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Saturday, 21 April 2012

21 April 2012. How HH Spent Easter… With the People, What Else? Now, THAT’S “Bishing”





On Easter Sunday, His Nibs visited the Filimonki Rehabilitation Centre at Psychoneurological Boarding Facility Number 5 (Upper Valuevo Settlement. Filimonskoye Municipality. Leninsky Raion. Moscow Oblast). Upper Valuevo borders the outskirts of the Federal City of Moscow proper, so, it was like going to Yonkers in the NYC metro area, or Harlow in Essex (in the Green Belt) near Greater London, or to Arlington in the District‘s metro area. His Nibs NEVER misses a chance to visit the disabled and poorly-off on major holidays… now, THAT’S a BISHOP.



On 22 April His Holiness Will Serve Molieben at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Defence of the Faith, Desecrated Holy Places, the Church, and Its Good Name


On 22 April 2012, in the 2nd week of Easter, On the Sunday of St Thomas, Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias will celebrate Divine Liturgy at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour at 09.30 MSK. After the Liturgy, he will serve a molieben in the defence of the Faith, desecrated holy places, the Church in General, and its Good Name. Before starting the molieben, Patriarch Kirill, bishops, and clergy of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour will process with reliquaries with a piece of the Lord’s Robe and a particle of the Holy Cross, as well as holy objects subjected to desecration… the veneration cross from Pokrovsky Cathedral in Nevinnomyssk (Stavropol Krai), an icon from the Church of St Prokopy the Righteous in Veliki Ustyug (Vologda Oblast), and Kazan Icon of the Mother of God from the Church of St George in Veliki Ustyug, shot through with bullets in the early 1920s.

The molieben will begin at 14.00 MSK. The public procession (on Volkhonka Street) will start at 11.00 MSK on Gogol Boulevard (near the Kropotkinskaya Metro station (Sokolnicheskaya Line… bright red “line 1” on most maps)) and from the A S Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. Multiple screens installed in front of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour will broadcast the Liturgy and the molieben. In addition, clergy will serve moliebens in all the cathedrals of the MP dioceses in the Russian Federation. On 3 April 2012, the MP Supreme Church Council resolved to serve moliebens in the defence of the faith and for desecrated holy places.

18 April 2012


Official MP Website


 Editor’s Note:

There was NO mention of this on the official websites of the OCA or the ROCOR. In the case of the OCA, it’s understandable, as its metropolitan is an unhinged rightwing nutter who favours the konvertsy lunatic fringe elements. In the case of the ROCOR, it’s shameful, as it shows that Potapov controls the official website (or, at least, he controls Perekrestov, who’s in charge of it).

Every Russian Orthodox parish in the diaspora should be serving moliebens, as well… in repentance for the attacks of Western elements against our Church. The main culprits are in the USA, but Western Neoliberalism (“conservatism” in Anglosphere terms) is a ravening beast intent on rending Christ’s Church (and the Orthosphere in general) because it stands against the greediness and hubris of “Me First” Vulture Capitalism (as embodied in Mitt Romney, Darrell Issa, and Stephen Harper). We should stand in repentance for what the US and British special services did at the Phanar (deposing a patriarch for his political stance), and for what Langley’s attempting on the former territory of the USSR. It isn’t subtle; it isn’t hidden. The USA’s attempting to decapitate Russia and make it a running-dog lackey of Western multinational corporate interests (with Navalny as president? C’mon, be serious…).

We should bow before Almighty God and ask forgiveness for those amongst us who’ve become loyal servants of Mammon… not just Paffhausen (who’s always been a Far Right Nutter, I’m told)… not just Potapov (who was/is a high US government official in a CIA-front organisation with an official passport)… but for our general torpidity towards the cosiness of certain elements in the diaspora Church and the “Conservative” Rightwing.

Prelest infected us in the Soviet times, blinding us to the real situation. Prelest infected us in the Nasty Nineties, leading to the ROCOR’s stab in the back against the Mother Church and a prideful insistence that the Mother Church “repent”… of what, pray tell? Of having survived a state-imposed official atheism and persecution? They did better than we would’ve done under similar circumstances. Why? Look at us today… all too many of us cooperative with the godless “conservative”, “Evangelical”, and papist enemies of Christ’s Church. In short, prelest infects us still, and it’ll persist until we look in the mirror and SEE it.

Therefore, we need to join the Mother Church in public prayer tomorrow (and have more need of the same than the Mother Church does, as too many of us cooperate with the West’s attack on Christ’s Church in the name of “conservatism”). However, I doubt that we shall. I’d be pleased if a single priest and parish did so… but I’m a realist… sad world, ain’t it. Pass me the jug, please, I know that the world’s crank and crook, but this?


21 April 2012. Paffhausen Pal to Begin Prison Sentence on 23 April


So far, former Deacon Michael Pasonick is still supposed to surrender to the Feds on Monday 23 April at 14.00 EDT to begin his prison sentence. Pasonick’s shyster filed a motion on Friday, 20 April, to delay the beginning of the sentence by ten days. Sounds rather late to me. However, what’s important to us is that Fathausen allowed Pasonick to act as a deacon AFTER his conviction for bribery, and allowed Pasonick to be part of his official delegation at the so-called “March for Life”. This means that Fathausen’s ready to whitewash him… just like the Holy Synod did with Benjamin Peterson after his DUI arrest. Herman wanted BP out, but the Synod refused to act (which meant that Peterson, a major HOOMie supporter, stayed on, despite his open and glaring transgression). That’s why Herman, despite all his faults, was truly Orthodox, and it’s why Fathausen isn’t one of us, but rather a Southern California New Age charlatan poseur.

Should we mention the rumours flying about that JP wants to give Soraich a release so that Soraich can join the ROCOR? JP seems to like questionable characters. As for Love BT’s defence of Soraich… firstly, Soraich was BT’s protégé, secondly, he was BT’s Chancellor. Hmm… if Soraich is a rotter, what does that tell us about BT? Of course, there’s Soraich’s links to Rock and Bobby in Vegas… that implicates BT, too. As for Love BT himself, the smart word is that he hasn’t paid any rent money for his digs to the LA parish, even though he promised to do so. It’s all of a piece… defence of a questionable character… refusal to pay rent… is this what one expects of a retired bishop? I wonder…

As an FYI, Pasonick’s lawyer is one Joseph Sklarosky… just in case you catch him sniffing around your affairs…


21 April 2012. Watch “60 Minutes” on Sunday… Covering Palestinian Christians

Palestinian Christians in Catholic church in Zababdeh PALESTINE


I received the following from a friend:

Xристос воскресе!

For those interested in history, Orthodoxy, Christianity, the Holy Land, Arab issues (and much more) this should be a good telecast. Disclaimer: I haven’t seen it yet, but if Maria Khoury’s remotely involved it won’t be boring.

Bоистинну воскресе!

For those without US TV, or with scheduling conflicts, you can watch the episode at:



He is not here; for He is Risen, as He said, Come, see the place where the Lord lay.

Gospel according to St Matthew 28.6

Dear Friends of St George, in Taybeh PALESTINE:

Christ is Risen! Truly, He is Risen!

60 Minutes came last May to film where the Lord lay. My nephew Canaan Khoury (Harvard  2013), was interviewed for this program and many prominent Palestinians. I’ve helped extensively with the background information and wanted to share the following message from the producers.


At last, the time has come… the story about the shrinking population of the Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land will be broadcast on 60 Minutes this Sunday, 22 April 2012 at 19.00 EDT (16.00 PDT 00.00 23 April UTC 03.00 MSK) . For those of you who don’t have access to CBS News in your area, you can watch the story on our website at:


The story will be available on Sunday evening after it airs on TV. There’ll also be an added feature on our online program called 60 Minutes Overtime at:


You’ll be able to view a story on Taybeh, also on Sunday evening. Please forward this e-mail to those you feel should be informed of this. We also wanted to thank each and every person who helped us in telling this very complicated story.  Though you may not have made it into the piece, you all played a significant role in the story.


Harry A Radliffe II

Magalie Laguerre-Wilkinson

“60 Minutes”

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