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Monday, 23 April 2012

Molieben “In Defence of Desecrated Holy Places”


On Sunday, all the cathedrals in Russia served moliebens “in defence of the faith, desecrated holy places, the Church, and its good name”. His Holiness led a procession around the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Accompanied by clergy, Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev marched in a procession that held two icons from Veliki Ustyug, one of which had bullet-holes from the 1920s, and the other was just hacked by an axe-wielding vandal this spring. Before the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, on a specially-built platform, stood a veneration cross from the cathedral at Nevinnomyssk, which a knife-wielding vandal slashed on 20 March.

At the end of the procession, the clergy solemnly hoisted the damaged cross from the platform, and re-erected it at the main entrance to the Cathedral. Then, His Holiness served a molieben, after which he addressed the congregation with a sermon. He called our current epoch disturbing, saying, “Today, when the Enemy’s forces attack us, we’re told that the violation of holy places is just a manifestation of people’s free will, it’s merely commonplace. We don’t threaten anyone, we don’t use force, we don’t have any posters… but we do have banners, icons, words, and prayers… so that never again would they blow up the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour Cathedral, that no one would defile our holy objects, that no one would falsify our history, and that our spirit and moral strength remains unbroken. We’re here to stand before God to pray for our people, for our youth, that God may turn them from diabolic temptations and suggestions; we pray for the prosperity of our great country, historic Rus, a common spiritual space from the Black Sea to the White Sea, from the Baltic to the Pacific. May the Lord give you peace of soul and joy in your heart so that you might meet the future with hope”.

22 April 2012

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