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Saturday, 14 April 2012

14 April 2012. VOR Presents… The Holy Fire Descended upon the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem

On the last day of Holy Week, on Holy Saturday, tens of thousands of Orthodox Christians gather in Jerusalem, at the Church of the Resurrection of Christ, awaiting the accomplishment of a great miracle… the coming of the Holy Fire to the Holy Sepulchre.


For more than two thousand years, the miraculous Holy Fire descended in the chapel of Church of the Resurrection of Christ (Kuviklion), the burial place of the body of the crucified Jesus Christ, according to tradition. The descent of the Holy Light (also known as the Holy Fire) to the Kuviklion is a symbol to believers that the Light of the True Resurrection of the Lord will come to them.


Six Christian confessions share the Church of the Holy SepulchreEastern Orthodox, Catholic, Armenian Apostolic, Coptic Orthodox, Syriac Orthodox, and Ethiopian Orthodox. The Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem is the main participant in the ceremony of descent of the Holy Fire in the Church of the Resurrection of Christ… after a procession around the Kuviklion, the Greek Patriarch enters the chapel and prays at the Holy Sepulchre, asking for the descent of the Holy Light.


After tense minutes of waiting, light fills the Church of the Resurrection from the Kuviklion, church bells ring, and believers shout jubilantly. Clergy bring out the Holy Fire from the chapel; believers pass it from candle to candle. Many of the pilgrims carry “indivisible candles”, 33 thin candles bound in a bundle, symbolising the number of years the Saviour lived in the world.


According to believers, the Holy Fire has amazing properties. Many of those present in the Church of the Resurrection of Christ “wash” the Holy Fire, as the flame doesn’t cause any damage to their hair, skin, or clothing.


Every year, a delegation from the Foundation of St Andrew the First-Called attends the Holy Fire ceremony at the Church of the Resurrection of Christ in Jerusalem, after which they take a special flight to Moscow carrying the Holy Light in special containers for the midnight Easter service at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour served by His Holiness Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev.


The delegation carries the Holy Fire from Jerusalem in special oil-fired containers. From Moscow, containers with the Holy Fire go to many Russian cities and the MP’s foreign dioceses.


Believers can get a particle of the Holy Fire on Saturday night, 14 April 2012, at Vnukovo-1 airport, as the flight with the delegation from the Foundation of St Andrew the First-Called that went to Jerusalem to bring back the Fire will land there at about 22.30 MSK (19.30 UTC 14.30 EDT 11.30 PDT).


14 April 2012

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

My Nicky can attest personally to everything in this article, as he was present in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre for the Holy Fire and saw it all for himself. There’s nothing oddbod or contrived about it… things such as this keep me a believer, and all the crackbrained antics of Fathausen, Whiteford, Lyonyo, Larina, Jillions, Potapov, Piggy Iggy, Podmoshensky, and Bobby K can’t undo the “really real”. You simply can’t muck up God and His Creation… although we do make a formidable effort at doing so.


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