isn’t a “Leftist” thing… it isn’t a “black” thing… it’s a “human” thing. We 99 Percenters have to stick together… otherwise, the greedy corporate bastards will win (and count their ill-gotten gains stolen from us in their McMansions). Do you want a George Zimmerman to shoot you or one of your loved ones… and walk away as free as a bird? That’s what the Republicans want to impose all over the country…  


The shocking story of the murder of black teenager Trayvon Martin, killed by neighbourhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, is beginning to look like low comedy. Despite widespread indignation in American society, the murderer of the black teenager is still free. Although it’s clear from the evidence provided by witnesses and experts that Zimmerman lied to the police, Florida hasn’t brought charges against him. It seems that the powers-that-be in the USA are trying to undermine Americans’ trust in the US legal system. That absurd explanation is the only way to make sense of the reluctance of the authorities to arrest the murderer.

On 26 February, Zimmerman, a self-proclaimed leader of the local Neighbourhood Watch, attacked 17-year old black teenager Trayvon Martin, who was returning from a shop to his father’s house. Before chasing Martin, Zimmerman called 911 and told the operator that he’d noticed a “suspicions guy” and was going to detain him. As it turned out later, his main reasons for stopping Martin were his skin colour and the hoodie he was wearing. The record of the 911 calls proved that Zimmerman used racist remarks when describing Martin. Zimmerman ignored the operator, who tried to talk him out of tailing Martin. When he confronted the teenager, Zimmerman shot him with his pistol, killing Martin on the spot. When police officers arrived at the scene, Zimmerman told them that he shot Martin in self-defence after the teenager attacked him.

The strangest thing in this story is that despite numerous investigations by journalists, video/audio recordings, and witness testimony that proved that Zimmerman lied, Florida is slow to bring charges against him. Moreover, it turned out that local judicial agencies also lied, trying to protect Zimmerman. In particular, local police officers said that they didn’t arrest Zimmerman thanks to his good reputation. However, according to local WFTV TV news, in 2005, Zimmerman was arrested for attacking a police officer.

People from all levels of American society, as well as politicians and show biz stars, demanded justice from the authorities and expressed their support to Martin’s family. During a session in Congress, US Congressman Bobby Rush put on a hoodie expressing his solidarity with the family of the killed teenager and thousands of his supporters. There were some awkward situations as well. For example, well-known film director Spike Lee posted what he thought was Zimmerman’s address in his Twitter. Soon, it turned out that it was an elderly couple’s address. A storm of threats ensued, forcing them to move out.

Meanwhile, Zimmerman, who also had to move, decided to be more absurd that the authorities were by launching a website to collect donations in his support. This website can only fan the emotions of those who are demanding Zimmerman’s arrest. In a statement written against a background with a US flag, Zimmerman thanked his supporters and promised that the truth would win. He also urged his potential supporters to be careful, not to access spurious websites claiming to be his, and gave readers a link to transfer money right into his account. The launch of the website shows that Zimmerman is an absolutely inadequate person incapable of choosing the right tactics for his defence. Nevertheless, what are the Florida authorities thinking? It’s still a mystery as to why they refuse to bring charges against him. We need a trial not only to punish the murderer, but also to save the reputation of the entire US justice system, which has been diminished in the eyes of the global community.

10 April 2012

Vladimir Gladkov

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

This much is clear. George Zimmerman’s a hot-headed and impulsive SOB who should have NO access to firearms. He’s an unhinged “cop wannabe” who’s created a situation that’s only escalated to the point that it has because this is a presidential election year. The Republicans, being reliable racists and gun nuts, support Zimmerman, as they’ve prejudged Martin as a “violent nigger”. The GOP is caught in a corner… if it supports an arrest and trial for Zimmerman (the only way to get at the truth of the matter), it loses the support of its racist white Evangelical base in the American South. If it supports Zimmerman, it forfeits the support of many decent and thoughtful Americans outside of the White Southern Evangelical demographic. Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” has come to its logical conclusion… the GOP must pander to the worst element in American society or it faces utter collapse.

I believe that the coming election will be a “realignment”… the Republicans will become a regional/confessional “permanent minority”. It may destroy the GOP outside of the White Evangelical Looney-Tunes heartland in the South. If so, this result may bring unexpected results. The Democrats aren’t of the Left; they’re Centrists, they aren’t Socialists at all (if you believe that, you’re an obvious candidate for a brain transplant). A party to the left of the Democrats could emerge, particularly as the Democrats are a relentlessly bourgeois party with no problems with capitalism whatsoever (that is, in many ways, they’re “One Percent Lite”… but in this election cycle, they’re the only alternative to a Rightwing Theocratic Dictatorship). That is, we could see an American analogue of the Canadian NDP. That’d be good… I’d join it… and I wouldn’t be alone!


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