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Sunday, 22 April 2012

22 April 2012. You Can’t Make Shit Like This Up Department: “Aiding and Abetting the Moscow Patriarchate” by “Bishop” Paul Peter Jesep

In case you forgot, most of the Galician schismatics and Uniates supported the Nazi occupiers and were their willing collaborators. That’s why they fled with the Nazi armies in 1944. That’s a fact. Do remember that Slipyj blessed the 14. Waffen Grenadier Division der SS (Galician Nr 1) “Galizien”… that’s another fact. Puts a rather different face on things, no?


Editor’s Foreword:

This is NOT a spoof… it’s “for real”. If you needed proof that the Galician schismatics are “off”, this is it. Sad, ain’t it? It does prove, once again, that it DOES take “all kinds”. Pass me the jug…



Ukrainians don’t need someone else’s permission to have their own Church. I’ve said it. I’ve written it. Now, I’m repeating it for the umpteenth time. Metropolitan Yuri of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Canada is aiding and abetting the Moscow Patriarchate. His inhospitable attitude toward the visit of Patriarch Filaret of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate is misguided. Independent of the lack of Christian hospitality, it gives the Moscow Patriarchate legitimacy and greater leverage to interject itself in the social, political, and religious life of the Ukraine.

In a letter released on 19 April 2012, the Metropolitan advised his parishes that “His All-Holiness”, Patriarch Bartholomew I of Istanbul, Turkey informed him that Patriarch Filaret “can’t at this time be welcomed nor have banquets organised in his honour in the parishes, or their properties, of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada.” He further wrote, “No clergyman or member of the consistory Board can be in the vicinity of ‘Patriarch Filaret’ as any picture or report may portray this presence as representing or offering support of the UOCC”.

The titular leader of world Orthodoxy refused to extend “canonical” recognition to the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate, under the thumb of Patriarch Kirill of Russia, is accorded “canonical” recognition. The UOCC’s position implies that it must defer to the Moscow Patriarchate on matters of Orthodoxy in Ukraine since it’s the only “canonically” recognized Orthodox Church.

Here are several things to consider:

  • The Moscow Patriarchate continues to press the Ukrainian government to give it Church properties at the expense of the Autocephalous, Greek Catholic, and Kiev Patriarchate Churches.
  • The Moscow Patriarchate consistently sided with Vladimir Putin and against protesters seeking democratic reform. It strongly advised reformers on several occasions not to participate in rallies.
  • Patriarch Kirill (Vladimir Gundyaev) allegedly made a fortune in tobacco, alcohol, and oil sales. It’s also been reported he owns a villa in Switzerland. The world already knows he likes expensive watches.

In January 2012, a top US intelligence officer, James Clapper, warned of Ukraine’s move away from democracy toward authoritarian rule. This will mean much closer ties to Moscow. The Moscow Patriarchate is playing an important role in influencing social and foreign policy in Russia. A high official in the Moscow Patriarchate said, “The military class has always been in the centre of political life and on top of the social pyramid in Christian countries.” He has called for a strong military so that Russia can settle matters “on our territory or in the vicinity of our borders”. The Moscow Patriarchate has been supportive of Russia’s policies in Syria where innocent citizens wanting free elections have been butchered by the Moscow-backed regime.

Liudmyla Fylypovych, a religion and philosophy professor at the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, observed, “The centre of gravity is constantly shifting between the Ecumenical Patriarch and his supporters on one side, and the Moscow Patriarch and the churches that support him, on the other. In this situation, the Ukrainian church was simply used to strengthen one wing and weaken the other. I don’t think the Ukrainian church can be an argument or a toy used in any geopolitical confrontations. It’s completely self-sufficient and possesses good ancient traditions of its own”. In short, Moscow and Istanbul should stop using Ukrainian spirituality as a political football.

Patriarch Kirill of Russia, as did his predecessor, Patriarch Aleksei, made it clear to the Ecumenical Patriarch that no canonical recognition can be given to the Autocephalous or Kiev Patriarchate churches. Only Ukrainian churches under the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church can be accorded canonical status. Canonical status is about politics. It’s about power. It has nothing to do with God, faith, or loving more and judging less to make a better world. The Ecumenical Patriarch is afraid of losing Russia’s support. Hence, he’ll never extend canonical recognition to a Ukrainian-based church out of fear that it’ll offend Moscow. It’s not very Christian, but then again, Church politics often isn’t.

A nation defines its soul in part by its writers, thinkers, artists, and its spirituality. In order for Ukraine’s national reawakening to continue then it must have a Ukrainian-based church that can be a protector of Ukrainian culture. The treatment of Patriarch Filaret is crude, inhospitable, contributes to the detriment of Ukraine, ignores the political reality that no canonical status will ever be extended to a Ukrainian based church, and most important it begs the question… does God really care about who gets the coveted political label of “canonical?” Is Christianity so deeply rooted in something this insignificant?

I have strongly, but respectfully, disagreed both with Patriarch Filaret and Metropolitan Myfodii for seeking canonical recognition. They’re given lip service and nothing more by Istanbul. They and their representatives repeatedly have been sent away empty-handed. This is an opportunity for Patriarch Filaret to openly address the silliness of canonical recognition. Let me repeat… Ukrainians don’t need, have never needed the permission of Moscow or Istanbul to have their own church. Please, stop asking. Ukrainians aren’t spiritual serfs. Ukrainians answer to God and conscience, not petty church power politics.

Paul Peter Jesep is a New York lawyer and Bishop in the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church. He is the appointed US Spokesperson and Government Liaison for His Beatitude Metropolitan Myfodii. The views expressed here are personal and in no way reflect the official position of his church.

22 April 2012

Paul Peter Jesep



Editor’s Afterword:

There one has it. In short, they’re Proddies with a liturgical itch. Christ’s Church means NOTHING to these sorts. Don’t argue with them… it’s pointless; we won’t cut this particular Gordian Knot in our lifetimes. If you wanted proof of the sterility and lifelessness of the schismatical conventicles, here it is, in full living colour. They refuse to submit to the Church… so be it. Let them be. However, they’re NOT Orthodox, and we shouldn’t allow them to usurp the title. That’s clear, too.

THIS is what happens when politics (Langley) interferes with religion. It’s ugly… it’s regrettable… but there’s nothing to be done of it. Let them be, unless they try to infiltrate real Orthodox venues… in that case, show them no quarter. Reflect on this. Just as Langley runs this bunch, it’s trying to control the ROCOR and the OCA, too. Thankfully, most ROCOR people have Potapov’s “number”… he’s a known quantity, and people know who his bosses are (c’mon, he was a higher official for the BBG, a known Langley front). In the case of the OCA, the konvertsy fanatic claque around Paffhausen is just as Hard Right as he is. That’s where the fight’s going to be, and Langley’s going to bankroll its fair-haired boy. He does seem to have money to travel about, doesn’t he?


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Millions Pray Throughout Russia for the Defence of Christ’s Church Against Its Enemies… Thousands Turn Out to Answer HH’s Call in Moscow


On Sunday, the RF MVD reported that about 65,000 Orthodox believers gathered at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow as part of a nationwide prayer action in defence of the faith and desecrated holy places. Earlier, the MP estimated the number of worshippers at the event at 50,000. MP First Hierarch Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev served liturgy in at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in downtown Moscow, during which he urged believers to take part in the nationwide prayer action outside the Cathedral “for our faith, for our Church, for our holy things, and for our Motherland”. His Holiness hoped that the prayer action would “multiply our spiritual strength” to fight faithlessness.

Led by Patriarch Kirill, bishops and priests prayed together with Orthodox believers in front of holy relics outside of the cathedral, including ones recently desecrated by vandals. Anton Alyalichev, a participant in the action, said, “This was necessary. We can’t and don’t want to hold meetings to show our position… we just wish to get together and pray”. Holy Orthodox relics were purposefully brought to the Cathedral for the action. Amongst the relics was a 3.5-metre veneration cross damaged by an attacker in a cathedral in Nevinnomyssk (Stavropol Krai). There were also five of the 30 icons vandalised with an axe in the town of Veliki Ustyug (Vologda Oblast) this March; an icon of the Holy Mother of Vladimir, shot at in the early 1920s, was also brought from the same city. Other prayer actions occurred in front of other Russian cathedrals.

Vandalism and church desecration cases have become more frequent in Russia after the female punk group Pussy Riot performed what it called “a punk prayer” in February in front of the royal gates at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, which is off-limits to all but priests. Five group members, clad in balaclavas, chanted a song entitled Holy Shit against Prime Minister Vladimir Putin that was also insulting to Patriarch Kirill. Priests and believers prayed that those who desecrated holy things in a series of recent blasphemous actions across Russia would change their ways, and they prayed for the good reputation of the Church. A number of high-profile scandals embroiled the Church recently. Bloggers and opposition media criticised top MP officials for their “lavish” lifestyles. Earlier this month, the MP Supreme Council said in a statement that it had been targeted by “those pushing through radical liberal values” {“radical liberal” in Russian terms is “libertarian conservative” in American terms… that is, the Church opposes the Free Market and “greed is good” vulture capitalism: editor} over its opposition to same-sex marriages and consumerism.

22 April 2012



22 April 2012. POSSIBLE PHISHING/SCAM ALERT… Don’t Answer this Message if You See It!

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I received the following in my e-mail:

Dear Yahoo! User,

Due to congestion in all Yahoo! Mail user accounts, there shall be a removal exercise of all used and unused Yahoo! Accounts. Yahoo! Inc would be shutting down several accounts.

You will have to confirm your Yahoo! account. So you are required to logon to your Online Yahoo! Account with the provided link below.

For Immediate access please CLICK HERE NOW {the link was to http://jyde.xomcom.com/kundesh.html… doesn’t sound like Yahoo to me: editor}.

NB: Failure to to update your Yahoo! account will result to a permanent closure.

Thank you for being a loyal Yahoo! Mail user.

We hope you enjoy the newest version of Yahoo! Mail.

David McDowell
Senior Director
Yahoo! Mail Product Management


Look at the dumbass errors in the above submission. In fact, it has “Hinglish” (English as used by an East Indian) stamped all over it. Look at:

Failure to to update your Yahoo! account will result to a permanent closure.

Look at the simple grammatical error; “will result in a permanent closure” is how any native-speaker of English would write it. I’ve reported this to Yahoo Customer Service. There be trolls out there… some are clever… some aren’t. This one is of the latter variety. The e-mail address of this jabronie is:


That doesn’t smell like Yahoo at all to me (or to you either, I’ll warrant). What a bunch of losers!

It DOES take all kinds.


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