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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

America, “Their” America


The just-ended OAS summit in the Columbian resort of Cartagena de Indias was doomed to fail from the beginning. On the eve of the opening of the summit, two powerful explosions rocked Columbia, one close to the American embassy, but the summit went ahead anyway. The pre-summit preparations exposed deep-seated differences and intractable contradictions between Anglo-Saxons and Latin Americans in that region.

Vladimir Davidov, Director of the Institute for Latin American Studies of the Russian Academy of Science, said, “None of the documents from the previous summits have been ratified, and no one expected tangible results from the current sixth summit of the Americas. The statements by President Barack Obama are evidence that the USA hasn’t found the right solution to the evil that’s dogging the Americas. The issue isn’t about a one-off solution of the distribution of narcotics by illegal drugs barons. The solution to this problem requires joint efforts from the states involved, but any solution should take into account the historical-cultural traditions of Latin America. Therefore, you can’t wave aside the idea of legalising narcotics, it has grassroots support spearheaded by Guatemalan President Otto Pérez Molina, and it’s backed by several of the regional heads of state”.

The summit in Columbia convened behind closed doors because of the sharp differences between Latin American states on one hand, and the USA and Canada on the other, over the role of Cuba in the contemporary life in the region, as well as over the Malvinas. Central and South American leaders supported the inclusion of the Cuban issue and the Argentine (Malvinas) matter in the final communiqué, but Washington and Ottawa blocked the issue, and, in protest, leaders of the so-called “Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America” refused to take further part in the two-day summit. Davidov continued, “Now, inter-America relations can’t be on the same level as they were during the cold war era. Keeping Cuba out in the cold is unacceptable to Latin American states, and they’ve made it clear at the latest summit of the Americas. In his pre-election campaign, Obama promised to turn a new page in dealing with Havana. Latin American countries are frowning on his attempt to renege on that promise”.

There are several burning issues, including grinding poverty, the illegal drug trade, and natural disasters, to mention a few, which call for concerted efforts to be solved, but which unfortunately are being neglected because of wrangling over political supremacy.

16 April 2012

Aleksandr Sudnishnikov

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

There’s a cause célèbre in the American media concerning 11 Secret Service agents supposedly shacking up with hookers in their hotel rooms. That’s old news… everybody knows that such frisky hijincks were going on for years. I think that the real shocker was the bomb going off near the US Embassy, but for some reason, the US media doesn’t want to talk about THAT… could it be that our little Latin bros don’t like us as much as official propaganda has it? Could be…

Note well that the Republicans are equally deep in the cover-up… no one wants to admit that Latin Americans have had it with Yanqui condescension and nastiness. Indeed… the gringos may have patted their “little brown brothers” on the head once too often (which is often a cover for American multinational corporations kicking Latin American states in the arse).

Which is more important? Is it a bunch of Secret Service agents tomcatting around or is it a bomb going off near the embassy? I think that every grounded person knows the answer to that one…


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