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Saturday, 14 April 2012

14 April 2012. The REAL Greece…


I just read this on Fr Andrew Phillips’ site… this is GOOD STUFF. Remember… Good Friday ALWAYS precedes Easter. The Cross ALWAYS precedes the Resurrection. If you want to laugh heartily and feel genuine joy, you must first know how sorely your heart can be broken and how your trust can be trampled upon…


Just a few days ago, an old man dressed in rags approached the cashier in a supermarket in Athens. He was holding a basket with couple of tins of food and a camping gas cartridge. When the young lady at the cash desk saw him, she said, “You may go, sir. Our company permits some baskets free”. The old man then gave her a thousand blessings. As soon as the old man had gone, the young lady opened her purse, took out some money, and put it in the cash register for the goods the poor man had taken with him. Then, some of the astonished customers offered to pay themselves for these few products. However, the young lady stopped them with a strict glance and said in a very severe tone, “It was me who decided to let him go, and, so, it’s me who’s going to pay. Come on, please! Do not queue!” She was just a girl! How much might she earn per month? 500 Euros (19,400 Roubles. 650 USD. 410 UK Pounds)? Probably less. Incidents like this are beginning to water the tree of hope, again, I think, in the land of so many saints…


13 April 2012

Orthodox England



14 April 2012. Video. Some Orthodox Stuff to Get You in the “Mood” for Tonight…

“Easter on the Don”


A bit of Carpatho-Russian fun… po-nashemu hijincks…


14 April 2012. A Thought From His Holiness…


14 April 2012. Easter’s on its Way! NO! NOT the Easter Bunny… They’re Bakin’ Easter Paskas in PA!



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