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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Fr Vsevolod Chaplin Sez that Russia, Like Former USSR, Offers Alternative to Capitalism

Fr Vsevolod Chaplin (1968- ) confabbing with Gennady Zyuganov (1944- ) and other KPRF leaders on joint action between the Party and the Church


Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, head of the MP Department for Church and Society, said that as with the Soviet Union, Russia might soon provide the world an alternative to capitalism, now clearly in crisis. In a meeting with university students, he said, “During Soviet times, many good things were done such as the heroic feat of Russia in the Second World War, outstanding achievements in science and technology, and a social model based on the idea of social justice. It had a major success worldwide; we should include that amongst its unquestionable results”. In his view, the USSR collapsed because of its basis in an atheist ideology, “but the idea of a society where money, profit, and private economic interests didn’t rule was very important”.

Fr Vsevolod went on to say that the end of the USSR didn’t bury the search for an alternative to capitalism as a form of society, for a society that doesn’t see profit as the locomotive of progress. Pointing up that economists, politicians, and intellectuals agreed on the crisis of capitalism, he didn’t rule out that Russia, “with its strong instinct toward justice, is destined to offer the world a recipe for a social order where money and selfish personal gain aren’t the primary motivators”. Nostalgia for Soviet times is very common amongst many in Russia, for they see it as a period in which society developed a strong sense of solidarity, with high human and moral values in the midst of enormous economic and political difficulties, seeing today’s race for personal well-being and mass consumerism as a sign of decline.

24 April 2012

Nina Akhmatova



Editor’s Note:

Here’s one of the reasons why Langley‘s attacking the Church (and His Holiness). Time magazine pumps up the pro-US lickspittle Navalny… I say, “Big deal!” Navalny doesn’t have 10 percent of the influence that Vsevolod Anatolyevich has. Navalny’s a Yale-educated American stooge (I wonder who recruited him in Yale… could it have been Potapov? Who knows?)… Fr Vsevolod, His Holiness, Putin, Zyuganov, and Udaltsov all have more influence… and are more patriotic. That’s what America hates… people who love their country enough to resist American attempts to steal them blind. America’s the centre of the “Axis of Evil”, not Iran, not North Korea, not Russia. After all, who’s bombing people throughout the world? It’s NOT Iran, North Korea, or Russia…



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